Galaxy Watch Not Tracking Heart Rate

Many people similar to apply the centre charge per unit feature on their Samsung Galaxy picket during workouts or fifty-fifty to monitor heart rate throughout the day and night, simply many users observe that their spotter is not recording as expected.

Many Samsung watch users find that exercises such equally running and walking tape heart rate, merely biking, lawn tennis, and weight lifting activities exercise non tape heart rate. Cycling workouts appear to be the virtually affected by this consequence.

Here are eight fixes to help you lot tape your center rate with the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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Cheque these three things first!

If your heart charge per unit monitor isn’t working on your scout, await at these 3 things earlier y’all troubleshoot!

  1. Tighten the watch strap
    effectually your wrist. It should be snug and ideally sit above your wrist bone.
  2. Brand sure the back of
    the sensor is clean and completely touches your skin.
  3. For a transmission measurement, go along notwithstanding. Moving can cause the sensor to be inaccurate.

Try these 8 tips to get your Samsung Galaxy Picket to record your eye rate

Bank check that Samsung Health or Google Fit automatically measures your heart rate

Since your lookout gives yous options on how it measures your middle charge per unit, permit’s make sure it’s fix to auto-measure rather than off or set up to measure information technology manually.

  1. On your watch, open the
    Samsung Health app.
  2. Ringlet all the way down and tap
    Samsung Health app Settings on Galaxy Watch
  3. Choose
    HR and stress measurement
    Center rate.
    Samsung Health app on watch settings for heart rate
  4. Select
    Measure continuously
    (preferred selection) or
    Every ten minutes.
    Do non choose Manual only or Manual measurement.
    Measure heart rate on Samsung Health app on Samsung Galaxy Watch

When you manually mensurate, the watch only measures your heart rate when you intentionally choose to–so it won’t regularly measure throughout the day or when you conditioning.

The process is a fiddling different if you employ Google Fit to track your workouts and health

While Google Fit can track your heart rate, in that location is a downside in that it tin merely measure your HR manually. Currently, there is no option to follow your heart charge per unit continuously and automatically using Google Fit.

  1. Open one of the
    Google Fit apps
    on your sentinel. Only Article of clothing Bone 3 watches similar the Galaxy iv watch allow y’all to install and use Google Fit on your sentinel.
  2. Curl downwardly and tap
    Settings for Google Fit app
  3. Whorl down and tap
    body sensors.
    Use body sensors for Google fit on Samsung watch
  4. Toggle it on so Google Fit tin rails your eye charge per unit using the watch’s Hour sensor.
    Allow Google Fit to use watch body sensors to track heart rate
  5. Return to the previous menu and tap
    Track physical action
    and toggle this on.
  6. We also recommend tapping Employ location to allow Google Fit to track your location to get the most accurate fitness measurements.

Restart it!

This tip may seem similar a “duh” one, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t try the simple fox of powering their lookout off and so back on.

power off feature on Samsung Galaxy Watch

You can restart past powering your lookout off, waiting a few seconds, and then powering it back on.

  1. Printing and agree your watch’s
    Domicile button
    until you see the option to Power off or Turn off.
  2. Tap Power off or Turn off and wait for your watch to completely turn off.
  3. Once off, await five-10 seconds, then press and hold the Dwelling button again until the screen lights upward with the Samsung logo and your watch begins to boot up.

Sometimes, powering your lookout man off and on doesn’t do the job. In this case, effort a forced reboot.

  1. Press and agree the
    Home/power button and Back button
    for effectually eight seconds.
  2. Wait for the watch to testify that it’southward “Rebooting…” then let become of the buttons.
    Samsung Galaxy Watch force reboot with power and back buttons

Afterwards you lot successfully restart your lookout (by either method,) test your sentry’s heart charge per unit sensor to see if it’s working.

To test information technology, let’s apply the Samsung Health app.

  1. Place your watch on 1 of your wrists and ensure it’s snug and positioned
    to a higher place the wrist bone.
  2. Open
    Samsung Health
    on your watch.
  3. Scroll down and tap the
    heart icon.
    heart rate in Samsung Health on watch
  4. If needed, tap the
    Measure button. If you don’t see this button, your watch automatically measures your heart charge per unit in the groundwork.Samsung Health app on watch Measure heart rate button
  5. Wait for your sentinel to measure your current middle rate.
    heart rate measurement on watch using Samsung Health app

You can too exam your Vesture Bone 3 watch using Google Fit!

Bank check your watch’s fit

If yous like to wear your watch a little loose, the sensors on the back may non be able to measure out your heart charge per unit correctly. Snuggly wearable your lookout slightly above the wrist bone to get consistent measurements.
Samsung watch placement above the wrist bone

Sometimes, all you lot need to do is push button the watchband further up your arm towards your elbow to get a solid heart charge per unit reading!

You can likewise try wearing your lookout on the
inside of your arm
instead of the outside, so its screen faces inwards, towards your body.
Place your watch so it's facing the inside of your arm and wrist

Make clean the watch and sensors

Sweat, moisture, skin oils, or other buildups of grease and grime on the back of your watch can cause inaccurate heart rate measurements. So it’s always a good thought to clean your watch with detail attention to the sensors on the back.

