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The phone is a strange and wondrous thing, when y’all actually stop to remember about it. By pushing a few buttons and belongings a small device to your caput, you can speak to anyone, anywhere in the earth. But not all phone numbers are benign; in fact, some telephone numbers seem haunted, creepy, scary, cursed, or downright frightening.

And if yous actually
phone call
these creepy, scary telephone numbers that really work? Well, some believe that, after listening to whatever strange and disturbing messages that expect for you on the other cease of the line, you lot may end up haunted, cursed… or worse.

I published TGIMM’due south original list of scary phone numbers you can really recall in 2018 every bit role of the site’s Halloween coverage that year. The idea was to offer an unusual idea for something you could do to gloat the season if you’re more of a spooky homebody than a spooky going-out-and-partying kind of person — simply apparently, I underestimated how useful many readers would observe the listing. In the years since, information technology’southward get TGIMM’due south most pop mail by far, fifty-fifty going so far equally to dethrone our
most popular post, the Most Dangerous Games entry on the Lift Game.

Then, knowing all of this — and knowing that we’ve pretty much
get spooky homebodies over the past year — it seemed like a good time to revisit the original list of creepy phone numbers, update it, and add some
creepy phone numbers to it, if possible. We’ll start with the new creepy telephone numbers; then we’ll move onto the old ones, with updated descriptions and information where applicable. (Tip: If you call back the Wrinkles the Clown number, you’ll desire to give that i some other look. There accept been some…
developments since 2018.)

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How daring exercise yous experience today?

It’due south worth considering — especially if yous’re thinking nigh trying any of these telephone numbers out.


i-877-77-CREEP — or, 1-877-772-7337, for easy dialing — is peradventure the least mysterious of this crop of creepy phone numbers, generally because we know exactly who created information technology and why: Information technology belongs to horror-themed apparel and merch company Creepy Co., and they made it just for fun. It apes the format of the many,
horror hotlines that proliferated in the 1980s — the kind where yous could dial a 1-900 number and listen to, say, Freddy Krueger read you a bedtime story.

Unlike the 1-900 numbers of yore, though, Creepy Co.’s hotline is 100 percent free to call; what’s more, it gives you a few options to explore one you do punch in. If you’re the mood to hear a good, old-fashioned urban legend, 1-877-77-Pitter-patter tin assist you out with that. Same goes if you want to hear some spooky music. And if you’re looking for some groan-worthy dad jokes? Permit’south just say yous’ve come to the right place.

The recording I’ve made here goes as far as the bill of fare options you reach correct at the get-go of your call to this creepy phone number. From there? Well, you’ll have to find out what each choice reveals for yourself.

Heed here.

a green rotary telephone


[Note: Equally of April 2022, this number is no longer in service. Notwithstanding, yous tin can still hear what used to play when you chosen it past clicking the link below.]

The area code for the number 646-868-1844 is based in White Plains, New York — but that doesn’t really mean much, because information technology’s a VOIP (meaning its owner could be based anywhere). And while it’s true that the initial message y’all’ll hear upon dialing is weird — it starts with odd, bong-similar tones, leads into garbled, unintelligible words, and then ends with an answerphone tone — the
weird thing about this i doesn’t happen during the telephone call itself. It happens
afterward y’all hang up:
Inside seconds, yous’ll receive a text bulletin containing a jumbled mix of words.

They’re arranged to
similar sentences, just they
sentences — they’re just nonsense. They read things similar, “Surprise steepest recurred landlord Mr. wandered amounted of. Continuing Devonshire but considered its. Rose past oh shew roof is song bang-up,” and “Chapter besides parties its letter no. Cheerful only whatsoever ladyship disposed yet judgement. Lasted answer oppose to ye months no esteem.”

Hither’s what I can tell you almost the texts: They were likely generated using Markov chains or other, similar processes; furthermore, a quick Google search for each chunk of text reveals them both to function more or less similar like lorem ipsum texts — that is, they’re placeholder texts used to test out and demonstrate the visual appearance of a document or typeface in a draft or trial run before the design is finalized.

Furthermore, the text y’all’ll receive might not always be the same from call to call: I showtime dialed the number in March of 2019 and received the “Surprise steepest recurred” bulletin; but when I called information technology several more than times in January of 2021 while working on this slice, I received the “Affiliate likewise parties” one.

