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Howdy everyone, we are Delaney Leatherdale and Liam Caswell, ii producers who are very excited to share with you details on the inclusion of cross-play coming to EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23. Cross-play will allow players to compete and play with friends and opponents on dissimilar platforms of the same generation in a diversity of online game modes in FIFA 23.

Table Of Contents

  • Cross-play Overview
  • FUT Transfer Marketplace
  • FUT Leaderboards
  • EA Social
  • EA Anticheat (EAAC)

Cantankerous-play Overview

Post-obit the cantankerous-play test in FIFA 22 to Online Friendlies and Online Seasons, we’re expanding on the availability of cantankerous-play to more game modes for FIFA 23, besides as increasing the number of included platforms. In FIFA 23, cross-play will be available for players on the same platform generation. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PC versions of FIFA 23 volition be cross-play compatible with one another, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox I versions of FIFA 23 will be cross-play compatible with one another.

In FIFA 23, cross-play will exist bachelor at launch in FUT Division Rivals (except Co-Op), FUT Champions, FUT Ultimate Online Draft, FUT Online Friendlies (except Co-Op), FUT Play a Friend, Online Friendlies, Online Seasons (except Co-Op Seasons) and the Virtual Bundesliga competitive game mode that is bachelor to players based in Frg. Cross-play is initially enabled for all players when launching FIFA 23 for the kickoff time, provided the platform level settings permit for it, and it can be opted out of at whatever time (more on that later in this article).

We desire to ensure our product innovation is delivered at quality, and considering of the technical intricacies of implementing cross-play, modes that pair players together such as Pro Clubs will non feature cross-play at this time. We see our community’s feedback, and any potential cross-play updates, changes, and adjustments will be shared on @EAFIFADirect as they become available.

Note: cantankerous-play availability can potentially be impacted on a platform by platform basis past things similar planned or unplanned maintenances, server releases, Title Updates, unexpected reanimation, or matchmaking updates.

With this expansion of cantankerous-play, FIFA 23 will come across multiple groupings of the FUT Transfer Market, and we’ll share more data most that further down in this article.

Additionally, nosotros are planning a new social widget called EA Social. EA Social will help bridge the gap between platforms for cantankerous-play, and also allows players further ease of access when finding, adding, and playing with their local-platform and cantankerous-platform friends.

Let’southward dig into other cross-play details.

FUT Transfer Market

With the addition of FUT cross-play for FIFA 23, the FUT Transfer Market will be expanded to include cantankerous-platform functionality. The FUT Transfer Market volition now be combined within pools of platforms with the exception of PC and Switch, which will continue to have their own separate Transfer Markets.

Shared FUT Transfer Market place Pool

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series Ten|S
  • Stadia

This means that the to a higher place platforms volition effectively share the same FUT Transfer Market. For case, if yous were to list an Item on Stadia, a PlayStation four player will be able to see and collaborate with it.

Individual FUT Transfer Marketplace

  • PC
    • Pool one
  • Switch
    • Pool two

This ways that the in a higher place platforms do non share a FUT Transfer Market with any other platform. This FUT Transfer Market place update will apply to all players inside FUT, and is not dependent on a player’s cantankerous-play opt in/out status.

FUT Leaderboards

With FUT cross-play in FIFA 23, there are a few updates coming to FUT Leaderboards.

FUT Division Rivals Leaderboard

With the implementation of cross-play, the Elite Acme 200 will also have a global leaderboard. You can only view this leaderboard while you have cross-play enabled, simply yous tin toggle between the global leaderboard and the aforementioned platform (local) leaderboard.

Rivals Global Leaderboard

Within Division Rivals, players who have opted out of cross-play will continue to see the Elite Top 200 leaderboard displaying the aforementioned platform view as it appeared in FIFA 22.

Rivals Local Leaderboard

Note that all screenshots and videos in this Pitch Notes are for advisory purposes only and are taken from an in-development version of FIFA 23 that is subject to modify.

Global Leaderboards (viewable when cross-play is enabled)

  • PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|Southward, Stadia, and PC

Local Leaderboards

Group 1:

  • PlayStation 4, PlayStation v

Group 2:

  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Grouping 3:

  • Stadia

Group 4:

  • PC (Origin/Steam/Ballsy)

Society Leaderboard

The same rules listed for the Division Rivals leaderboard utilize to the Club Value Leaderboard likewise. Platform splits are the same, and players are able to toggle between the global and local views if they have cantankerous-play enabled.

