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There’s trivial more frustrating than a device remote not working. If your Amazon Fire Television set Stick remote is experiencing issues and you tin’t utilise it to control your Stick, we have a few troubleshooting tips for you.

Cheque Your Remote’due south Batteries

When your remote stops working, the first matter to check is its batteries.

Information technology’southward possible the batteries aren’t properly inserted, or the battery charge has all been used. In the first example, remove the batteries from the remote and reinsert them. If that doesn’t piece of work, replace the sometime batteries with new ones and meet if that fixes the issue.

Doing the above fixes most battery-related issues with your Fire Television set Stick remote. However, it’s also possible yous take a loose battery contact, which iFixit provides a guide to repairing.

Bring Your Remote Closer to Your Fire Idiot box Stick

Your Fire TV Stick’s remote uses Bluetooth for connectivity, which means it has a range of 30 meters. Yous must make sure your TV and your remote are within this range. If both items are far away from each other, bring them closer and see if the remote functions.

You must besides ensure in that location are no obstacles between your TV and your remote. If there are, remove them and your remote will piece of work.

Pair Your Remote With Your Fire Idiot box Stick

A possible reason your Burn down TV Stick remote doesn’t work is that you haven’t paired information technology with your Stick. This is usually the case with new remotes, only it’southward also possible your existing remote has been unpaired for some reason.

Regardless, it’s easy to pair a remote with your Stick. To do that, first, turn on your Burn Tv Stick. And so bring your remote close to the Tv set.

On the remote you lot want to pair, press and hold downward the Home push for about ten seconds.

Hold down the Home button.

Your remote will pair with your Stick, and you tin can now use it to perform your deportment.

Repair a Damaged Fire Idiot box Stick Remote

If your remote still doesn’t work, chances are information technology’south physically damaged. Information technology may look good and fine from the exterior, but the circuity inside may take been damaged.

In this case, you can try to repair your remote, or get a replacement remote from online retailers like Amazon.

Alexa Vocalization Fire Television receiver Remote

This replacement remote is compatible with Burn down TV Sticks (2nd gen and later) and comes with voice command through Alexa.

If y’all do decide to get a new remote, make certain yous properly pair it with your Stick then it works as information technology should. While yous wait for the new remote to arrive, you tin control your Stick’due south functions by using the Amazon Burn TV app on your iPhone or Android phone.

And that’s how you resolve some of the common issues with your Fire Television Stick remote. We hope your remote starts working!

Additionally, if your Fire Boob tube Stick itself has issues, endeavor immigration the cache and resetting the system.


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