Over the past few years, nosotros tin can meet more and more people hanging out on TikTok and Instagram. Just yet, many millennials and Gen-Zers only share their life on Snapchat. Dissimilar these two, Snapchat is more about
private chats
selfies sharing. Some Snapchatters don’t fifty-fifty have an Instagram/Facebook business relationship.

Then whether yous’re a concerned parent or simply a Snap-hungry user, you may detect it a chip difficult to observe people yous know on the platform. Just don’t worry. In this tutorial, we’ll show you several means to
find someone on Snapchat with simply a phone number.

Method one: Find Snapchat accounts with Intelius

To find a specific person on social media, you can endeavour searching the telephone number on people search engines. They’re online databases that requite you access to deep spider web information you tin can’t find on Google.

is superlative of the line. It collects data from
50+ social media sites
before cross-referencing them with millions of public records, which makes information technology possible for you to reveal a person’s online identity. By searching with a phone number, you may notice the owner’s
clandestine photos,
address history
social profiles on Snapchat, Tinder
and more.

Pace ane: Get to the search page of Intelius.

Stride two: Enter the phone number and clickSearch.

Stride 3:Sit tight while Intelius flips through millions of public records. This may take a while, if there’s a lot of information linked to the phone number. Once information technology locates a match, it’ll generate a report containing all thephotos,address histories and l+ social media profilesof the telephone owner.

Once y’all get a username, you tin can search it in Snapchat. Many people utilize the aforementioned username from site to site.

Social Catfish
is an online dating investigation service, but what it can practice is more than that. Information technology collects billions of public data from social media and dating sites, making it a powerful tool find someone on all social networks. By searching with a phone number, in seconds you’ll become all the available
photos and online profiles
of a person.

  1. Go to Social Catfish.
  2. Enter the phone number and click
    Search. (You can besides cull to search with the full name or an e-mail.)
  3. Look for Social Catfish to search the database. One time it finds a match, you can unlock the report to view
    all the available photos, online profiles
    of that person.

    In one case y’all become a username, you can search it in Snapchat. Many of us use the same username from site to site.

is a famous people search tool that specializes in tracking digital footprints. Starting out as a
social media aggregator, Spokeo ever receives mixed comments for beingness then thorough and accurate. The website is simple to use: but enter the name or the phone number, and you’ll see a person’s accounts on
120+ social networks

  1. Outset become to the Spokeo search page. Enter the name or phone number and hit
    SEARCH Now
  2. Information technology’ll take a few minutes for Spokeo to search the database. Once it finds a friction match, you’ll see a report containing all the available online profiles on 120+ social networks.

Method 4: Employ the Search push

Later on several major updates, Snapchat is not every bit sectional as it once was. In a sense, it’s actually easier to connect with others on the platform — now yous tin can search a proper noun or a phone number in the app (if that person allows information technology in the settings). And yous may notice the person yous’re looking for in the search suggestions.

  1. To practise so, simply open the app and tap the
    search icon
    at the top. So type a
    proper noun, a
    or a
    phone number.

  2. If that person is on Snapchat and allows others to search past telephone number, you lot should encounter the business relationship in the results.

If you are a new user on Snapchat, in that location’s actually a step where Snapchat asks you to
observe friends past syncing your contact list. If yous didn’t notice or skip that, you can always apply this characteristic to find people yous know.

But note that by doing so,
your contacts volition besides be uploaded to the Snapchat servers. If you are comfortable sharing your personal info with the platform, simply utilize these steps to sync your contact list:

  1. Open Snapchat. At the peak-left corner, tap the
    profile icon
  2. In your profile page, scroll downwardly until you run into the
    section. Select
    Add Friends.
  3. In the
    Add Friends
    folio, scroll down and tap the
    Find Friends
  4. It should ask to access your Contacts. Tap
    and you’ll see all the friends by phone number.

    Note that if someone turned off this feature in their privacy settings, you won’t be able to find them with this pull a fast one on.

Method 6: Discover nearby friends on Snapchat

If you’re non comfy giving out your contacts, you can also check out the
Snap Map
feature and see who in your area is actively on Snapchat. If the person you’re looking for posted whatever stories, you lot may see that on the map. This also piece of work well in remote areas and towns that are not and so populated.

  1. To notice nearby users, only open Snapchat and swipe downwardly to come across the Snap Map.
  2. Once the map opens, you’ll see some
    blue dots
    on the map. When you
    tap on the dots, you can see Snapchat stories uploaded past other users.
  3. If you find something familiar, click
    View Creator
    at the bottom to run across the account profile.

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