Games Like Pre Civilization Bronze Age

#i Ascent Of Nations: Gold Edition


The Rise of Nation game series includes some really great games like Rising of Nation: Thrones and Patriots and Rise of Nations: Gold Edition. This epic real time strategy game is developed by Big Huge Games. This game is based on the historical events of fourth dimension and travels back to most 6000 years of ancients. Principal features include heavy Warfare, city edifice, governance, troops, battles, thrones, trade and merchandise etc. This super amazing RTS game never lets you feel similar y’all are wasting your fourth dimension while playing this game. Graphics and game-play are quite like Age of Empires. Storyline and user interface are a bit unlike. Rise of Nations expansion pack offers new nations, campaigns for unmarried players, more troop units and some really great new wonders and regime types to choose. This amazingly wondrous and engaging game can be played only on PC.



#ii Anno 2070

Anno 2070 is a Real Time Strategy, Economic Simulation, City Building and Construction video game adult past Related Designs and Ubisoft Blueish Byte. The game is set in the twelvemonth 2070 where the global warming has melted a huge ice cap and considering of the ascent sea level, a number of ancient cities have vanished from the confront of the earth. The remaining parts of the land are scattered in the form of modest islands. Information technology is now your responsibility to explore and rebuild the islands from scratch. You must create groups of people with specific skills and assign them different tasks to design and rebuild the lost cities using advanced engineering and tactics. Anno 2070 allows y’all to rebuild and re-settle people in the cities and govern over the virtually flourished and prosperous economies e’er. Anno 2070 is a great game to play and relish, if you want to experience true edifice and construction gaming with a touch of RTS, you must play this game.

#3 Sid Meier’s Civilisation 5


Sid Meier’due south Civilization V or soon named as Civilization V is a wonderful 4X Turn-based MMO-RTS video game past Firaxis Games. The game is based on the histrion who leads a civilization from Primordial times to the future on a methodologically created map. The game lets you use your skills and experiences for the Research, Exploration, Affairs, Expansion of the lands, Economic and technological development, Governmental and Military Conquests etc. Civilisation V inherits a lot of characteristics and mechanics from Civilization IV just a slight change is the absenteeism of a lot of expansion packs. Dissimilar the previous versions of the game, Battle and combat characteristics are quite inverse, Cities can now defend themselves by devastating the enemies situated nearby, and a lot of military restrictions are gone. Sid Meier’s Civilization V resembles Age of Mythologies a lot, story-line and game-play is quite overhauled and the game provides with Single and Multiplayer Campaigns and then you lot can relish it more than. Graphics are greatly enhanced equally compared to the older versions of the game. With 2 expansion packs Civilization Five: Gods and Kings and Civilization V: Brave New World, this game offers wonderful visuals, a brilliant game-play etc.


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#4 Civilization III: Conquests

Civilisation Three: Conquests is the 2d Downloadable Content Pack for the fabled game Civilisation III and introduces viii civilizations developed by BreakAway Games and published past Atari. The game has both Single-thespian and Multiplayer modes and focuses on Plough-based Strategy gameplay with Role-playing elements. The Hittites, the Byzantines, the Incans, the Sumerians, etc. are prominent civilizations in the game from which the role player has to select his one of them to showtime the game. The game takes place in the stunning earth and lets the histrion establish his empire, recruit an army, and gather resources to expand his empire. The player tin command his people to develop the city, place buildings, and use defenses to fend off enemies by getting into his city. As the player proceeds, the game unlocks additional content to utilise. The player can battle enemies in plow-based combat and use his strategy in his plow to eliminate the foe. There are unlike levels, and each level offers unique scenario, challenges and more. With core features, and addictive gameplay, Civilization Iii: Conquests is the best game to play.

#v Sid Meier’southward Civilisation IV: Colonization

Sid Meier’due south Civilization Iv: Colonization mixes the Existent-time Strategy, and Plow-based elements adult by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. Information technology is the remake of the turn-based strategy game Sid Meier’southward Civilization: Colonization released in 1994 and lets the player control shelters from i of 4 nations such every bit Netherlands, England, France and Espana. It takes place in the fictional state in the menses from 1492 to 1792. The chief objective of the actor is to build up his colony, create an ground forces and train information technology to defend his territory from enemy’s attack. The player must lead his army in battle against enemies and accept down them, merits their land and boodle their resources to expand the empire while scoring the points to unlock additional content to become the main with modern features. In that location are a variety of levels, and each level is more than difficult compared to previous i. With core features, superb mechanics, and addictive graphics, Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization is the best game to play and relish.

