Galaxy Note 8 Keeps Turning Off


  • Some Galaxy S8 units reportedly turn on inadvertently throughout the day
  • The result doesn’t appear widespread, though it seemingly affects all iii of Samsung’s flagships
  • Inadvertent screen wake-up normally leads to much faster battery drain

As great as we idea the Milky way S8 was, and all the same is, Samsung‘southward flagship smartphone is not immune from problems. I such result, according to folks on the official Samsung community and Reddit, is that the phone is inadvertently waking up.

Based on data provided by afflicted users, the issue pops upwards when they turn off the screen, either past pressing the power button or letting the phone go to sleep on its own. The screen will then turn on for around ten seconds, then plow right off.

This seems to happen repeatedly throughout the day, which, understandably, will lead to considerable battery drain. Affected users claimed to have reset their devices, rebooted their devices in safe style, and wiped the cache partition in an try to eliminate the outcome, though their efforts were in vain as the issue persisted.

The weird part about all of this is, based on the video higher up, the issue persists while the Galaxy S8 is encased in a flip case.

We accept to analyze that the inadvertent screen wake-upwards doesn’t appear to be widespread. That’southward not to say that more folks might have been afflicted, but but that there doesn’t appear to be a significant number of people reporting the upshot.

As well, in that location doesn’t appear to be a clear reason why the inadvertent screen wake-upwardly is happening. People accept guessed that everything from the charger to the Smart Stay pick beingness enabled has to do with the issue, though no conclusion has been reached.

Samsung acknowledges charging issues with Galaxy Note eight and S8 devices


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Finally, the issue seems to affect the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, with i user maxim their Galaxy Note 8 was besides affected.

Samsung hasn’t issued a statement on the matter, though we encourage those affected to reach out to the company’southward customer service. While you’re at it, you might every bit well run into if your device has charging problems — Samsung best-selling the problems and said it volition supercede devices on a case-by-example basis.