If yous practice hard and sweat a lot, it’south good practise to clean your watch strap and sensors subsequently your conditioning.

We recommend using only a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water to clean your watch.
Samsung watch clean with a microfiber cloth

Withal, if it’s very dirty, oily, or has something stuck on it, you can use a soft brush, similar a soft toothbrush or an interdental brush.

If needed, it’south also okay to use a piffling eyeglass cleaner or a few drops of isopropyl booze–just brand certain you place the cleaner onto the material and non directly at the watch.

  • Before yous get-go cleaning, identify your lookout into water lock mode. To practice this, tap the h2o droplet icon in your sentry’south quick settings.
    Galaxy 4 watch water lock mode in quick panel settings
  • Rinse your watch in lukewarm h2o, not hot water, or use a clammy microfiber cloth to make clean information technology.
  • Make sure you lot clean the front, back, and sides of your spotter and the band. And if your watch includes a rotating bezel, rinse your watch while rotating its bezel to remove any particles that might exist stuck there.
  • One time done, use a dry lint-free cloth to dry out your watch thoroughly.
  • Turn off the water lock to eject whatever water that might nonetheless exist in the speaker.

You practise not want to use whatsoever soaps or other chemical cleaners like Windex or paw sanitizer to clean your lookout man–these deteriorate your spotter’s anti-glare blanket and rubber components over fourth dimension.

Some bands, similar the silicon bands, accept more than cleaning options like using soap or alcohol–just make sure y’all employ these products on the ring only, non the spotter itself.

Bank check for software updates
Samsung watch software update

Subsequently rebooting your watch, check for software updates for your watch and the Milky way Habiliment app. Also, check if there is an operating arrangement update for your telephone.

To update your watch, use the Wearable app on your phone. For iPhone, open the Galaxy Watch app.

  1. In the Wearable app, tap
    Sentinel Settings
  2. We recommend you backup outset by tapping
    Business relationship and backup, and so tap
    Back upwards data.
  3. Curl down to the bottom of Watch settings and tap
    Sentry Software Update.
    watch software update in galaxy Wearable app
  4. If your spotter has aHome tab, tapVirtually lookout man,
    Watch software update,orRing software update.
  5. If an update is available, tap to
    download and install
    to become the latest version available.

For some models, you can also update your watch using the lookout man’southward
Settings app
and choosing
Software update
(or General > Watch software update.)
Samsung Galaxy watch update on watch using Settings app

Disable Elliptical trainer and Rowing machine detection

When the pedometer and/or heart rate sensor isn’t working correctly, you lot tin can try this workaround until Samsung releases its next software update.

The temporary fix we recommend is to turn off the elliptical and rowing machine auto-detection setting.

Plow off auto-detection for elliptical and rowing

  1. ON your scout, open the
    Samsung Wellness
  2. Cull
  3. Select
    Workout Detection,
    Auto detect workouts, or
    Activities to detect.
    auto detect workout settings for Samsung Health on watch
  4. Tap and plow off
    Alerts for Workout detection.
    Samsung Health app on watch turn off auto detect workouts

    1. Or, if your watch offers these settings, turn off
      elliptical and rowing workouts
      and exit others on.
      Samsung Health app on watch turn off rowing and elliptical workout alerts

Annotation for the Galaxy Fit watches. Y’all need to use the Milky way Wearable app on your paired phone. Then, tap Health settings and tap Workout detection.

Check that the centre charge per unit sensor is working

Although uncommon, there are times when your lookout’s eye rate sensor stops working altogether. If y’all suspect this is the case, Samsung offers a way to test your eye rate sensor and discover out if information technology’s working or not.

  1. Wear your watch on your wrist.
  2. On your scout, open the
    Telephone app.
  3. Choose the choice to enter numbers.
  4. Type in
    to initiate your watch’southward test mode menu.
    Samsung watch test the sensors using Phone app
  5. In the Testmode menu, scroll downwardly, and if available, tap
    (middle charge per unit monitor.) If you don’t see HRM, tap
    test mode menu on Samsung watch using Phone app
  6. From the options, choose HRM or scroll downward to
    HRM Sensor
    and tap the
    Commencement button.
    HRM sensor test on Samsung watch
  7. Wait for the sensor to read and prove your heart rate in BPM (beats per minute)–this may accept anywhere from a few seconds to over xx seconds.
    HRM sensor test results on Samsung watch
  8. If your eye rate sensor works, you see a number for your centre charge per unit value
    (look at HR[Bpm])
    in beats per infinitesimal. If the sensor is not working, it shows you aught BPM.
  9. To return to your clock face, double-printing the dorsum button or swipe on the screen from left to correct to get back to your previous screens. If this doesn’t piece of work, restart your watch by pressing and property both buttons until you see the message that your watch is rebooting on the screen.

If your sensor test revealed that the heart rate monitor is not working and you received a BPM value of zippo, and there is no rating, measurement, or change happening in any of the listed heart rate settings, the sensor might be faulty.