#6 Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology is a Myth-based MMO-RTS video game by Ensemble Studios. The game is basically a Spin-off from the Age of Empires Series and is based on Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythologies. With an Age of Empires inspired game-play and mechanics, Historic period of Mythology features Admiral Arkantos from Atlantean Origins who is destined to explore the game world divided into iii almost significant cultures and chase down Cyclops, a companion of Poseidon, and an enemy of Atlantis. Historic period of Mythology offers a typical gameplay to a lot of other MMORTS games and considering of that it allows you to defeat a number of enemy units, build structures, towns, farms etc., train villagers into fully skilled fighters or soldiers, wage epic wars against the neighboring and distant Civilizations, Rival Towns etc. Your main task in the game is to always keep on advancing your tribes and to attain that goal you’ll accept to start from Primitive Age and then eventually upgrades to Archetype Age, Heroic Historic period and finally achieve to the Mythic Age. Each and every upgrades to whatsoever age unlocks more unique Units, Technologies etc. and allows yous to be in a more than avant-garde fourth dimension than the previous. Age of Mythology offers four types of main resources such every bit Nutrient, Gold, Favor that you tin can use to railroad train your troop units, build structures, inquiry etc. Historic period of Mythology lacks ane master resource Stone and lets you use other things instead of that. Furthermore, Age of Mythology offers vivid options to build a strong economy, diplomatic relations with friendly nations etc. With a number of units classified into seven chief classes such as Infantry, Cavalry, Archery, Naval, Heroes, Myth Units and Siege Weaponry controlled by Human Units, options to build multiple types of buildings such as Economic buildings, Markets, Farms, Military buildings, Enquiry Facilities, Defensive Structures such as Towers and weapon Mounts etc, Age of Mythology offers a brilliantly engaging and quite addictive gameplay to enjoy.

#vii Tropico

Tropico is a Metropolis Building, Structure, and Management Simulation by Pop Top Software and Feral Interactive. The game allows the players to become into the part of “El Presidente.”, Rule over the Island in the Carribean Sea in the Era of Common cold State of war. As the primary goal of the game is to stay always in Power, the players are required to keep the population of the Island Happy. If the Populace is unhappy with the El President’s actions, they may vote somebody else instead of the thespian. All the non-governmental powers and Factions can unsettle the Rule of El Presidente, so the player must go along all of these factors controlled. If in that location are Powers that get unhappy with El President’southward rule, they will form an alliance and challenge the players and then the players will need to keep them happy as well. Equally this game is all virtually Democracy and Foreign relations, diplomacy and Trade, the players must be expert at every said attribute or else he/she can lose the championship. Customizing the Island’s Map, political and economical relations, enemy intrusions and other governmental affairs are the most disquisitional and challenging tasks to perform. With all the addictive gameplay, constructions, management and socio-economic elements, Tropico offers various game modes such equally Scenario, Custome Game, Random Map and Campaign. Furthermore, Tropico offers brilliant character customization options for the grapheme of El Presidente and allows the players to select any of the existent life figures such as Che Guevara, Augusto Pinochet, Fidel Castro, Hernando Blanco, Lou Baga and Sancho Baraega, etc. Tropico is an amazingly addictive and quite surprisingly informative simulation to enjoy. Do requite it a attempt for an excellent City Building, Structure, and Direction experience.

#eight Townsmen


Townsmen is a Strategy-based Building and Management Simulation developed past Handy Games. Information technology takes the players back to the medieval Era and tasks them to build their own City. The game’s ultimate goal is to develop a tiny village into a fully avant-garde and thriving Empire, boost the economic system, and produce the happiest villagers ever. It allows the players to find mining spots, harvest all the necessary resources, and enjoy constructing them.

The players are likewise tasked to build fields, gardens, markets, erect statues, build massive and attractive monuments to decorate the city. Bandits in the game are the worst of all problems. The players must build barracks, guarding towers, recruit and train soldiers to protect the citizens. The game offers to run the businesses smoothly to make an economically potent nation.

#9 Rise of Nations


Have you always wondered what information technology would be like to manage a whole kingdom, a city or a territory and wage wars against the enemies to either conquer them or to loot their resources, survive and flourish an amazing and prosperous civilization? Well if you desire to experience an amazing Rex or a General similar feeling, Rise of the Nations is the game congenital just for you. Rise of Nations is a Single and multiplayer MMO-RTS Video game that provides with a nifty alloy of fantasy elements. The game allows you lot to exist part of a hugely mapped and beautifully created game globe, Construct Buildings (Billet, Forts, Defense, Markets etc.), Make Allies, Wage Wars against your enemies, Assemble up Resources etc. The game besides lets y’all accommodate more than than eighteen different races, train more than troops from 8 unique classes and employ best strategies against your enemies. Ascension of Nations basically focuses on the balance betwixt Economy, Offense and Defence force and encourages you to fully strategize your every move in the game. Rise of nations offers a marvelously engaging and quite immersive game-play, a number of fantastic Unmarried and Multiplayer Campaigns, great visual details and loads of bright things to discover. Practise try it out if you haven’t withal and enjoy the ultimate fun.

