Galaxy Note 10 Plus Developer Mode

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Similar other Android smartphones and tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Note ten serial has a hidden Developer Mode in its Settings application. This is hidden by default, simply it tin can be enabled very easily. Let me walk you through the quick, step-past-step tutorial that will reveal the Developer Options menu then you tin can tinker with hugger-mugger options.

Android is known for beingness incredibly customizable. For most people, information technology offers and so many features and options that many cease upwards feeling overburdened when they effort to dive the options. Others enjoy that level of personalization and customization, and will even take things further (by gaining root access) to open up upwardly even more features.

Today, I want to show you i of these subconscious menu options and it doesn’t fifty-fifty require root access.

This is commonly referred to equally Programmer Way, but the hidden menu option that appears is actually labeled Developer Options. I’ve talked well-nigh this a few times just wanted to dedicate a tutorial to show you how information technology’s done. It’southward piece of cake to do and volition non negatively touch on your user experience in the slightest.

Enabling Developer Way on the Galaxy Note x, Galaxy Note x+, Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will not void your warranty, information technology’s easy to disable, and opens up some unique features to the user.

Time needed:3 minutes.

Enabling Programmer Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Notation x

  1. Open up the Settings application

  2. Scroll downward all the mode and tap on the Nigh Telephone card

  3. At present go into the Software Data section

  4. And then tap the Build Number selection 7-10 times

    Just keep tapping it until you’re told Developer Mode has been enabled.

  5. Lastly, go dorsum to the main menu of the Settings app and you lot’ll meet Programmer Options down at the bottom

Once more, I have talked about this in the past and I have linked to a previous tutorial about this as well. The thing is, OEMs seem to really enjoy irresolute up the Settings carte options. So finding the Build Number section on the Pixel series volition be unlike than finding information technology on the Samsung Galaxy serial.

It doesn’t have to be different, merely OEMs that prefer doing major changes to their ROM tend to move certain options around.

At the stop of the day though, we just need to observe that Build Number pick and tap information technology a whole bunch. I have never gone in and counted the number of times you need to tap it since it’s all-time to just tell someone to keep tapping it until it says “Programmer Mode has been enabled.”

From there, you can either press the Back button a few times, or you can shut the Settings app and so open it support. It doesn’t matter which way you get most information technology here. The terminate goal is to get back to the main bill of fare page of the Settings application. That’s because in one case nosotros have enabled Developer Fashion, the hidden option will be displayed at the very bottom.

It will be labeled Developer Options and going in at that place volition brandish a number of new features available to you.

I’ll endeavour to go over some of the more than of import things which are bachelor via Developer Options in the future. For at present, I just desire to give a piddling warning to be careful nigh what you modify there. Some options are harmless and won’t accept whatsoever major changes to the overall user interface and user feel (UI and UX).

But there are some that make some pretty desperate changes that tin amend or ruin your experience with it. For instance, if you go in and mess with the Bluetooth audio codec options and so that could event in the music you play through Bluetooth headphones being better or worse. Information technology tin can even result in sound not playing at all (if you select an incompatible codec).

Thankfully, nosotros can become in and easily change things dorsum to how they were. But it’south something yous should exist aware of.