But I oasis’t been able to effigy out much beyond that. This creepy phone number remains a mystery — for now, at least.

Listen hither.


If you’re a
Stranger Things
fan, you lot probably recognize the number 618-625-8313: It’due south Murray Bauman’s phone number — that is, it belongs to the Netflix series’ resident conspiracy theorist, played past Brett Gelman. Calling it presents you with Bauman’s answerphone recording, which seems to offer a few hints about what might be in store for us whenever Season Four finally drops.

It isn’t super creepy in and of itself; still, it’southward a fun Easter egg for fans — and, as I noted in an in-depth exploration of the number in 2019, I recall information technology also functioned every bit a trailhead for the larger ARG that emerged from
Stranger Things’
third season. (At that place’south a transcript of the bodily voicemail message you lot hear when yous dial the number within the TGIMM slice on the number itself, and then head on over there to bank check it out.)

 What’due south notable about the Bauman number, I think, is that information technology’s still operational
at present, despite having been put into service in this capacity several years ago. That’south unusual for horror pop culture tie-in numbers: Carrie White’southward phone number, ready in 2012 for the
remake starring Chloe Grace Moretz, hasn’t worked for years — and fifty-fifty the phone number set up for Mike Flanagan’southward 2020 follow-up to
The Haunting of Hill House,
The Haunting of Bly Manor, was just operational for a brief while. (I desperately wanted to include it in this updated list — I
call it when information technology was functional and institute it delightfully spooky — merely alas, I discovered when I was starting to do the early groundwork for this piece at the end of 2020 that it was no longer in service in its promotional capacity.)

In that location’s no guarantee that the
Stranger Things
team will keep it upwards in perpetuity, simply at least nosotros can savour it for the time being. And hey, two-ish years isn’t a bad run, all things considered.

Listen here.


Like another longtime favorite spooky telephone number, this one has a special place in my heart because of its expanse lawmaking: 508 numbers are based in Massachusetts, where I grew up. (Truthful, I haven’t lived there in, uh, close to ii decades at present, but all the same. Old habits dice difficult and all that.) And, like the other Massachusetts-based number, it isn’t at
clear what’south going on when you lot call 508-690-6143.

Initially, there’southward a loud, repetitive honking noise some have likened to a car horn and others a buzzing audio before a minute or ii of clanging takes the stage — like someone is repeatedly great a hard, solid object confronting a tabletop or something. An ear-splitting flare-up of static eventually breaks in; then, lastly, a “We’re sorry, but the number you have dialed is no longer in service” message plays, but not cleanly or easily — information technology’s interspersed with more static and interference. It finishes off with a classic answerphone beep earlier falling silent.

But I have no thought what whatever of it means. I don’t know if it’due south connected to something bigger — an ARG, an abased fine art project or marketing push, a podcast, or something of the similar — or if it’south just a spooky, standalone piece of weirdness. It sure is unsettling, though.

Listen hither.

A smartphone with a broken screen lying in a pile of leaves


Legends surrounding and then-called “doppelganger numbers” — telephone numbers which, when dialed, allow you to converse with your own doppelganger — are popular in Japan; there, it’southward said that calling one, such as 073-499-9999 or 090- 2048-1972, might issue in annihilation from an unsettling experience to a potential expiry curse. Just although these kinds of numbers are
in Nippon, they’re not
to Nihon: Y’all see, 909-390-0003 is a doppelganger number you can phone call within the U.s..

None of these numbers are actually cursed, of class; they’re just test lines — phone numbers which allow you to test the audio quality of your phone through something called an echo test. As I noted in my deep swoop into doppelganger number legends in 2020, there are 2 main kinds of repeat tests: I of them lets you tape a message, so plays it back to you — not unlike how, say, exam calls work on Skype — while the other echoes your voice back to y’all, alive and in real time as you lot speak. The 909 number listed here performs the second kind of echo exam — that is, if you telephone call information technology, yous aren’t speaking with your doppelganger; you’re simply hearing your own voice all over again.

…Or are you?


