A great many players reported that
Fraps not showing FPS
when running some specific games. If y’all are also vexed by Fraps non working Windows 10, then you come to the right place. This post of MiniTool summarizes some tested solutions.

Fraps is a popular game assistant tool that can be used to show FPS, record video game movies, capture screen, record game, and criterion. This programme is often used on games that are designed with DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology.

Sometimes, nevertheless, many Windows users come across Fraps non showing FPS while playing certain games. Another people run across Fraps hotkey non working. Afterward analyzing all-encompassing user reports on forums and communities, we summarize several tested fixes for the issues.

Fix i. Check the Box for Monitor Aero Desktop (DWM)

Many users reported that they manage to prepare Fraps not showing FPS past checking the box of Monitor Aero Desktop (DWM) in the primary interface of this programme. Here you may accept a try.

Footstep one.
Double click the
shortcut on your desktop to open its main interface.

If you lot can notice the
shortcut on the desktop, y’all can search for information technology via the
carte du jour.

Step 2.
In the
screen of Fraps, navigate to the
tab at the height toolbar and then tick the checkbox next to
Monitor Aero Desktop (DWM).

Stride 3.
Restart Fraps to take the operation into effect and see if the Fraps fps not showing issue is stock-still or not.

Ready 2. Employ DirectX 11 for the Game

Equally mentioned in a higher place, Fraps is used for games with DirectX technology. However,  developers reported that the current Fraps version is not compatible with DirectX 12. To prepare Fraps not working, we recommend you switch to DirectX xi.

Here you tin can uninstall DirectX 12 and download the DirectX 11 version from Microsoft. If you are using Steam to play the game, you tin follow the given steps below.

Step 1.Launch the Steam customer on your computer.

Step 2.Navigate to theLibrarytab from the acme toolbar.

Stride 3.Correct-click the affected game and selectProperties
from the context carte.

Stride 4.In theBackdropwindow, go to theGeneraltab and click on thePrepare Launch Optionsbutton.

click on Set Launch Options

Step five.Then a new window will pop upwardly and give an avant-garde user warning. In the dialog box, type –dx11in the bar and click onOK
to save the change. If y’all have ready other launch options, brand sure y’all separate them with a single space.

Step 6.
Launch the game from the
tab and check if the Fraps not recording FPS issue notwithstanding persists.

Gear up iii. Enable the Origin In-Game Overlay

Some users reported that Fraps not showing FPS tin occur when the Origin In-Game option is disabled. To ready it, you can effort enabling this selection. Hither’s how to exercise that:

Step 1.Open the Origin client and login into your account.

Step ii.Click on theOriginbutton and select theApplication settingsoption from the drop-downward menu.

Application settings option in Origin

Step iii.In the Awarding tab, select theOrigin In-Game choice from the drop-down menu and toggle the switch of
Enable Origin In-Game toOn.

Now, yous tin can relaunch the game and come across if Fraps non working Windows 10 is resolved.

Ready iv. Make clean Reinstall Fraps

If the Fraps fps not showing nevertheless persists after trying all higher up methods, you may have to clean reinstall Fraps. And and then install the latest Fraps version that may contain the patch to some specific issues. For that:

Step 1.Typecontrolin the search box and select theCommand Panelapp from the All-time match.

Step two.Change theView bytoCategory, and so curl down the right sidebar to the bottom and click onUninstall a program.

click on Uninstall a program

Step iii.Then a listing of installed programs will be shown here. Right-click
and selectUninstall. Follow the on-screen prompts to fully uninstall information technology.

Since the following functioning will edit the registry key, we recommend you support your registry key in example of other bug.

Step 4.
Win + R
keys to open the
dialog box, and and then type
in it and hit

Step 5.
In the
Registry Editor
window, printing
Ctrl + F
keys to phone call out the
window. So blazon
in the
Notice what
box and click on
Find Next.

type Fraps in Find what box

Step half dozen.
Once whatsoever related entries or keys appear, correct-click them and select

Pace vii.
After y’all delete all related registry keys, you can click here to download the latest Fraps version and install it on your Windows PC.

Now, y’all can check if Fraps not recording FPS is fixed.