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Don’t go over the edge without 1 of these xv Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cases

Samsung’s latest super-sized smartphone is a real supermodel, and it refuses to be overshadowed by the Galaxy Note v, which launched alongside it. The Edge Plus boasts a five.vii-inch screen that curves abroad at the edges, just similar its diminutive sis device, the S6 Edge. Information technology looks fantastic and its functional too. However, it’southward not the most comfortable phone in the world to handle, and worse, if you do drop information technology, that screen volition cost $200 to replace. Yous could save yourself a lot of coin by picking up a case. Here are the all-time Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cases available right now.

Updated on ten-16-2015 by Simon Colina: Added cases by Pelican, Olixar, Tech 21, Ballistic, and Seidio.

Pelican ProGear Protector Instance ($50)

With a long history producing protective cases for all sorts of devices, you can rely on Pelican to provide decent drop protection. The aptly titled Protector snaps together and features a lip around the screen to prevent it from coming into contact with the ground. It houses a shock absorbent rubber interior that cradles the S6 Edge Plus, and it meets military standards for drop tests. The button covers are also well marked and easy to printing, while the cut-outs reside precisely where they should exist. This case isn’t too bulky, either, and information technology tapers at the sides so you can nevertheless take advantage of the Edge functions. Pelican also offers a lifetime guarantee.

Olixar FlexiShield Instance ($9.50)

Olixar FlexiShield Case

This is but about the nearly minimalist case you could possibly promise to get for the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It’s completely translucent and made of a flexible gel cloth, the latter of which hands fits the Border Plus. The case also leaves the Edge’south display uncovered, touts precise opening, and features subtle push covers that are easy to press. There’s a small Olixar logo at the lesser of the back, but other than that, there’s nothing to distract from the blueprint of the S6 Border Plus. The slight bezel on the front should help safeguard the screen, only this is no rugged case considering how thin it is, so we wouldn’t await solid drop protection.

Tech 21 Evo Frame Case ($40)

Tech 21 Evo Frame Case

It used to be that Tech21’due south special cloth, which is designed to dissipate the stupor of any impact, added a tinge of orange to every case. Thankfully, that’s no longer truthful. The Evo Frame comes in a translucent smokey black, or you can opt for a clear version. It’s a pretty minimal design that allows the S6 Edge Plus to shine through, merely it doesn’t skip on drop protection because it can handle drops up to 6.half-dozen feet in height without dissentious your phone. The cut-outs are generous besides, and the design leaves the Border Plus’ display uncovered. The sides are super slim, but in that location’s reinforcement at the corners where you really need information technology, along with button covers that work as intended.

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case ($35)

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case

Here’s a rugged case to protect your S6 Edge Plus if it should ever take a tumble. The well-named Ballistic Tough Jacket features reinforced corners designed to provide protection from falls of up to 6 anxiety in acme. The protective corners and frame as well extend to the front and back of the example, so the trunk and display of your telephone will never come up into contact with the ground. The button covers are easy to discover without looking, and there are accurate cutting-outs for your telephone’south camera and ports. Information technology even has a perforated design on the back, though information technology is a niggling bit bulky and simply comes in black.

Seidio Dilex Pro Case ($30)

Seidio Dilex Pro Case

With a archetype blend of flexible, black TPU inside to absorb shock and tough polycarbonate on the outside, this Seidio case offers solid drib protection. The button covers are also adequately pronounced the openings are accurate, only it’s pretty bulky, so some cables might not fit properly. On the upside, you exercise also become a metal kickstand on the back, which neatly tucks away and doesn’t pop out uninvited thank you to the magnetic design. If you specifically want a case with a kickstand for propping your S6 Border Plus in mural view, then this is probably the all-time one out at that place.

Incipio NGP Case ($xx)

Incipio NGP Case

Here’s a nice, slim case that will offer basic protection from the vagaries of everyday life. The NGP is flexible, then it’due south really like shooting fish in a barrel to fit, will blot any nasty shocks, and guard against scratches. The malleable material is translucent, so you can run into the Samsung logo and design shining through. The cut-outs are accurate, and won’t interfere with the camera performance or any ports. The button covers are easy to find and press. You can get this case in blackness, white, pinkish, or blue.

