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Our Verdict

The Foreo Your Dwelling house Spa Set delivers sophisticated skin intendance treatments using groundbreaking innovation and smart beauty technology that’due south both time and price constructive


  • Revolutionary pattern
  • Technologically innovative
  • Suitable for every skin type
  • Customizable skin treatments
  • Outset-use results
  • Impressive bombardment life


  • Pricey initial investment
  • App needs work

Laptop Magazine Verdict

The Foreo Your Habitation Spa Fix delivers sophisticated skin intendance treatments using groundbreaking innovation and smart beauty technology that’s both time and cost effective


  • +

    Revolutionary design

  • +

    Technologically innovative

  • +

    Suitable for every skin type

  • +

    Customizable skin treatments

  • +

    First-utilize results

  • +

    Impressive battery life


  • Pricey initial investment

  • App needs piece of work

The Foreo Your Habitation Spa Set, priced at $329, is what I’ve been waiting for throughout my beauty-tech journeying. The compact, lightweight devices, smart products (due thousand. the Foreo Luna mini two and UFO two), and the app-connected, spa-like skincare treatments are revolutionary, technologically innovative and highly constructive.

Caring for your skin can sometimes take a backseat. I tin can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to bed with a fully crush face because of the “toos”. I was
exhausted. I had
many other things to do. Information technology was taking
long to see results. When the Foreo Your Home Spa Set came along, my skincare routine transformed for the better. With a twice-a-twenty-four hour period regimen, my skin looks and feels like I have regular private sessions with an esthetician — hydrated, fresh, deeply cleaned and articulate. I went from less than stellar to “You glow, girl!”

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A visit to a spa for a deep cleanse, a hydrating mask and a facial massage costs $65-$170, plus tip. For a one-time investment of $329, Foreo Your Home Spa Set offers spa-similar pare intendance treatments and you’ll see results from the jump. There’s nothing else like this on the beauty tech market place. It’s the best beauty-tech bundle of 2022.

Foreo Your Home Spa Prepare price and availability

The Foreo Your Dwelling Spa Fix, priced at $329, includes the Foreo UFO 2 ($279 value), the Foreo Luna mini 2 ($119 value), six FOREO H2Overdose Masks ($20 separately), a 20ml size of Foreo Micro-Foam Cleanser ($nine.90 a la carte), and the Foreo app (free). The arranged ready saves you $98.89.

Foreo Your Abode Spa Set pattern

Encased in waterproof, ultra-hygienic silicone (and offered in a multifariousness of absurd colors like Aquamarine and Fuschia), the Foreo Luna mini 2 and UFO 2 are going to alter the way you care for your face. Select a colour that speaks to yous and get ready to exist wowed by everything about the Foreo Your Dwelling Spa Set.

Foreo Your Habitation Spa Fix

(Prototype credit: Future)

The pointed, domed top one-half of the Foreo Luna mini 2 is covered in medical-grade silicone touchpoints. Information technology feels like a soft silicone brush for your confront; information technology’southward non-abrasive and gentle. The silky smooth lesser one-half of the device is where you’ll find the Foreo logo and the triple-touch interface — the power push button, and the plus and minus massage intensity controls. The waterproof charging port is on the flip side. The Luna mini 2 is compact and lightweight, measuring (3.3 ten 3.3 x 1 inches) and weighing two.4 ounces. Its base is clear acrylic.

The app-connected Foreo UFO 2 looks like a jazzed-up hockey puck, just it’due south actually a super-sophisticated smart mask device. The front side of the UFO 2 is a work of fine art, with Foreo centered in the middle of a mandala-inspired, 2.3-inch gold disc. The backside houses a smoothen-surfaced,ane.8-inch gold round platform where you lot secure the Foreo UFO ii-activated, 1-utilize, H2Overdose smart mask (or any Foreo mask) with the UFO clear acrylic attachment ring.  Don’t worry about the UFO ii slipping out of your mitt. Its perimeter is fabricated of sure grip, body-safe silicone. The device measures two.8 10 one inches, so information technology’s a cinch to accept with you on your winter-break adventures (e.thou. holidays with the in-laws).

Foreo Your Home Spa Set technology

Between IKEA,
Spotify, and now Foreo, Swedish innovators have proven fourth dimension and again that they know how to do it right. And now Foreo CEO and Swedish serial entrepreneur Filip Sedic is conveying the beauty tech torch. Since launching Foreo in 2022 with his married woman Ivana, the Foreo brand has turned the paradigm of skincare dazzler tech on its head.

Foreo Your Home Spa Set

Foreo Your Home Spa Set

(Image credit: Time to come)

The innovation revolution is shining with the Foreo Your Abode Spa Set, which includes the Luna mini two, UFO ii, UFO-activated H2Overdose mask and Foreo Micro-foam cleanser. This prepare delivers customizable, at-home spa-similar treatments with visible start-use results in less than v minutes. “But how?” you ask. Allow me break it down for you lot.

