Free Download Ir Blaster For Android

Modernistic smartphones are getting versatile 24-hour interval by day. At present a phone tin can exist used to do multiple tasks rather than merely making calls and browsing the internet—moreover, Android experiments with diverse sensors, such equally introducing gyroscope or IR blasters in smartphones. The IR Blaster or Infrared sensor is a valuable feature that you lot can apply to control your Tv set and domicile appliances.

But for making your smartphone’s IR sensor work, you will demand a third-party mobile application. These applications Trigger the IR sensor of a smartphone, pairs it with the available devices, and command it. For case, many TV or aircon brands may not be compatible, merely most of them can still be controlled with it.

So if you were looking for such an awarding to unify all your remote control devices from one remote controller or if you have lost the remote of your TV or Air conditioning, you are at the right place. We have listed some of the latest and working IR blaster apps for Android. And then let’southward have a look at it.

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  • List of Best IR Blaster (Television set Remote) Apps For Android
    • 1. Universal TV Remote Control
    • two. Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote
    • three. ASmart Remote IR
    • 4. Galaxy Universal Remote
    • v. Sure
    • 6. Mi Remote Controller
    • 7. Castreal Remote Control
    • 8. irplus-Infrared Remote

Listing of All-time IR Blaster (TV Remote) Apps For Android

  • Universal TV Remote Command
  • Universal Telly Remote-ZaZa Remote
  • ASmart Remote IR
  • Milky way Universal Remote
  • SURE
  • Mi Remote Controller
  • Castreal Remote Command
  • irplus-Infrared Remote

one. Universal Tv set Remote Control

Universal TV Remote ControlThis is a free IR blaster app for Android devices that will assist you control multiple dwelling appliances like TV, set-top box, AC, etc., with your smartphone. Universal TV Remote Control uses the IR sensor of your phone to exercise all the tasks. The best role of the app is that several Telly brands are supported, making information technology a universal controller.

Some supported TV brands are LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Videocon, and more. In addition, there are multiple configurations you can check manually to connect your device. The app is gratuitous to use, simply frequent popular-up ads may distract you. However, it’s worth considering.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases


2. Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote

Universal TV Remote-ZaZa RemoteIt is a robust remote controller that you can utilise on your Android smartphone. The remote can connect to almost any device conveniently and supports almost every function. Universal Television Remote-ZaZa Remote tin can be used with aircon, fans, televisions, cable boxes, etc.

In addition, the user interface of Universal Tv set Remote-ZaZa Remote is pretty impressive, with minimal distractions and popular-ups. Whatsoever smartphone with an IR sensor will be uniform to support the application and work smoothly. Still,  according to users’ review, the Television brands doesn’t connect with Universal Television set Remote-ZaZa Remote.

Cost: Free, offers in-app purchases


3. ASmart Remote IR

ASmart Remote IRIf you want an IR equalizer app that unifies all the controllers of your dwelling house appliances into 1, ASmart Remote IR will exist a good selection. Apart from TV, setup box, and air conditioner ASmart Remote IR app can also control a Playstation and DSLR camera. One time activated, the app automatically identifies nearby devices to be paired.

The app has a listing of devices on its interface, just you tin can also add together custom devices that are not supported past the app. Moreover, one can also define a custom universal remote using ASmart Remote IR. However, the app is a premium one and comes with a subscription.

Price: Gratis, offers in-app purchases


4. Milky way Universal Remote

Galaxy Universal RemoteGalaxy Universal Remote is some other amazing app that will convert your smartphone into a universal remote. The app volition be helpful to control the Boob tube, AC, LED calorie-free, etc. Of form, yous can also create a custom remote if the preloaded configuration doesn’t suit your requirements.

A unique feature of Galaxy Universal Remote is its connectivity. Though other IR blasters apply a phone’southward Infrared sensor to connect and command home appliances, the Galaxy Universal Remote app likewise uses Wi-Fi where required. This increases the app’s versatility, and y’all tin control a broad range of devices.

Toll: Free, offers in-app purchases


v. Certain

SURESURE is a simple TV remote app that tin control multiple devices. The app tin exist used with appliances belonging to diverse brands. Though SURE is supported in a express number of smartphones, it is better than other alternatives.

According to user feel, the app connects quickly with the bachelor devices and works accurately. Moreover, the user interface is easily navigable. In addition, one tin can as well apply child-bearing themes in Certain. The app is complimentary to use, but you can also utilise the paid version to unlock extra features.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases


six. Mi Remote Controller

Mi Remote ControllerThose using Mi smartphones will go this remote controller app pre-installed on their devices. Mi Remote Controller is ane of the first IR blasters introduced by smartphone giant Xiaomi. Initially, it was simply usable with Mi smartphones, merely other smartphones likewise back up the app.

The Tv set remote awarding has multiple configurations available inside it to match the infrared betoken of your preferred devices. The app tin control everything from TVs, air conditioners, projectors, and iRobot. On height of that, it is gratis to use.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases


vii. Castreal Remote Command

Castreal Remote ControlThis remote volition turn your phone into a multi-purpose controller to control all remote-controlled devices with your smartphone. The app is comparatively new in Playstore simply has considerably impacted users. At concluding, with a rating of iii.5, Castreal Remote Control is worth considering.

There are multiple IR codes available for free in Castreal Remote Control. However, some air conditioner IR codes come nether paid options. In add-on, the app automatically indicates the required button for a unlike range of models of appliances. So considering all the features, Castreal Remote Control is a good choice.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases


eight. irplus-Infrared Remote

irplus-Infrared RemoteIt is such an application that will conveniently trigger the internal IR equalizer of your smartphone to pair with it and control all the required functions. Moreover, the app is designed so that its interface contains all the buttons of the appliance that you desire to control.

Yous can besides add together custom remote code by importing it from external sources. The all-time part of the app is that it works smoothly with older versions of Androids. If any device is not paired with the app, users tin can email the developers complaining about it.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases.