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If yous like your video games to come up with a healthy blend of tension and charade, and so you are nearly certain to accept lots of fun with
Boondocks of Salem. Developed past BlankMediaGames,
Town of Salem
offers a very interesting game that asks players from 7–fifteen in number to essentially find out the truth whilst lying, deceiving, and playing tricks. In the game, you are put into one group of iii people—Town, Mafia, and Neutrals. The best part, though? Nobody who is playing knows who is who!

This can exist very fun for you to play, offering accusations nearly the people in the game as the mafioso beginning to kill people en masse. Yous then get to play the role of trying to round up the real killers, or you might finish up making a massive mistake and send the wrong person to the executioner.

If you enjoyed this game, though, you might be looking for other games similar it. Well, this listing gives yous a serial of ten games that nosotros highly recommend you endeavour out if you find the gameplay loop of
Town of Salem
addictive, tense, and enjoyable.

Our Pinnacle 10 Games Like
Town of Salem

  1. Epic Mafia
  2. Military camp Cadaver
  3. Detective Grimoire
  4. Mindnight
  5. Cluedo
  6. Unfortunate Spaceman
  7. Cant
  8. The Send
  9. Throne of Lies
  10. Among United states


As one of the kickoff games of this item manner,
offers a tremendous level of fun. This is an expansion add together-on for the original
game, and adds even more engagement to the game. In fact, the reason we put this first on our list is because
Town of Salem
is actively built on the same system and credentials.

With over 200 roles to choice from and all manner of setups, you lot can enjoy a mystery that is unlike anything else you will notice in traditional video gaming. There is a reason why
was such a huge hit when information technology was released, and why
Town of Salem
decided to build on its tried and tested, awesome, system.

Camp Cadaver

Like to
Town of Salem
in many ways,
Military camp Cadaver
is exceptionally enjoyable. You will either need to lie through your teeth to keep the secret of the camp, or yous will need to be thorough in your search to detect out the truth of what is going on here. You lot could exist put on the team of the killers, or you lot could be ane of the people in the town trying to survive and avert becoming the victims of the next assault.

Anybody is suspected of being involved, though, and anyone tin be a victim of the killers. It’southward cracking fun for those who love investigations and mysteries with a nice dollop of added tension.

Detective Grimoire

If you would prefer to try out a game similar
Town of Salem
that is single player just, you lot might relish
Detective Grimoire. This crawly puts you into a horrible marshland where the possessor was killed by a mystery monster. Yous need to notice the clues that prove you the truth nearly what happened, and you need to solve numerous puzzles whilst interrogating all of the suspects involved.

Yous likewise need to attempt and uncover the deep, nighttime secret that has left so many terrified. It’south a good experience, and ane that comes with no shortage of tension equally y’all piece of work through its storyline. More than than enough hither to keep you engaged and thrilled with the chance of it all, ensuring you have plenty of fun as you effort and piece of work out the story behind this disaster.

4. Mindnight

If you like a game that is all about deceiving others, so you will admire
Mindnight. It’due south the kind of thrilling feel that has you lot and upwardly to 7 others enjoying a game of thrills, chances, and lies. You need to spend your fourth dimension lying to others, working out who is lying to you, and determining the existent story. Information technology’s a ame that allows you to really challenge your skills as someone who tin can deceive, or to also see just how skilful yous are seeing through the lies of others.

Definitely i to try out if you take played
Boondocks of Salem
and desire something else that allows you to run across just how deceptive you can be when the time comes.


As well a board game, you tin get digital versions of
that basically play the same kind of role. Someone is the killer, someone has committed murder within the mansion. It is your job to work out who has done the killing or to disguise yourself if information technology was you who ended upwards going through the murdering process.

Every bit a classic board game, this has many fans who volition be more happy to try it out once they see for themselves what this is like. It’s a fun, engaging feel that is best played with others via live chat so that you can aid to add to the madness and the suspense.

Unfortunate Spaceman

This game puts you in the center of a stranded, dead infinite station – and you need to conduct out the repairs to keep it still working before you can be rescued. Information technology’s not easy, though, because someone in your team is an alien who is in disguise and is only waiting for the right moment to practice some silent killing.

Y’all might need to spend some time trying to handle normal repair tasks, only to wonder why that member of your team is post-obit you around…y’all demand to be vigilant, trust no-one, yet work together to help make sure that yous can make the repairs then that anybody can survive until rescue appears.


A highly popular game,
has built upwards a large collection of fans due to its terrifying scene and setting. In this game, yous are placed into the hunting grounds along with five other people. Ii of you are infected with a virus that makes you want to murder the other players – the only trouble is that nobody knows who has the virus.

Y’all need to work through the hunting grounds together, with those who are not infected working together in a bid to escape. Yet, the infected accept to fight off their urge to mutate and murder. Tin you stop yourself from giving in to those urges?

The Ship

One of the more intriguing games out there to utilise the
Town of Salem
formula is that of
The Ship: Murder Party. This interesting game puts you in the office of both hunting others whilst existence hunted on your ain. Basically, you lot will bring together a series of players aboard the luxurious prowl liner ran by Mr. 10 – no, non the
Resident Evil

You will be given a target once you arrive on the ship and you need to impale them without being noticed. At the same time, though, another player will have y’all as their target. This ways you demand to exist intelligent most how y’all impale, as well every bit making sure you are never left open.

Throne of Lies

Another game nosotros highly recommend to whatsoever
Town of Salem
fan is
Throne of Lies. The game comes with a huge number of classes that you tin selection from, with everything from the Male monarch himself to the Court Jester. You get to savor a game that sees you engage with the factions, seen and unseen, every bit well every bit neutral parties.

You will be playing a game much like
Boondocks of Salem
in that you need to larn how to fob and deceive the residual of the players without being defenseless. Information technology’s an eight-16 actor game and can be great fun equally yous effort to keep the kingdom condom or bring information technology downwardly from the inside.

Among Us

Saving the best til concluding, 2021 wonder
Among Us
is one of the best games to try out if you previously enjoyed playing
Town of Salem. The infinite station has been damaged, and you need to carry out numerous repairs as a team to assistance get it back running properly. However, someone has been taken over past an conflicting imposter, and they will be expected to kill every bit many as they can before the terminate.

When bodies are found, you can bring everyone together and accuse other players, with them being ejected from the ship – but did you choose the right person?

It’s all about working together, avoiding trusting the wrong person, and putting yourself and the others at risk of beingness the side by side victim of the imposters.

What Volition Yous Try Out First?

Each of the ten games above offers you a pretty engaging, entrancing experience that is difficult to forget about. It provides yous with a good range of games to effort out that offering that aforementioned kind of mystery and intrigue. Nigh are based around a similar theme, and then if yous enjoyed
Town of Salem
then y’all should find more or less all of the over games on this listing to exist a lot of fun.

The only question, so, is what
Town of Salem-alike will you lot try out first?

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