Instance-Mate Wallet Folio Case ($35)

Case-Mate Wallet Folio Case

If yous want a loftier quality, genuine leather case, then bank check out Instance-Mate’s Wallet Folio Case. The black leather outside is traced with neat stitching and there’s a camera opening on the back. Open up the page and your S6 Edge Plus sits in a Barely There crush, one of Instance-Mate’s minimalist, polycarbonate cases. On the opposite side, the embrace has three credit bill of fare slots, an ID slot with a window, and a big cash pocket at the dorsum. A magnetic closure means the case stays shut.

Speck CandyShell Case ($40)

Speck CandyShell Case

The CandyShell is a two layer case with a malleable inner liner and button covers, surrounded by a tough shiny shell. Drop protection is its key selling betoken, and this case hits the military drop test standard 801G. A raised lip prevents the screen from touching the ground should your S6 Edge Plus state confront down. The cut-outs are well-placed, so camera operation, audio quality, and port access aren’t hampered by it. Speck offers this instance in a multifariousness of different color combinations.


Spigen Slim Armor Case

Y’all get a decent level of protection in a slim form with this case from Spigen. The inner shell is TPU with a raised bezel on the front to protect the screen, and push covers that are flush with the outer polycarbonate layer that slots on meridian. The instance’due south inner section is black and the outer shell is offered in contrasting gun metal, golden, or metallic slate. There’s too a 2-tone violet pick. Y’all’ll observe a small silver kickstand on the back, which is handy for propping it in landscape view.

Otterbox Symmetry Serial Case ($50)

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case

You’ll savour a good level of protection with this example, but without calculation too much bulk. The Symmetry serial is a i-piece case with a classic blend of daze absorbent rubber on the inside and tough polycarbonate on the outside. At that place’south a bezel at the front to protect the screen, just the frame falls away at the sides to give y’all unobstructed admission to the edges of the display. The button covers work well, the openings are precise, and all the features of the S6 Edge Plus work just fine with the case on. You can opt for plain black or a range of contrasting colour combos.

Obliq Naked Shield Case ($12)

Obliq Naked Shield Case

This is an unobtrusive case that combines a clear back console made from strong polycarbonate, with a flexible TPU bumper featuring built-in button covers. You tin get the bumper role in clear or opt for black, orangish, blue, or green. There’s also a metallic kickstand bearing the Obliq logo, that’s held in identify with a magnet when you lot don’t need information technology. The openings are generous, so there’due south nothing to go far the way of the sensors, camera, or ports. It’s non a rugged case, then don’t expect major drop protection, and the clear back is liable to pick up scratches, only it’southward a good deal for the money.

Urban Armor Gear Ash Instance ($forty)

Urban Armor Gear Ash Case

A tried and tested duo of soft bear on resistant core and hard outer shell volition keep your S6 Border Plus safe from harm. This case meets military drib exam standard 810G. Information technology besides features skid pads, and so it won’t skid off surfaces, and large tactile push button covers that are easy to detect and utilize. The cut-outs offer full access to the camera, sensors, and ports. There’southward a lip on the forepart to keep the screen off the ground, just you don’t become a screen protector with this instance, as y’all do with some others in the UAG line-up. In addition to this smoky version you can get the same design with a completely clear body or in red.

Trident Krios Prism Gel Case ($15)

Trident Krios Prism Gel Case

Known for heavy-duty protective cases, Trident is a adept brand, but it does also occasionally offer something more minimalist. This simple TPU case for the S6 Edge Plus is flexible, completely transparent, and comfortable to hold. It adds grip for the manus or surfaces, and a thin layer of drib protection, without impacting much on the stylish look of the S6 Border Plus. Information technology’southward a lightweight case for people seeking something elementary.

Verus Damda Instance ($17)

Verus Damda Case

The allure of this instance is the hole-and-corner panel on the back which opens up to reveal a compartment large enough for a couple of credit cards. The structure is a typical blend of TPU on the within, with polycarbonate on the outside. The black TPU portion includes a raised bezel tiptop and bottom to protect the screen and push covers on the spines. The polycarbonate console with sliding door comes in red, yellow, silver, or gold. It’southward not the classiest look effectually, simply it’s a functional case at a reasonable price.

Rearth Ringke Fusion Case ($11)

Rearth Ringke Fusion Case

You tin can’t really become incorrect at this cost if y’all only desire a clear example for protection from low-cal damage and scratches. This case has a polycarbonate dorsum panel and a TPU bumper. The bumper features good button covers and port covers to proceed dust and debris out. There’s a proficient sized opening for the camera. Yous can fit a strap at the bottom corner, if yous’re so inclined. It’s a slim case, and then drop protection volition be limited.

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