Yous might know this particular creepy telephone number as “the SCP number”: When you dial it, you hear a voicemail recording informing you that you’ve reached the Southern California, Sectionalization 19 branch of the SCP Foundation and instructing you lot to leave the date, fourth dimension, location, and description of any “incidents” you may have witnessed which yous believe require the system’s intervention. Essentially, it sounds similar a tip line of sorts.

The SCP Foundation is, of grade, the (made-upwards) system at the center of the long-standing collaborative fiction project of the aforementioned proper name. The project saw its beginnings on 4chan manner back in 2007, when the infamous entry now known as SCP-173 was posted to /x/ paranormal board. The first incarnation of the project in the wiki format went live on EditThis in January of 2008; then, in July of that same year, it moved over to Wikidot, where it still lives today. And in the years since, it has grown exponentially, with users all over the earth contributing artifacts, reports, and other stories to the mix, building out an enormously entertaining universe that’s part
Warehouse 13,
and all fun.

The number, which is a VOIP number based in Banning, California in Riverside County, just south of the San Bernardino National Forest, has existed at least since 2015. SCP Foundation user genesplicer has claimed to be its creator several times in the wiki’south forums; according to one post from this user dated 2017, it’s a repurposed Google phonation number.

Some folks who have actually left messages in the number’s voicemail box over the years have said that there’due south a take chances you might receive a call or a text dorsum; I’ve never done this, so I can’t verify it independently (and too, the number has existed for so long that it’s a distinct possibility its creator doesn’t monitor information technology all that closely anymore) — simply if you’re feeling daring, you can ever give it a shot.

Listen hither.


This one is actually a
SCP number, although information technology serves quite a difference purpose than the previous one: It’s the hotline number for Foundation After Midnight Radio, a podcast set up within the globe of the SCP Foundation designed to audio like an in-universe radio evidence. (If you’re a fan of
Welcome To Night Vale,
you’ll probably dig FAM Radio.)

The 512 number actually
used for call-ins from time to time; the podcast’s creator, toadking07 (aka Eric J. Stover), has put out calls on the SCP forums for listeners to dial in and leave messages for inclusion in several holiday episodes, for case. Correct now, though, the podcast seems to be on hiatus — the about contempo episode equally of this writing was uploaded in March of 2020 — so whether or not the line is currently monitored remains to be seen.

You can still call it to hear an entertaining message, though: The voicemail box greets callers by informing them, “Our site is currently experiencing a site-wide lockdown due to a containment breach,” before request them to either stay on the line or leave a message after the tone. “Stay rubber!” it chirps at the end. How… optimistic.

Listen here.

A smartphone sitting on a wooden tabletop


[Note: As of April 2022, I received only a decorated signal when I dialed this number, so information technology may or may not still be in service. You lot tin can still listen to what used to play when you called at the link below.]

The virtually persistent legend associated with the creepy phone number 408-634-2806 is that it’s a then-called “red room number” — that is, if you either phone call information technology or respond a telephone call coming from it, you’ll be tracked down; kidnapped; brought to a “red room”; and tortured, killed, or both during a live broadcast viewable via the deep web.

This isn’t really the example; cerise room numbers are simply an urban legend, admitting 1 that’s used quite effectively in the video game serial
Welcome To The Game. But in that location’s no denying how unsettling the message on the other end of this phone number is: Garbled voices give way to a brief burst of music — the kind that sounds every bit if information technology’s coming from a music box, or perhaps an ice cream truck — before some other voice cuts in, maxim, “All’due south well that ends well.” Some take reported hearing a phonation say the words, “Return again when the dark moon reigns,” besides.

Information technology turns out, though, that the number isn’t anything sinister on its own; it’s a tie-in for the 2011 iOS game
Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP,
adult by Capybara Games. The conclusion of the game presents players with a number, which, when called, gives you lot… that bulletin. Its meaning has never been fully decoded; every bit of 2020, players are withal wondering well-nigh it.

But the game itself is still worth playing — as a 2016 retrospective of
published at The Verge noted, its influence can be widely seen in many a title that came after it, including the 2014 hit
Monument Valley.
Information technology’s now available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac Bone, and Linux; information technology was also ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Listen here.

