Forza Horizon 5 Review: A visual treat

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Forza Horizon five is more of the same for the series and it makes a glorious impression. Information technology’south a visual treat on Series X, with fun and outgoing gameplay that always feel varied.


  • Absolutely stunning visually
  • The cars are a dream to drive
  • Loads of varied events


  • Lack of ray tracing in the master game


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    RRP: £54.99
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    RRP: $55

Key Features

  • Platforms
    Available on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, Xbox Ane


Forza Horizon 5 is exactly what you expect it to be: a gorgeous open up-world playground full of cars, diverse environments and plenty to do.

Set in Mexico this time around, Forza Horizon v doesn’t stray much from the pattern gear up by the excellent previous entries in the series. It’southward an open-world
game, with just equally much of a focus on exploration every bit on racing.

Subsequently spending numerous hours lost in the gorgeous earth of the game, there’south no denying this is ane of the greatest racing games ever made.


  • Very like gameplay to its predecessor
  • Fun to play even if y’all’re non into racers
  • Each vehicle features its own unique trait

There hasn’t been a huge shift in gameplay for Forza Horizon 5, and that’southward no bad matter. Similar Horizon 4, the focus here is on cars that feel fun to drive, rather than trying to simulate the real-life experience. Y’all have the regular Forza Motorsport series for that.

There’due south certainly an arcadey slant to the driving, merely in that location remains a satisfying feel, with each vehicle displaying unique traits. The Land Rover Defender, for example, bounces off the dirt, while a sportier model rattles downwardly the highway.

Braking feels tighter this time around and cars take more weight to them, which gives an added sense of realism. The balance between fun racing and Forza’s simulation roots is handled fantastically, with just enough skill required to really primary every automobile.

At its cadre, Forza Horizon 5 is simply fun to play – whether yous’re big into racing games, or not. It does a great job of getting y’all into the action fast, as you movement between multiple vehicles in an exhilarating opening act that showcases the diverseness both in the vehicles on offer and the diverse environments you’ll delve deeper into later.
Within a few minutes yous’ll have already raced off-road, through a beautifully realised jungle and more, all in various vehicles.

game’southward verticality is immediately obvious, besides, as you offset off on the top of an active volcano. Previous Forza Horizon have felt m in scope, just lacking in height – that upshot is solved within seconds of playing Horizon 5.


Graphics and Presentation

  • Nigh “next-gen” feel on Xbox yet
  • No ray tracing enabled in the main game

I’ve been playing Forza Horizon 5 primarily on Xbox Series X – and, visually, it’due south a stunning title. It’s certainly 1 of the well-nigh obvious ‘adjacent-gen’ experiences I’ve seen on the Microsoft console.

If y’all’re playing on an Xbox Ane S or One X, the experience remains impressive. Both of the older machines handle the game very well, looking pretty darn impressive in the process. While this is a showcase for the Serial X, it gets far more out of the older consoles than I was expecting.

On the Series X you have a duo of modes: Graphics and Performance. I went straight for Performance style, which targets 60fps along with a 3840 x 2160 resolution; it plays superbly. Graphics mode targets the aforementioned resolution but enables ray tracing in the Forza Vista fashion. If you’re playing on a Series S then the resolution goes down to 1080p (once more, with 30 or 60fps options).

Forza Horizon 5 system requirements

Sadly, there are no ray-traced reflections in regular gameplay, in any mode you lot cull. Considering this a highlight characteristic for the consoles, it’s slightly disappointing. In reality, though, the regular reflections yet wait dandy. Sun bounces off a shiny automobile’s exterior as I’ve never seen in a racing game earlier, and I spent far too long just gawping at how fantastically well all the vehicles had been recreated – both inside and out.

The action this fourth dimension takes place in Mexico, which immediately seems like a far more diverse playground than the Britain was in Horizon 4. You’ll move betwixt jungles, deserts, dusty roads and sun-soaked highways – and each feels distinct. The way the h2o splatters upward as you speed through the water is something to behold.

Forth with these biomes, of which there are 11 in total, there are also distinct seasons that affect the weather around you. In the wet summertime you’ll have the brilliant sun beating down, and plenty of puddles effectually. Y’all can drive direct into, and through, sandstorms that seem to appear from nowhere. The variety on offer hither is very much welcome and it feels like at that place’s something unlike to experience all the time.


  • Uses a like story blueprint to its predecessors
  • Events practise a practiced chore of getting you into unlike cars

The setup of Forza Horizon 5 is very much like its predecessors. You accept part in the Horizon Festival, which comprises many events scattered all over the game’s take on Mexico.

I love the variety on offer. There’due south an open-world exploration aspect that’s so easy to get lost in, while there are more targeted races and photography missions as well. No event type outstays its welcome, and y’all have a fair corporeality of command over the kind of events you focus on. If you like street races, for instance, yous tin customise your festival experience to hone in on those. It’south a like story if you’re a fan of off-road contest.

Equally you lot consummate these events, more than open up, and they practise so very speedily. There are some slightly corny cutscenes, too, although these are mostly used at the beginning to set up the whole festival arroyo.

Like previous Horizon games, at that place are a number of showcase events that put you lot into more bombastic situations in various vehicles. They’re fun, fairly straightforward events that expect great merely aren’t quite every bit memorable as those in previous games.

Of course, you could ditch events and simply bulldoze effectually, building up coins in social club to purchase new vehicles. I’ve spent a lot of fourth dimension sitting in a State Rover Defender, trigger-happy up the Mexican countryside.

There’s a big multiplayer element, too, with opposing vehicles appearing in your game world.

Of course, y’all could ditch events and just bulldoze effectually, building upwardly coins in guild to purchase new vehicles. I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in a Country Rover Defender, fierce up the Mexican countryside.

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Should you buy information technology?

Yous want a visual treat and a ridiculously fun game:
This is ane of the best looking games around. But it doesn’t stop there, it had depth too and is very fun to play.

You really dislike racing titles:
The only reason I can think why you wouldn’t want to fifty-fifty give Forza Horizon 5 a try is that yous tin can’t get on with racing games.

Concluding Thoughts

Forza Horizon five is a marvel of a game and a standout title on the Xbox Series X. It’s a near-perfect racing and exploration game that looks stunning, plays similar a dream, and just begs to exist played over and over again.

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Played both offline and online

Reviewed on Xbox Series X

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Where is it prepare?

Forza Horizon 5 will exist set up in United mexican states.

When is information technology coming out?

Forza Horizon 5 volition launch on 5 November 2022.

How big is the map?

The map will be the biggest in the series yet, and will be 50% larger than the map in Forza Horizon iv.


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