The LUNA mini 2 is a facial cleansing and massaging device with eight adaptable massage intensities that uses transdermal-sonic (T-Sonic) pulsations, paired with a revolutionary silicone brush, designed to deep clean your face in ane infinitesimal. The ultra-hygienic pulsating silicone castor touchpoints oscillate at a sonic speed that results in the removal of blemish-causing impurities. We’re talking about a cleanse so deep that it unblocks pores, which is ideal because that makes them appear smaller, leaving smoother, more supple skin. And because the device is made of medical-grade, body-rubber silicone, the Luna mini is suitable for all skin types. How absurd is that?

The UFO 2 is the spa-in-your-hand, two-minute facial. It’s a revolutionary ability mask device that combines thermotherapy (instant warming that pushes active ingredients deep into the dermis) and cryotherapy (instant cooling that minimizes puffiness and instantly lifts and firms) with T-Sonic pulsations to infuse active-mask ingredients where they work the best (deep beneath the surface of the skin).

The UFO 2 is technologically equipped with eight different LED lights that address any skincare demand or business concern from Red LED (stimulates the product of collagen and elastin to business firm and lift the skin) to Blue LED (treats acne and prevents future breakouts by killing acne-causing bacteria). There’s also Greenish LED, which evens out skin tone, brightens complexion and softens age spots. All of the UFO treatments are customizable and designed to keep your skin hydrated, rejuvenated and glowy 24/7.

And so far, so great, right? The concluding two components of the Foreo Your Home Spa Set are the Foreo H2Overdose Mask and the Micro-Foam Cleanser. The FOREO H2Overdose ultra-hydrating mask is a microfiber, UFO-activated mask that’southward infused with hyaluronic acid, which helps increase the skin’southward wet, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.  Pair information technology with UFO 2 for the ultimate spa-like, two-minute facial treatment. The Micro-Foam Cleanser is gentle plenty for all skin types, but still powerful plenty to elevator impurities and remove excess oil from the pores. Vitamin E and amino acids partner upwards to assist moisturize and protect your skin.

Foreo For You app

The free Foreo For You app is awesome, and that’s a proficient thing because the skin care treatments for the UFO ii are app-continued. You can’t employ the UFO 2 until you unlock information technology via the app. Once you sync your UFO 2 device to the app via Bluetooth, y’all’re free to roam wild and take advantage of all the app has to offering: how-to’s, guided routines, power mask and low-cal therapy treatments, and so much more. Talk near having the power of a spa in your mitt.

I too like how piece of cake the app is to navigate. Upon opening the app, your registered devices (the Luna mini ii and UFO 2 for the Foreo Your Dwelling Spa Set) appear at the height of the screen. Click on each device to see its info and how the app can raise your Foreo experience. Explore the five icons on the bottom of the dwelling house screen to scan Foreo sales, peruse FAQ’s, update your contour info, or read the Foreo Newswire for all things Foreo, including new product launches.

The Foreo For You app is solid. Some of the manufactures need updating and I would also like to see a total user manual for the UFO two, only these are pocket-sized blemishes compared to all the user exclusives that come with the app.

Foreo Your Domicile Spa Set setup

I know you lot’re super excited to run across what all the Foreo Your Home Spa Set hoopla is near, but first please go online and read all the manuals and instructions for each device and production prior to using. There are too many sophisticated beauty tech devices involved here to assume anything. Besides, you’ll get the well-nigh out of each Foreo device and product by existence informed.

Foreo Your Home Spa Set

Foreo Your Home Spa Prepare

(Image credit: Hereafter)

Next, fully charge your UFO 2 and Luna mini 2 prior to using them for the first time as they may not be fully charged upon arrival. Bummer for those of the states born with the impatient gene (that’due south me!). The proficient news is it simply takes two and a half hours to fully charge the UFO 2 (giving y’all up to 40 uses), and 1 hr to fully charge the Luna mini 2 (for v months of use earlier information technology needs to be recharged).

Now you’re gear up to download the Foreo app. Connect to the app on your
via Bluetooth. Press the power push button on the UFO ii to sync to the app. Prepare up your profile and register the UFO ii and Luna mini two. In the app, scan the barcode for the H2Overdose Mask for product verification and instructions.

Foreo Your Home Spa Set performance

The Foreo beauty tech rumblings reached my auditory faculties this past summer when I was just marginally familiar with its devices. Later on the first use, I became a total on Foreolifer and I’ll tell you why. My peel looked better later on one, v-minute session using the four components of the Foreo Your Home Spa Set. Compared to other cleansing and facial-massage devices I’ve used, the Foreo Your Home Spa Set reigns supreme.

Bottom line

There’s zilch else like the Foreo Your Home Spa Assail the beauty tech marketplace. I saw the difference ane use made with my pare. The improvement was immediate and noticeable and took less than 5 minutes. I recommend the Foreo Your Home Spa Fix (priced at $329) to anyone who takes skincare seriously and believes in the science of innovation.


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