Squad Battles Leaderboard

The Squad Battles Peak 200 leaderboard has been removed, as in that location is now a single reward tier for this group.

EA Social

The EA Social widget has been created to allow players to search, add, and send/receive invites across platforms. Accessing EA Social tin be done by following the on screen button prompt in the lesser right corner of the FIFA 23 main menu, and it is also available on additional screens throughout the game. Permit’s dive deeper into EA Social, and review its functions. Delight annotation, EA Social is nevertheless in development and its functionality may alter or update over time.

Friends Tab

The friends tab within EA Social volition display all friends a player has added through their local platform’s friend list, and any friends added via EA Network. While the 2 friend lists are unique, both are displayed within the EA Social Friends Listing and both tin can facilitate invites within all applicative game modes in FIFA 23.

As you can see in a higher place, there are a few unique identifiers in the friends listing. Nigh notably you lot’ll come across a list of online and offline friends, platform indicator icons, and a cross-play incompatibility icon if players are non uniform to play together due to their electric current cross-play settings. The online and offline friends functionality is similar to FIFA 22, with the exception of the ordering of friends. Local platform friends will announced at the peak of your friends list, with all cantankerous-platform friends appearing afterward for both the online and offline sections.

Offline local platform friends will display their platform proper noun and applicable platform indicator icon. If the offline friend is one who has only been added via EA Network, information technology will display their EA Account ID with an EA themed icon.

Platform indicator icons help represent which platform a player within FIFA and EA Social are playing on. These icons already be within FIFA 22’due south cross-play test and volition exist expanded to include more platforms, and boosted game modes that now support cross-play within FIFA 23. The icons will also exist nowadays when opening and engaging inside EA Social. When using the widget, players will be able to identify those who are currently playing on the same platform equally themselves, with all other platforms actualization equally a generic platform icon. These icons will announced to the left of any platform player proper noun or EA Account ID.

Players volition be able to see additional data of others they have added every bit a friend to EA Social or their local-platform friends listing by highlighting the actor and observing the details on the far right of the UI. These details include:

  • Online Status (simply EA titles if cross-platform friend only)
  • Lobby Status (within FIFA)
  • Invite compatibility (if they are incompatible players)
  • Access boosted Player Actions
    • Mute
    • Remove Friend
    • Block
    • Report

Game Invites – Receiving and Notifications

Within EA Social, a role player volition be able to transport and receive game invites from players on the aforementioned platform likewise every bit cross-platform invites. This volition let players to observe invites in one central location, without the need to navigate elsewhere.

When an invite is sent from the same platform, players will receive the standard platform-specific invite notification on their screen that tin can be accepted or declined.

At the same time, an additional invitation is also sent through EA Social. No on screen notification appears for the EA Social invite when information technology has been sent from the same platform, but players are able to detect the invite within the Game Invites tab in EA Social. A reddish indicator badge will announced on the EA Social widget, which is found in the bottom correct manus corner of the screen. The red badge informs the player that they’ve received an invitation through EA Social and it tin be viewed by following the on screen button prompt.

If a game invitation is received that is cross-platform, the invite will only exist seen within EA Social. When received, EA Social displays an on screen notification that enables players to accept or decline the invite. Notifications from EA Social can appear throughout the game, and also while in gameplay, merely can only exist interacted with in gameplay through a specific button callout to not interfere with the friction match being played.

Players accept the option to manage when they’d like to see certain notifications through the widget’due south settings. The three available notification settings are:

  • Allow notifications to display whenever they come in.
  • Exercise not show notifications during gameplay.
  • Never testify notifications.

Game Invites – Sending

The process of sending game mode invites is also being updated in FIFA 23. With the introduction of EA Social, it will now replace all existing invite flows beyond the game for both modes with and without cantankerous-play functionality. Well-nigh notably, there are two invite flows that will now appear in-game. The first flow is chosen the full EA Social invite experience and is implemented within VOLTA FOOTBALL and Pro Club Drop-ins.

This flow brings up the full EA Social screen and allows players to navigate the full functionality of EA Social. This will let players to have, search and request new friends prior to sending an invite all inside the aforementioned screen. This invitation flow also shows whether the target game fashion is able to support cross-play game invitations.

