Galaxy Note 8 Leather Flip Case

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It’south tough to non be impressed by the feature-packed Samsung Milky way Note ix. It packs plenty of ability, has a gorgeous curved display, and sports a souped-up S Pen stylus capable of doubling as a remote command. But for all information technology’s tempting features, this phone is still a glass sandwich that runs the real risk of picking upwards scratches or keen if dropped.

Bank check out some of the all-time Galaxy Annotation 9 cases and get yourself some protection. You may want to pair your new case with 1 of the all-time Note 9 screen protectors for consummate coverage.

Our summit picks

We’re still trying out a number of Note nine cases, but the following are two we wholeheartedly recommend.

Caseology Parallax Series Example ($14)

This smart pattern from Caseology looks and feels more expensive than its price tag. The slim inner layer is made from flexible TPU for shock assimilation, while a polycarbonate bumper effectually the frame adds a 2nd layer of protection. The cutouts are large enough to ensure the case doesn’t interfere with whatever of the phone’s functions and the button covers practise their job well — it’s very easy to pull out the Due south Pen from the bottom. The case doesn’t pick upward besides much dirt or lint, and there’s too a slight raised lip at the pinnacle and bottom to protect the screen. The parallax design on the dorsum feels nice to the bear on. This design comes in bluish, blackness, or a contrasting mix of pink and burgundy. Caseology’s Legion and Skyfall cases besides fit the Annotation 9 actually well, though we think the Parallax looks the best.

Incipio DualPro Case ($30)

Dual-layer cases that combine flexible and hard materials are commonplace now, just Incipio designed one of the starting time with its DualPro series and it’s all the same going strong. This case has a daze-absorbing interior wrapped in a tough polycarbonate shell. It will cushion your Note 9 in the event of a fall from upward to 10 feet. It does add some bulk to an already big phone, simply that’due south the price of proper protection. The fabric feels nice to the bear on and there’south a lip around the screen on the meridian and bottom, authentic cutouts, and chunky covers that make the buttons easy to discover and use without looking. Taking the S Pen out of the Notation 9 with this case on isn’t too easy, but yous get the hang of it after a few tries.

And the rest

Noreve Tradition B Leather Instance ($50-plus)

Noreve Tradition B Leather Case

If you like a smart and protective wallet for your phone, then Noreve should be your showtime port of call. These leather wallet cases are fully customizable, so you can choose the colour and grain, as well as optional extras like a belt clip or a personalized painting. The Tradition B has a couple of slots for credit cards or ID, a larger pocket in the inside of the cover, and at that place’south a stud closure to go on it closed. Your Note 9 sits snugly in a TPU shell, protected from every angle. The take hold of is that they’re not cheap. Go with plain constructed leather and prices start at $fifty, but with real leather and a manus-painted terminate, the price is closer to $200.

UAG Plyo Case ($40)

UAG Plyo Case

Cases from Urban Armor Gear can be a bit busy and industrial-looking, simply the Plyo scales things back to the essentials. This translucent example, which is also offered with a crimson tint, has reinforced corners to baby-sit against driblet harm and textured sides to enhance your grip. Testing involved drops from four anxiety (typical holding elevation) 26 times, then y’all can be confident your Note 9 is safety. The chunky button covers are easy to find and use without looking. This is the thinnest case UAG offers, and then in that location are no worries almost Samsung Pay or wireless charging working. It does as well have a slight lip acme and bottom to assist protect the screen.

Carved Traveler Wood Case ($24 plus)

Carved Traveler Wood Case

Working out of Indiana, the skilled case makers at Carved offer some of the best-looking cases on the market. The shell itself is a simple, slim, blackness, plastic shell with a fleck of flexibility and textured sides that help prevent it from slipping out of your hand. What makes these cases special is the wooden inlays in the dorsum. Plain wood starts at $24, or you tin can opt for painted designs from around $40. There are likewise some options that stir shell into the mix for $55. They but offer basic protection from minor bumps and falls, but each 1 is unique, and they look great.

Ringke Air Case ($ix)

Ringke Air Case

Mayhap you just want to continue things simple and cheap. This translucent Ringke case comes in articulate, blueish, or black varieties and offers a thin layer of protective TPU. The button covers are well-defined, the cutouts are big plenty, and there’s a lanyard hole in the bottom corner so you lot can attach a strap. The dot pattern prevents marks from showing up. Information technology’s slim, then drop protection will exist limited, only at that place is a raised bezel to continue your screen from touching down.

