FOMO-Phobics, Event Enthusiasts & Party Planners Can Finally Organize & Attend In-Person Events On This Free Android App

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The celebrations of the New Year seem to exist just the first of people wanting to go out partying, maintain a healthy social life and keep up with the latest trends. Moreover, afterwards the significant increase of digital engagement in their lives, people now want to brand sense of the term piece of work-life balance and escape the digital feed to make existent-life plans with friends. Considering permit’s be honest, everyone wants to brand upwards for the lost time when they were bars to their homes and dependent on virtual events as the only source of entertainment. The fact is that nothing tin can accept the place of actually being out in the globe, making existent plans, and being gratis to exist physically shut to family and friends.

Fortunately, Plans Commonage, a United states of america-based effect planning brand, has launched its brand-new mobile application Plans to simplify the event organizing experience for influencers, event planners, and but nearly everyone else on the go. Meeting new people or chilling out with friends afterward a long working week rejuvenates everyone. But the problem is that other effect planning solutions practice not provide accurate event updates after basic scheduling features.

Plans app solves this issue past providing a user-friendly platform to seamlessly rails real-time events before, during, and after an outcome. Unique to this event app, Plans uses a two-way condition service between host and guest to provide existent-time event status, such equally bodily commencement/end fourth dimension, whether an event is running late, when it ends, and who and when friends arrive or leave an event. To further focus on the mission of building meaningful experiences in existent life, users also go the exclusive characteristic of posting alive moments (live videos/photos) one time they get in at the effect location. Not only this, just like other social networking giants, Plans keeps all user content saved in the event history including photos, videos, stories, chats, give-and-take posts, etc. as memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

What’southward more- The personal data of all users on the app is kept completely private. Plans app does non share or sell your data to third-political party companies, dissimilar many other service-based platforms available in the marketplace. Interestingly, organizers and attendees of the listed events can too share free invitations with others using text, email, or links. This encourages users to build a potent customs of agreeing people while living the social life that they have ever aspired to.

The founder of this unique app that is helping socially active and approachable people to create, schedule, and invite friends to events, has experience in product management for both enterprise and consumer products with an accent in UI/UX. With the correct combination of direction feel and a keen entrepreneurial mindset to bring the vision of connecting people to life, Plans is emerging to be the go-to platform that helps solve the complexities of scheduling, tracking, and communicating aspects of event planning.

Speaking near the time to come of the event planning manufacture and the turnkey tool offered by Plans for the ever-increasing number of event enthusiasts in the US, Adnan Kharuf, Founder of Plans, said, “According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics “Employment of meeting, convention, and event planners is projected to grow 18 pct from 2022 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. With the demand for event planners expected to continue to abound for the side by side decade, platforms such as Plans App volition go on to be a valuable tool that event planners can use to effectively manage and organize all types of events.”

At a time when the thought of planning and attending gatherings with friends and family in person almost seems conflicting, the Plans social event planner app envisions transforming the way people encounter and greet past easing off the anxiety by doing all the difficult work and planning at the backend. Now, issue enthusiasts exercise not have to hunt for an agency or third-political party organizers to expand their social network, organize, and nourish live events nearby or anywhere in the world.

Interestingly, the app offers a costless subscription with no in-app charges. The app is flexible, seamless, and has a user-friendly UI/UX that enables users to even make edits and apology to an upshot that has already gone live. For case, one time an event is created, the Plans app users can make whatever outcome edits and keep inviting people to the result. This is a uncomplicated 1-pace process where all users demand to do is send beyond the event link generated at that time of event creation to their ever-growing network of friends and family. Users can currently download the free app on smartphones and tablets powered by iOS and Android to simplify event planning and organize their favorite gatherings using one app at their fingertips.


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