First, check that the back of your watch is clean and that nothing is blocking the sensor’s contact with your skin. If needed, conform the lookout man’s position on your wrist, and so information technology’s snug and making good contact with your skin.

Besides, verify you updated your scout’s software to the latest version. If no update is bachelor and that sentinel’due south back is making expert contact with your peel, it’southward time to contact Samsung Support–there may be a hardware malfunction creating this problem.

Unpair and re-pair your picket to your telephone

When you unpair and re-pair a Samsung watch to your phone, you temporarily disconnect them. It is not a permanent state, and you lot do not lose any of your personalized settings, preferences, or data on the watch.

While several means to unpair your watch from your phone, such equally turning off Bluetooth, nosotros recommend unpairing it using the Galaxy Vesture app.

  1. Open the
    Article of clothing
    app on your phone.
  2. At the acme, merely under the watch’s name, locate and tap the
    More button
    (3 horizontal lines or bars.)
    More button in Samsung Galaxy Wearable app
  3. Your watch should bear witness it’southward
    Connected. Next to that, tap the link icon one time to disconnect it.
    disconnect a samsung watch from the Wearable app
  4. Look for the Wearable app to disconnect the watch from the app. You lot should now encounter a
    cleaved link icon.
    Wearable app watch disconnected
  5. Return to the chief screen on the Wearable app. You should also see a message: “your spotter isn’t continued to your telephone.”
    Your watch isn't connected to your phone in Wearable app
  6. Tap the
    Connect push button
    to reconnect your lookout to your phone.
  7. Look for your watch to reconnect. Once connected, Tap the
    More button
    (three bars) and confirm it shows its status every bit

You tin likewise ostend your Samsung watch re-paired to your phone by opening your phone’s
Settings > Bluetooth
and verifying that your watch is listed under
Connected connected to Android phone in Bluetooth settings

Factory reset your watch

Okay, if nothing helped, ii options are remaining. One is to contact Samsung’s Back up team and encounter if they can assist y’all. Or y’all could endeavor returning your watch back to its factory default settings.

The advantage of factory resetting is that you start fresh. When y’all manufactory reset, you delete all of your data from the watch and restore information technology to its default settings. So if a personal preference or setting acquired problem, a factory reset removes all these settings.

Yous tin reset your Samsung Milky way Picket using the Settings or Reboot mode on the sentinel, or you tin use the Milky way Wear app on your paired phone.

If your watch is a cellular model with an active service plan, you might need to contact your service provider to reactivate your watch’s cellular service after a factory reset.

Before you reset your lookout man, we recommend you back up all your lookout man’southward data

  1. To backup your information, open up the
    Vesture app > Watch settings > Account and backup
    and tap
    Dorsum upwardly data.
  2. Select all the data y’all wish to fill-in or choose to Select all and then press
    Back up.
    Samsung Wearable app backup data from watch
  3. If needed, sign in to your Samsung business relationship.
  4. Wait for the Habiliment app to backup all your lookout man’s data. You meet a checkmark next to each data category that’s backed upwardly.
    Wearable app confirmation it backed up watch data
  5. Press
    when all the backups terminate.

Manufacturing plant reset your watch using the Galaxy Article of clothing app

  1. Open the
    Wearable app
    and cull
    Spotter settings
    (not all models evidence Spotter settings.)
  2. Select
  3. Scroll down and tap
  4. Tap the big
    Reset button
    to ostend you lot desire to factory reset your picket.
    Wearable app reset watch back to factory standards

Manufacturing plant reset your scout direct on the watch

  1. On the lookout, open up the
  2. Scroll down and choose
    Full general.
  3. Swipe down and tap
  4. If yous forgot to backup your watch data, tap
    Back up data. If you lot already did this step, scroll downwardly and tap
    Samsung Galaxy Watch reset to factory using Settings app
  5. Tap the checkmark to confirm you wish to reset your lookout man and follow any remaining on-screen instructions.

The lookout man offers an additional option to reset your spotter using the Reboot mode. However, we recommend only doing this method if y’all cannot access the Reset card in the Settings app.

Manufacturing plant reset your scout using Samsung’due south Reboot mode

  1. Turn off your scout by pressing and holding theHome andBack buttons at the aforementioned time until the word “Rebooting” displays at the bottom of the watch’s screen.
  2. Immediately press theHome button multiple times until you see the Reboot Mode bill of fare on your watch.
  3. Y’all want to select
    Recovery. To move between items on the screen, press the Home button.
    Samsung Watch reboot mode menu with recovery selected

    1. If y’all don’t select anything, you lookout man restarts after several seconds.
  4. One time you select Recovery, press and hold the Home button to initiate the recovery process on Tizen models. On Wear Os 3 models, yous encounter an additional menu.
    1. For Wear Bone 3 models that show this other menu, scroll down, selectWipe data/factory reset, and then swipe right.
    2. Swipe down to selectFactory data reset, so swipe correct to perform the reset.
    3. When the reset finishes, y’all’ll need to select the option to reboot the scout.

Final thoughts

I promise this article helped you fix your centre charge per unit recording issues with your Galaxy watch. If you have more questions or anything to add, please let u.s.a. and everyone know well-nigh it in the comments section below!