Speck Presidio Grip Example ($45)

Speck Presidio Grip Case

One of our favorite example serial, the Presidio Grip is as well a dual layer instance with flexible textile surrounded by a polycarbonate beat that safeguards your Note nine from drops of upwards to 10 anxiety. Information technology likewise has chunky push covers, authentic openings, and a raised lip to protect the screen, merely what sets it apart is the ridged pattern that adds a flourish of manner and serves a practical purpose in enhancing grip.

Moment Photo Example ($24)

Moment Photo Case

This slim case comes with a back panel in black canvas or walnut wood. It offers basic protection from bumps and modest drops, just the existent allure is the power to add together Moment’due south lenses for enhanced photography, which can be securely attached to the case. Yous tin pick up a broad lens for $100, a superfish lens for $ninety, and lots more than. You can likewise fit a filter mount for $xl and buy an array of filters to go the precise look you want. If you lot want more from the Notation 9’s excellent camera, then yous need to bank check out Moment’s wares.

Otterbox Symmetry Serial Case ($55)

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case

Offering excellent drop protection Otterbox’s cases are fashioned from a combination of flexible safe and hard polycarbonate. The Symmetry Series isn’t quite as protective as the Defender, but it’s also less bulky and restrictive. You can get the usual combination of complementary colors, but there’s also an center-catching triangle design for people who want something less muted. The button covers, generous cutouts, and raised lip to safeguard the screen are all spot on.

Skech Polo Book Instance ($45)

Skech Polo Book Case

If you’re a fan of folio-mode wallet cases, then this ane from Skech may interest yous. Evidently black styling gives it a business feel and the synthetic covering is durable with cutouts for the camera and fingerprint sensor on the dorsum. Open it up and you’ll observe three slots for cards, with the front one windowed for an ID, and a money pocket backside. Best of all the minimal hard shell that holds your Note nine in identify is detachable for when you desire to travel light.

Tech21 Evo Check Case ($45)

Tech21 Evo Check Case

This slim, transparent, bank check-patterned example comes tinted in orchid pink, ultra violet purple, or smokey black and the ridged bumper section provides impressive drop protection for falls of upward to 10 feet. It allows like shooting fish in a barrel admission to everything and has the usual raised beveled border at the front to safeguard the screen. This case is also easy to grip, and then you’re less likely to driblet your Note 9 in the offset place.

Snakehive Vintage Wallet Instance ($xxx)

Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case

If you lot’re after a good-looking, real leather case, then you could exercise a lot worse than Snakehive. Crafted from full grain cowhide nubuck leather, these wallets cases come up in a range of interesting colors from burnt orange to navy. You’ll find three bill of fare slots in the cover alongside a larger money pocket and there’southward a magnetic clasp to keep the cover deeply airtight. A basic plastic shell holds your Notation 9 in identify, only there are cutouts for the ports and camera.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case ($20)

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

You lot may want to avoid covering up Samsung’s stylish design, in which instance this simple, flexible, transparent TPU case could fit the beak nicely. You’ve got the full range of cutouts required, slim push button covers, and air cushions in the corners to assist deflect drop damage. Don’t expect rugged protection, but this instance should be enough to ward off scrapes and protect your Notation ix from minor drops.

Samsung Protective Case ($38.l)

Samsung Protective Case

The textured back of this official case from Samsung reminds us of strengthened luggage, but it also enhances grip considerably. It has well-defined button covers, accurate openings for everything from the camera to the S Pen, and it comes in blackness or grey. The headline feature is the kickstand on the back which bears the Samsung logo – perfect for propping your Note 9 in landscape and enjoying a motion-picture show on that impressive 6.4-inch brandish.

LifeProof Next Case ($80)

LifeProof Next Case

Will your Notation 9 be accompanying you on adventures into the great outdoors? This could be a good instance for you if you want protection confronting dust, clay, and snow. It forms a tight seal with your Note 9 shielding your ports, buttons, microphone, and speakers and preventing anything unwanted from gaining access. The thick bumper section also provides protection from falls of up to 6.6 feet. It is quite beefy, but the transparent back allows Samsung’s design to polish through and the bumper section comes in black or rose.

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