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Age of Empires is one of the best real-time strategy greats. Alongside Full War, Sid Meier’s Civilization, and StarCraft, it’s one of the few RTS games that has lasted through the 90s and beyond. It has a long legacy, and for skillful reason, as it’s a damn good videogame series.

It was really first posited as Civilization meets Warcraft, taking the evolution of technology and historical generations while too having more detailed combat. A lot of people honey that combination, but it’due south sadly not available on a portable organisation. So, what
games like Age of Empires
are in that location that you can play on the bus?

At that place’due south quite a few, actually, so read on to discover some recommendations. If you’re afterwards something more than fantastical, we’ve got guides to the best games similar the Witcher three, games similar Skyrim, or games like Pokémon that you can accept on the go. If you’d rather have some Nintendo-style magic, cheque out our list of the all-time games like Zelda on Switch. Hopefully, some of these tickle your fancy.

Anyway, allow’s become into the best games like Historic period of Empires, and meet if we can’t discover you a new personal favourite.

The all-time games like Age of Empires Available on the get

Forge of Empires –  Mobile

You can tell this game is gonna be similar Age of Empires – fifty-fifty the name is like. Still, while AoE was undoubtedly an influence on Innogames when they created Forge of Empires, it however manages to stand up proud as its ain unique gaming feel. As a gratis-to-play game, information technology’s particularly impressive. Every bit you build your ain culture, you become to watch it growing and evolving through the unlike stages of real world history, starting back in the Stone Age, and growing all the way through to the distant hereafter.

Play Forge of Empires for free.

Northguard – Switch

If you’re a fan of Norse mythology and strategy games, Northguard is the game for you. Your chore is to settle a seemingly untouched island. There’s merchandise, conquest, and organized religion, as well every bit wolves and undead warriors that threaten your faction. It runs at quite a slow footstep, just in a very good way. It’south the perfect companion when you’re out and about.

A screenshot from Islanders, showing a large island with some houses and a port.

Islanders – Switch

Even more laid back than the previous game, Islanders is a procedurally generated city-architect. It has a uncomplicated, winsome aesthetic, lovely, chill music, and a more than casual style of gameplay in comparing to some of the other games on this listing. It’s a uncomplicated game, just wonderfully and then.

A screenshot from For the King, showing characters in a battle in the forest.

For the Male monarch – Switch

For the King can appear to be a bit of a Frankenstein’due south monster of different mechanics and genres. In fact, I think of it more as a banquet that has lots of dissimilar stuff that you’ve accidentally blended together, but then suddenly are surprised by how good it tastes. What I mean is, the game has elements of strategy, but also plough-based combat and RPG elements, all while kinda existence a roguelike. And it’southward bully!

A screenshot from Bad North, showing an island being invaded by vikings.

Bad Due north – Switch and mobile

Another RTS for whatsoever Viking fans out at that place, Bad North skews slightly harder than your usual strategy game. While you need to defend from incoming attackers, y’all likewise accept to go on in mind that the game has permadeath. Then, y’all can spend a lot of time investing in a character, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. Information technology’due south harsh but addictive.

A screenshot from Civilization VI, showing giant soldiers on a zoomed out overworked map.

Civilization 6 – Switch and mobile

One of the all-time classics of the genre, Civilisation VI is the most recent title in the legendary series. You have to build up a country over four,000 years or so, through many different historical eras, all the way to the time to come and beyond. It’s exceptional, addictive, and has stellar DLC. I’ve managed to put more than than 1,000 hours into the game, and I’m notwithstanding not expressionless, and then information technology’south got to be doing something right. If you stop upwards liking it, why non check out the best games similar Civilization to find something similar?

A screenshot from Kingdom Two Crowns, showing a person on a horse, a lake, and the moon.

Kingdom: Two Crowns – Switch and mobile

Kingdom: 2 Crowns is one of my favourite indie games. Information technology’due south simply tangentially similar to Age of Empires. It has all the strategy, merely information technology’s a side-scroller likewise. Y’all take to spend your days finding supplies to build up your base, and the evenings defending the base from nasty creatures. It has an excellent game loop, and you can play it with a friend. Definitely worth a look.

A screenshot from 80 Days, showing two characters having a conversation.

80 Days – Switch and mobile

Even more different to Age of Empires is lxxx Days, but I’m pretty sure any fan of the series should relish this. Information technology’southward basically a playable novel based on the original Jules Verne classic, except it’south twisted into a steampunk aesthetic. Information technology’s a g hazard with light strategy elements, but the most important thing is it is the all-time writing I’ve ever experienced in a videogame.

A screenshot from Rome Total War, showing mounted soldiers laying siege to a fort.

Rome: Total War – mobile

Hopefully, if you’re a fan of Age of Empires, you’re also a fan of the Full War series. But mayhap you didn’t know you lot could get it on mobile? Currently, just Rome: Total War is bachelor, but that’south not the end of the world every bit it is arguably the most well-known entry in the series. If yous’re looking for a more recent bit of history to war through, don’t worry, as Medieval II: Total War is coming to mobile besides.

That’s all the games like Age of Empires that I tin call back of. If you’re after a change of pace, cheque out our Gibbon: Beyond the Copse review and acquire why it’s such a stellar, ecological adventure.

If you’re afterwards something new to play, perhaps our lists of the best Switch strategy games and all-time mobile strategy games will take something for y’all.