Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 4

This article is almost the 2009 anime series episode. For the similarly named manga affiliate, run into Chapter five: The Alchemist’s Suffering.

The Elrics see Shou Tucker, a leading researcher in the field of chimeras. He has much to teach Ed and Al about alchemy – and the horrible cruelty that sometimes accompanies information technology.


In search of research to effort and their bodies dorsum, The Brothers are introduced to the “Sewing-Life” Alchemist, Shou Tucker, by Roy Mustang. But all is not what it seems…

Full Synopsis

In Key City, the Country Alchemist Brigadier General Basque Grand is accosted past a mysterious stranger with an Ten-shaped scar on his brow while walking alone at night. Though the Fe Claret Alchemist puts up a valiant fight, the Scarred Human uses a mysterious power of his own to take the homo’s life.

Ed and Al get in in East City to see Colonel Mustang and discuss the state of affairs in Reole with him. Curious as to how Male parent Cornello had managed to create a chimera despite being a not-alchemist, the boys wonder if further research into chimeric alchemy could lead to a way to restore their bodies. Equally repayment for their work in Reole, Roy introduces them to Shou Tucker, a State Alchemist specializing in the creation of chimeric alchemy who had earned his certification two years prior after producing a chimera capable of homo speech. Notwithstanding, Mustang informs Ed that the animal had only said “I want to die” and did not live very long afterward. Edward explains his intentions to Tucker and, impressed with Edward’due south ability to survive Human being Transmutation and succeed at Soul Binding at such a young age, grants the boys access to the multitude of bio-alchemical texts in his individual home library. While Edward delves into the books, yet, Alphonse becomes acquainted with Tucker’s young daughter Nina and their dog Alexander, eventually dragging Ed into their merriment. Unable to discover the information they need past sundown, the brothers resolve to return the next day and keep their enquiry, only as they exit, their escort 2nd Lt. Jean Havoc relays a message from the Colonel to Shou Tucker – maxim that the “Sewing-Life” Alchemist yearly assessment is approaching. When young Nina asks her father to explain, he tells her that a State Alchemist must submit the results of his or her research in one case a yr in order to qualify for farther grant money and that, since his previous year’s assessment didn’t go very well, this upcoming appointment is his terminal hazard to remain in the State Alchemist programme. Nina is confident in her dear father’southward abilities, but Shou is unsure and worries that he may lose everything.

The Elric brothers render the side by side mean solar day to go on their studies, but when Nina reveals how solitary she has been since her father became engrossed in his enquiry, the boys remember how their own father had done the same and decide to spend the day playing with her. Meanwhile, Shou struggles desperately to draft a satisfactory assessment report.

Back in Central Metropolis, Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes – who has been placed in charge of the investigation regarding the Scarred Man’s series of murders targeted at State Alchemists – discusses the case with Major Armstrong, who suggests that the killer’southward motive may be to punish State Alchemists for breaking abroad from the alchemist’s code of service to the people in commutation for government licenses and funding. Just then, they receive discussion that a man fitting their quarry’south description was noted to have been seen at the Key Train Station, prompting the Lt. Colonel and the Major to suspect that the killer may have fled the city.

At the Tucker firm, Shou explains to the Elrics that in the days before he achieved his State certification, he was then poor that his wife left him and that he would do anything to keep from returning to such a state. When Nina comforts him, Shou offers to spend the next day playing with his little girl and Nina joyfully accepts. Simply when the boys return the following day, they are surprised to discover the business firm is virtually void of sound. In a back room, they find Shou working on a new creation – a 2nd bubble capable of human voice communication. Tucker shows off by teaching the beast to say “Edward,” but when the fauna calls Ed “big brother” without prompt, Ed is horrified and asks Tucker again how long ago he received his license and how long ago his married woman had left him. When Tucker responds to both queries with “two years ago,” Ed asks a tertiary question – demanding to know where Nina and Alexander have gone. Tucker remarks that Ed catches on quick and Fullmetal attacks him furiously, explaining to Alphonse that the creature before them was created by alchemically fusing Nina and Alexander together, just as Shou’south offset talking chimera was forged from his mysteriously absent-minded wife. When Sewing-Life dejectedly confirms equally much, Edward furiously condemns Tucker for playing around with people’s lives, just Tucker responds by accusing Fullmetal of beingness the same as him – of playing around with his brother’due south life and performing Human Transmutation simply to test his own abilities. Hearing this, Edward flies into a rage and begins beating Tucker savagely with his automail fist, causing Alphonse to restrain his brother physically to go along Sewing-Life from beingness beaten to death. Ed screams in anguish as Alphonse apologizes to Nina, saying that neither he nor his brother has the ability to undo the damage her father did to her, and the boys report the situation to East City HQ.

At headquarters, Edward discusses the situation with Colonel Mustang and acknowledges that, even though – every bit a Land Alchemist – he will likely see a nifty deal more evil and may even exist ordered to commit atrocities of his own as a “man weapon” of the military, he will go along to press forwards on his path until he has achieved his ultimate goal. But, at the same time, Ed cries out that he is just human despite his abilities or his position and that he was unable to salve even one trivial girl. Meanwhile, the scarred human arrives at the Tucker house, while Shou and Nina sit down under house arrest, and declares to Shou that, as an alchemist who has strayed from the path of God, he must die. Placing his correct paw on Tucker’s face, he displays his foreign ability one time more than and destroys Shou’due south body from the inside. Noticing Nina, the stranger apologizes for what has been done to her and repeats the process, asking her to go in peace. Equally the Scarred Homo exits, he asks God to care for the two souls that he has just sent to the afterlife and removes his sunglasses to reveal red eyes.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adjusted from content in Chapter v: The Alchemist’s Suffering.
  • The Transmutation Circles that appear in this episode’s title bill of fare are the array on Alex Louis Armstrong’s gauntlets and a unproblematic circle.
  • While Brigadier General Grand’s death was not depicted in the manga, Arakawa offers that Scar managed to defeat Iron Blood past accosting him while the General staggered abode afterwards a dark of drinking. Apparently, the director of this episode did not run into information technology fit to include that version of events. Arakawa’s version was simply a joke anyway, something she’due south well known for.

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