The Binary Number

[NOTE: If you try this one, make sure you punch it correctly.
A common misdial for this one goes to a real person’s telephone number.If you lot hear anythingother than the message heard in the video here, you lot’ve misdialed. Don’t bug the person, and don’t be rude or obscene. Simply, again, ideally,check to make sure you lot’ve entered the number correctly BEFORE yous hit the “call” button so as to avert that whole state of affairs in the showtime identify.
Also, as of April 2022, I received only a busy signal when I called, so it may or may not still exist in service. You tin can even so listen to what you used to hear when you called it at the link below, though.]

Ah, yep: The biggest mystery of the agglomeration. This creepy phone number (828-756-0109, but again,
cheque earlier y’all punch) is now widely known as “the binary number,” due to the fact that its chief characteristic is a panicked-sounding person spouting a bunch of ones and zeroes which convert to the word “death” in English.

Information technology’southward a Northward Carolina number, for the curious — my phone identifies it every bit existence based out of Marion, which is in McDowell County about 85 miles west and slightly due north of Charlotte — but it’s also a VOIP number gear up upward through Google Voice, so who knows where its owner actually lives.

Alas, zilch new has emerged well-nigh this number in the years since I originally wrote about it. It’s but as mysterious now as it was then — and unless someone steps forrard to reveal who they are and why they set the number up, it will probable remain as such.

Listen hither.


Spoilers for the documentary
Wrinkles The Clown

Since the mid-2010s, a creepy phone number has circulated that purportedly belongs to “Wrinkles The Clown” — “Wrinkles” being a nightmarish clown character dreamed up past a threescore-something retiree who, for the right price, will come to your house and scare your kids into behaving. Video footage of Wrinkles doing only that emerged in 2014; naturally, he went viral shortly subsequently, and by 2015, news coverage in outlets as major as the
Washington Mail service
had followed. Wrinkles kept his identity under wraps in these interviews, but he said he was originally from Rhode Island, had retired in Florida, and thought that maybe his services might be useful to local parents.

Except that, ultimately, it came out that there was more to the story than met the middle. In 2019, the documentary
Wrinkles The Clown
was released — and midway through it, there’south a
reveal: The story of Wrinkles as information technology’due south been told so far is, it seems, entirely imitation. Wrinkles doesn’t exist; nor, in fact, does the man we’ve been told is Wrinkles. Wrinkles is a construct — he was built, piece past piece, by a person who keeps their own identity in the shadows using the anonymity of the cyberspace. Wrinkles is a manufactured legend.

That doesn’t mean the telephone number doesn’t exist, though. Information technology does — and you lot can still phone call it today. Sometimes the mastermind behind the Wrinkles myth answers and speaks to callers in character; more often, though, you’ll reach the number’south voicemail box. “You lot’ve reached Wrinkles The Clown,” a gravelly voice will tell yous. “I’yard non here to take your call. Leave a bulletin and I’ll call you dorsum.” Then the voice will laugh — evilly, of class. He
an evil clown, later all.

Here’s the
interesting thing, though: We don’t really have any way to confirm whether the reveal in the 2019 documentary is, in fact, the truth — just like nosotros didn’t really have whatsoever way to confirm whether what nosotros idea we knew about Wrinkles

the documentary was the truth, besides. The second story might be every bit much of a fiction as we’re told the outset one was.

Nutrient for thought, no?

Listen here.

A phone booth at night


isn’t the only video game to take had a telephone-based tie-in;
Kentucky Route Zero,
a magical realist indicate-and-click adventure game released episodically betwixt 2013 and 2020 has one, too. Chosen Here and There Forth the Echo, information technology’southward one of a number of auxiliary experiences that
Kentucky Route Nil
developers Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy released betwixt episodes — and it is

What you lot become when you dial 207-301-5797 is a phone tree — that is, format-wise, it’s a lot like the 1-877-77-CREEP hotline ready upwards by the Creepy Company. Just it’s an entirely dissimilar experience than 1-877-77-Pitter-patter, claiming instead to be “a guide to the Repeat River for drifters and pilgrims” presented past “the Bureau of Secret Tourism.” As I wrote back in 2018, “Information technology’s weird and surreal, all the same too wonderfully serene — and at that place’s enough to explore equally yous punch your manner through the diverse menus to which it gives you admission.”

What’s more, as a Metafilter user put it in 2016, “You don’t have to know anything well-nigh the game to appreciate the sheer oddity and scope of what there is to listen to on this phone number.” Get head. Explore. I recommend pressing 5 the first time you’re presented with some options, but you do you. Have fun, kids.

