Firestick Not Controlling Volume On Tv

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Amazon’s Firestick Television set set is one of the most popular entertainment services out there at the moment.

If yous ain one of these, you may have realized that the Firestick remote is starkly different from an ordinary Boob tube remote in the sense that it is far more compact and has fewer buttons.

As such, I’ve personally found information technology frustrating to struggle with the few functional buttons bachelor, and it gets even more than exasperating when i of these fails to work.

I ran into an outcome with the book button once when I could not control the device’s book using the remote, whereas it worked fine when I directly used the TV volume buttons.

I did a flake of research on the different ways to fix this outcome, and I’ve compiled everything I learned in this article, assuming yous accept run into the aforementioned problem.

If Volume isn’t working on your Firestick Remote, try power cycling the Tv set, removing whatsoever obstacles between the TV and remote, and checking the remote batteries.

Set the Goggle box’s IR profile correctly, use the HDMI-CEC port for connection, and also attempt a factory reset of the Firestick. If null works, contact customer back up.

Possible Reasons for Volume Not Working on Firestick Remote

In that location could exist several reasons for the book button refusing to work on your remote.

It could be due to faulty batteries, signal obstruction, or old and worn out buttons.

It could too exist a temporary snag that can be stock-still by a power wheel or a permanently damaged remote that needs replacement.

Ability Cycle the TV

Being a elementary but potentially constructive process, power cycling your Tv is something you may want to try.

The correct way to do this is to first plough off the Boob tube, and so remove the Burn Boob tube stick from the television, and requite it around 30 seconds.

Before turning it back on, make sure you reinsert the Firestick then that the two devices boot upward together.

Check Remote Batteries

It is possible that the issue is not with the remote itself just with the batteries in the remote.

Your remote batteries could be placed in the wrong position, or they could be drained.

Try tweaking the batteries’ position and removing them, and reinserting them correctly into the remote.

Note that even a battery at 50% of its strength may not exist sufficient for the proper functioning of the remote.

Check Your Remote Buttons

If your Firestick remote is quite sometime, say more than than five years, then it’s possible that it could be worn out and have non-functioning buttons.

It could be because the rubber on the bottom of each button has worn out over time or simply dust and dirt accumulating inside the remote over the years.

A sign of this issue could be the buttons getting harder and harder to exist pressed down.

As well, you could check if the “click” sound while pressing a button persists, which otherwise indicates tattered rubber.

Check for Signal Obstructions

The volume and power buttons on your remote use low-frequency infrared radiations to emit signals received by the television.

Check if there is some object in the pathway of these radiations that tin block the line of advice between the remote and the TV.

Since all buttons on the remote other than the volume and power buttons utilize radio-frequency rays, it is possible that the rest of the remote functions perfectly while these two buttons seem faulty.

Prepare Your Television receiver’s IR Contour

The simplest way to do this is as follows:

  • On your Television set, become to
  • Navigate to
    Equipment Control
  • Click on
    Manage Equipment, then choose
    Goggle box
  • Don’t go to
    Alter Television receiver, but instead motion to
    Infrared Options
  • Navigate your way to
    IR Profile, then
    Change IR Profile
  • Alter it from
    All Devices
    to your particular IR Profile to see if it fixes the event

Ensure Proper HDMI Connection

Cheque whether you have connected the Fire Idiot box to the correct HDMI port.

You need to ensure it is connected to the HDMI-CEC port, allowing other remote controls to configure the television receiver’s power and volume.

You lot can find this port labelled at the dorsum of your Television set or in the TV’s operating manual.

Unpair and Re-pair the Remote

Sometimes, unpairing and repairing the remote may be sufficient to fix the problem.

To Unpair your Fire Stick Remote from the Boob tube, all you accept to do is go to
Settings, and then
Bluetooth Controllers and Devices, after which you should click on
Amazon Burn Television Remote
and choose the device in question.

Then press and hold
Menu + Back + Home
for at least fifteen seconds.

Once the unlinking is complete, Fire Telly will return you to the principal card.

After unpairing, y’all need to pair the remote back to the Idiot box, which tin be done easily as follows.

  • Connect the Firestick to the Television receiver.
  • In one case Fire TV starts up, hold the remote nearly your Firestick, and then press and hold the
    button for ten seconds.
  • If the remote doesn’t get paired immediately, try repeating the procedure.
  • It may take several attempts for this process to piece of work.

Change Equipment Settings

On your television, motion to
and hover over to
Equipment Command.

Selecting this volition display another menu, with an pick called
Manage Equipment, after which you need to click on
TV > Change Television.

This will take you to a listing of television brands, where you demand to select the one you utilize.

Once this step is over, you lot will receive a prompt informing y’all that you could update the Firestick remote.

Restart the Firestick

Merely power cycling the Firestick may exist enough to prepare the fault.

On the Firestick dwelling house screen on your tv, scroll to the
tab and click on it (Yous tin can also click the Habitation button on your remote to access this screen).

Navigate to the
My Burn TV
menu, and click on Restart to automatically restart your Firestick.

If there are some power problems with information technology, your Fire Stick volition go on restarting.

Reset the TV and Firestick

If a simple restart doesn’t do the trick, you may demand to try to Mill Reset the Firestick device.

To perform this, click and concur the

navigation buttons for at to the lowest degree 10 seconds, and click on

Note that this volition erase all downloaded content and reset your preferences. Hence employ it as a last resort.

Use the Firestick App Remote

If your remote turns out to exist permanently damaged and yous have to wait for a replacement to make it, you can try using the Firestick Remote App in the meantime on your Android device or iPhone.

Once you install the app, here’s how to get it working:

  • After the Fire TV boots up, log in to your Firestick Remote app using your Amazon account
  • Choose your Fire TV device from the given listing of devices
  • Enter the code shown on the tv set into the prompt shown on the app
  • Your phone should now function equally a Burn Television remote

Contact Support

If none of the higher up steps seem to work, the best thing you can do is contact Amazon’s Fire TV Customer Support and inform them of the issue.

They may guide yous through a series of troubleshooting steps to effigy out the root cause of the problem.

If the remote turns out to be permanently broken, you will take to pay for a new ane.

Final Thoughts on getting Volume to work on your Fire Stick Remote

Annotation that the Fire Stick Remote works using IR and not Bluetooth, and so yous can use the Mi Remote App to control your Fire Stick.

You’ll notice this app comes stock in Xiaomi Phones. Yous can also download an IR Remote App of your choice, provided your telephone comes with an IR blaster.

Withal, if y’all accept to contact tech support, I recommend letting them know of the various steps yous tried to set the issue to save you some precious time.

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Often Asked Questions

How do I unfreeze my Firestick remote?

Try unplugging Firestick for a while, or restarting Firestick through the TV settings or using the Home button on the remote. This could also exist a glitch caused by a particular app installed on Firestick that requires removing it.

Why is my Firestick remote flashing orangish?

The orange flash on your remote ways that Firestick has entered the
discovery mode, where it is looking for a suitable nearby device to connect to.

How many years does a Firestick last?

As long equally you lot are careful in its usage, a Firestick should last at to the lowest degree three-five years. However, like any other electronic device, it’southward non possible to accurately predict its lifespan.

Can you lot pair an former Firestick remote with a new Firestick?

Yeah, to do this, y’all demand to press down the home key for 10-20 seconds each time you switch. Then, in front of the Firestick, you wish to use, press down the home cardinal for at least 10-20 seconds till it starts blinking. You should then be connected.