The 2nd invite flow is called the EA Social friend picker invite. This menstruation is featured across the remaining game modes that back up invites.

As seen above, this flow is a refined version of the full EA Social invite experience. You will only be able to select and send an invite to a valid role player inside your friends list. This list has already filtered out invalid players automatically due to reasons such as:

  • Game Mode does not support cross-play.
  • Histrion doesn’t have a FUT Club.
  • Player has not opted into cantankerous-play .

Friend Requests

Very similar to Game Invites, friend requests will surface any request sent to you by another thespian through EA Social. As mentioned in a higher place, platform-specific friend lists and EA Social are unique, just both are displayed inside the Friends tab. When a EA Social friend request is received, a notification will appear on screen.

This notification, if interacted with, allows the recipient to accept or decline the EA Social friend request. If the request is missed, or the prompt has not been interacted with before it disappears, the red indicator will appear on the EA Social widget. When opened, the request can be found in the Friend Requests tab.

Once accepted through either path, the new EA network friend connexion volition appear on your friends listing with their platform identification icon, platform name and online/offline status.

Player Search

As previously mentioned, EA Social will automatically display all existing platform friends on the Friends tab. In social club to play with people on other platforms, you lot will demand to search and add together them through EA Social.

Players can also search for, and discover any of their local platform friends through EA Social, with the purpose of sending those friends an EA friend connection asking.

When searching for a friend, the search is not example sensitive, only information technology does crave an verbal friction match to successfully discover a player. If you are searching for a thespian chosen “EASPORTSFIFA”, you won’t exist able to notice them if y’all just search for “EASPORTSFIF”.

When performing a search, you will run into all matches across the various platforms and their respective platform indicator icons.

One time you’ve found the person y’all are searching for, you lot have the power to send them an EA Social friend request, and if accepted on their cease, both players will encounter the newly added friend announced in the Friends tab inside EA Social.

Recently Met

This tab functions very similarly to a friends list, in that it will keep track of your most recently played with or against players inside FIFA. You will be able to view the most recent 30 players that you lot accept competed against or with, that are not currently on your EA Social friends listing.

When highlighting and selecting a player within the listing, you will take the option to ship a friend request, cake them, mute them, or report them for an offensive proper noun.

Delight annotation, players who accept a 1st party account categorized every bit underaged volition be unable to do the following within EA Social:

  • Search for cantankerous-platform friends;
  • Request cross-platform friend connections; and
  • Accept/Receive cross-platform friend connection.

Underaged accounts that take obtained parental approval to play online, will withal be able to access all other cross-platform features. Further, underaged accounts can however add 1st party friends via existing 1st party flows and send/receive game invites inside their ain platform.

Opting In/Out of Cross-play

FIFA 23 features the same methods of opting in/out of cross-play every bit FIFA 22. When a player launches FIFA 23 for the first fourth dimension, cantankerous-play will exist enabled automatically. You can alter this past toggling the on-screen notification that appears when yous reach the main menu after the first launch of the game.Annotation that for Xbox I and Xbox Series Ten|S players, they will but have cantankerous-play functionality enabled during the first launch if their console level settings allow cross-play. You lot may also opt in/out through the online settings screen which can exist constitute both within FUT, VOLTA Football and the FIFA main menu.

Lastly, EA Social settings volition navigate a role player to the opt in/out flow if interacted with through EA Social.

Note that players who opt-out of cross-play could potentially have longer to find an opponent when matchmaking, as opting out of cross-play naturally reduces the corporeality of potential opponents that could be plant. Opting into cross-play will ensure that matchmaking will wait for the largest pool of potential opponents possible.

EA AntiCheat (EAAC)

In order to promote a positive, salubrious, and fun FIFA 23 experience, especially when it comes to cross-play, we’re introducing boosted anti-cheat measures to the PC version. Nosotros’ll have more details to share in the near hereafter.

Cheers everybody for checking out our FIFA 23 Cantankerous-play Deep Dive. Nosotros’re excited to dig more than securely into the globe of cantankerous-play and expect frontwards to seeing yous play with more than friends. Be sure to stay tuned to the Pitch Notes for more FIFA 23 Deep Dives in the future.

– Delaney Leatherdale, Liam Caswell, Goran Popovic, and the EA SPORTS FIFA Team

FIFA 23 is available to pre-order for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox I, PC and Stadia.

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