Fire Stick Home Is Currently Unavailable

This is a pace-by-step guide on how to
ready Home is Currently Unavailable on FireStick, Burn down TV, and Fire TV Cube.

‘Habitation is currently available’ is a mutual FireStick error that can occur due to a lot of reasons. The virtually common one is the unavailability of the net.

But if your net is working just fine and you still see this error, information technology means y’all need to follow some of the fixes we have underlined in this guide.

Despite knowing how good is your FireStick device, but just like any other technology device, in that location will always exist a possibility for users to experience bugs and problems.

This is a commonly establish bug in the FireStick TV device. In case you lot experience a message maxim Home is Currently Non Bachelor, and your Wi-Fi is working perfectly fine, please try the following solutions to resolve this issue.

6 Ways to Ready Dwelling is Currently Unavailable on FireStick

In that location are vi ways to gear up this issue and I volition exist starting off with the easiest one and on to the hard ones.

ane. Unplugging


One popular way to resolve this issue is to either unplug your router, or FireStick, or both. A quick unplugging of both the router and FireStick Tv, waiting for a couple of minutes, and then reconnecting both again, tin resolve the issue finer.

It is best to first unplug and reconnect your router so follow the same steps with your FireStick Goggle box. This can assist with whatsoever net reconfiguration or weak connectedness issues.

Attempt to access the apps at present, if the aforementioned error message pops upwards and so move on and attempt the next method.

2. Deregister your Amazon Account

If unplugging doesn’t help, try deregistering your account. The deregistering can permit the removal of content from your device, there might be a reason that the content present on your FireStick Tv set is making the fault message announced.

Follow the steps below to deregister your Amazon account from FireStick TV.

Step 1

Go to
from the FireStick TV Main Card


Step 2

Get to
Account & Profile Settings


Step three

Click on
Amazon Business relationship


Step iv



When you accept completed these steps, you volition see a message pop up request you to login or Register. Do that and see if the Home is Currently Bachelor error is yet in that location. If the fault persists, endeavour the third method beneath.

3. Add New Profile

Afterward trying the above ii methods, and haven’t succeeded yet then Adding a New Profile might help y’all to resolve this trouble. This method might seem unprofessional simply works every time.

Follow the steps below to add a new profile on FireStick:

Step 1:
On the
go to the Contour Icon


Footstep ii:
Go to the
Add Contour


Step 3:
Click on
Create New Contour


Step 4:
Enter the Name
and write any proper name


Pace 5:
Add together


Step 6:
Go into the new profile that you lot have just created.


Step 7:
Here you will see the same error that

“Home is currently unavailable”

(aforementioned as the original 1)


Step 8:
Go dorsum to the contour icon and cull the original profile which y’all have been using earlier.


Pace 9:
Here you see that your Domicile Screen is automatically restored.


Step x:
Now the new profile which nosotros have created is for no utilise, and so just remove it from the profile icon. Become to the newly created profile and click edit.


Step 11:


Step 12:
ConfirmRemove once more


four. Reset FireStick System

If unplugging, deregistering & Adding New Contour didn’t become successfully, and so mayhap Resetting your FireStick is the fashion to resolve this issues in your device. Resetting is a popular method that is proven as an effective remedy for many different problems.

To reset your FireStick TV, simply pick up your remote and press the Play/Suspension button and the Select button at the aforementioned time. Your FireStick will reset automatically. Allow the reset to consummate, and you tin can then become ahead and start using your device.

5. Irresolute the HDMI Port

Another tried and tested mode to prepare this bug is past irresolute the HDMI port of the Amazon cablevision. Plugging the cable in a different port on the Television can solve the bug in seconds.

6. Contact Customer Support

If all the above-mentioned methods fail to fix the Dwelling is Currently Unavailable consequence, and so it is best to contact the customer services.

Not being able to resolve the issue with the above-mentioned methods and then it indicates a serious result in your device. The issue tin be finer dealt by the client service team.

Wrapping Up

FireStick Boob tube is a cracking device for streaming and viewing content, along with accessing the internet and playing video games.

It is important to know that just like other devices, this device can also come across issues and face bugs. However, effective direction by the users of the device can fix the bugs in very niggling fourth dimension.