Listen here.


[Notation: Equally of April 2022, I received only a busy signal when I dialed this number, and then it may or may not all the same be in service. You tin still listen to what used to play when you called at the link beneath.]

1 more video game tie-in for the books: This one is for the
Hotline Miami
series — and, even better, 786-519-3708 actually
a Miami-based number.

Equally I noted in TGIMM’s original creepy phone number list, the
Hotline Miami
Twitter account began tweeting this phone number in 2012, before even the start game in the series was released. Tweets from the account dated early 2015 besides included the number, along with something new: An extension. Calling the number led players to the message above — something about “we march into the future” and “you accept reached a wrong number,” garbled and set among an unsettling audio background to imply something bigger at play.

And, indeed, it was: Enterprising players fix to work analyzing the number, the message, and the extension, and establish that, together, they revealed the championship and release engagement of the second game in the serial.
Hotline Miami 2: Incorrect Number
subsequently came out on March ten, 2015.

Hotline Miami
programmer Jonatan Söderström is currently at work on a new, secret projection, by the way; wrote Söderström in a Dec. 31, 2020 tweet, which was then retweeted by the
Hotline Miami
account: “It’south new years and I wish I could write about what we’re working on. It is a passion project and then I’m not sure who volition enjoy it. But I’yard certain some people will be horrified and others delighted!” Sounds like my kind of thing, any information technology is!

Mind here.


Remember Boothworld Industries? This is the number paired with the 2013 r/NoSleep story by Christopher Bloodworth that kicked off that whole universe. It still works now; if you call it, you’ll hear a pleasant voice telling you, “You lot have reached Boothworld Industries. Your number has been logged and traced. A service representative will be with you shortly for remodeling. Nosotros at Boothworld Industries say thanks. You have a marvelous solar day.”

You may or may not
receive a call dorsum. Some have; in fact, Bloodworth noted in a 2014 interview with Bubblebeam Magazine, “Sometimes I telephone call back. The reactions are normally fun.” Even if you don’t, though, there’s even so some fun to exist gotten out of leaving a message for Boothworld.

Heed here.

a rotary phone sitting beside a bed in an abandoned bedroom


This ane is the second Boothworld number, although at first heed, the connexion isn’t necessarily clear. A footling digging, though, reveals a ton. Head hither for more.

Mind here.


ote: As of Apr 2022, I received but a busy bespeak when I dialed this number, then it may or may not however be in service. Y’all can still listen to what used to play when you lot chosen at the link below.]

Lastly, nosotros have the creepy phone number I’ve come to think of as “the sobbing man number,” mostly considering if you call 978-435-0163, the bulk of what you’ll hear is a looped message of a homo sobbing. He sounds like he’southward somewhere wet and cavernous; his voice echoes quite a bit, and there are a lot of damp, dripping noises in the groundwork.

He’due south not alone, either. There’s… something else there with him. Something big. Something loud. And something… probably not human.

Alas, like the binary number, this creepy telephone number remains a mystery. I have a soft spot for it that’south like to the i I have for the 508-690-6143 number further up the list; 978, you run into, is
a Massachusetts number. This specific ane is based in Billerica — a boondocks non too far away from where I grew up.

No additional information about this ane has been forthcoming in the years since I first covered it. Just ii things occur to me now: Ane, the soundscape that plays in the message is perhaps not dissimilar from what I would expect to hear from someone who had gotten lost in some kind of underground tunnel system; and 2, Billerica, although possessing of many fine qualities, is, to my mind, synonymous with the defense contractor Raytheon, largely because every time I drove through the town, my route invariably took me past Raytheon’s Billerica offices.

These two things are non necessarily connected to the number; in fact, they’re probably not.

And yet…

…And yet.

Listen here.

Now then.

Do you dare
any of these creepy phone numbers?

It’southward likely that nothing will happen to you lot if you do. Yous’ll just heed to a spooky little voicemail message, hang upwards, and deport on with your day.

But you might however…

What if you

been scheduled for “remodeling?”

What if y’all
reached an evil clown?

What if you
come into contact with something otherworldly?

There’s simply one mode to find out.

Just… don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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