#ten Rise of Nations: Ascent of Legends


Rise of Nations: Ascent of Legends is a truly amazing and quite engaging Fantasy based MMO and Existent Time Strategy video game developed past Big Huge Games. The game allows yous to play a number of campaigns and missions, conquer your enemies and loot their resource. The chief objectives of the game include City building, accommodations of your people and troops, construction of defensive structures etc. You must make all-time strategies to defeat your enemies and to make your defenses impenetrable. You can accommodate different sets of individuals and for that y’all’ll need to build different buildings like Military barracks, Markets, Palaces, Maguses (Enquiry labs) and industries etc. Rise of Nations: Ascension of Legends lets you be in ability and write the fate of all the people living in your settlement. For resources yous must wage wars against your enemies and use best of your skills and strategies to conquer them. Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is a great RTS game to play and enjoy. Do try it out.

#11 Roads of Rome: New Generation


Roads of Rome: New Generation is a Real-time Strategy, City-Edifice, and Unmarried-player video game developed past BigFish. The game takes place in the stunning world and lets yous create and lead a Roman Empire. Due to an earthquake, your empire has been destroyed and your master objective is to create new shelters, rescue your people, and restore the life. You must build new roads, gather resources, and unlock further content using your experience points. It has four different modes and forty stunning levels. The game becomes more difficult as y’all progress in information technology. It unlocks other levels as y’all complete quests or consummate an objective. Arts and crafts different items, build amazing houses, buildings, and structures, and prove yourself equally the best King. You can control the Empire’s citizen to create different things. The game combines the elements of crafting, building, and y’all can play the game from an isometric view. With detailed environment, mouse controls, different modes, stunning visuals, win the love of a beautiful daughter, gain respects points, and excellent gameplay, Roads of Rome: New Generation is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.

#12 Control and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour


Command and Conquer Generals: Naught Hour focuses on Real-time Strategy gameplay and supports both Unmarried and Multiplayer modes created by EA Lost Angeles and published by EA Games. The game includes new units, abilities, and modes of play known every bit Generals’ Claiming. There are dissimilar factions such as Usa, China, GLA, etc. and you can select one of them to get admission to the game world where you accept to lead your army in the fictional world and fight confronting others to progress. Each faction has its strength and weakness and a set of units and weapons. Build your base of operations, recruit ground forces and equip them with advanced weapons. Defend your base and upgrade your units using your rewards and bonuses. Gather resources, and conquer another base past defeating them. Information technology has different modes such as Reborn, Contra, and Rise of the Reds, Shockwave, Operation Firestorm and more. There are a serial of missions with unique gameplay and quests. Try it out, and you lot’ll enjoy it.

#13 Roads of Rome


Roads of Rome is a Strategy, Fourth dimension Management, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Realore. The game takes place in unknown locations around the world full of mysteries and dangers. It puts y’all in the role of the protagonist, who must explore the cute scenes, consummate a variety of tasks and progress in the game. You have to follow the romantic story, take up tasks to consummate and manipulate barbarian lands to earn points. Co-ordinate to the story, a brave general (the protagonist), falls in love with the girl of Caesar and wish to marry her. Caesar decides his daughter get married with someone else. Caesar sends his troops to build multiple roads across the land, find new areas and expand his Empire and power. If yous consummate all these tasks, Caesar will get happy from you. There are a set of levels, and each level needs a completion of sure tasks to progress. Intuitive Controls, Realistic Audio Furnishings, Iv Mini-Games and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

#fourteen Sid Meier’south Culture: Beyond Earth: Rising Tide

Sid Meier’s Civilisation: Beyond Earth: Ascent Tide is a Downloadable Content Pack for the Plow-based Strategy and 4X video game Sid Meier’south Culture: Beyond World. The expansion pack introduces new features such as water gameplay, revamped diplomacy system, hybrid affinities, and exploration system. It supports both Single and Multiplayer modes adult past Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. The game features several dimensions to aquatic gameplay. Unlike previous titles, aquatic-based cities tin can be moved. The role player can take on the part of the protagonist and the primary task is to create units to defend his empire and brand strategies to take downward enemies. The role player can explore the environment from isometric view and tin can create his army to face off enemies. In the beginning, the player needs to colonize the ocean by creating floating settlements and harvesting resource. Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth: Ascension Tide offers prominent features such equally Colonize the Ocean, Dynamic Leader Traits, Four new Factions, New Artifact System and more. Sid Meier’s Civilisation: Beyond Earth: Rising Tide is the vivid game to play and savour.

#fifteen Roads of Rome 3


Roads of Rome 3 offers an exciting gameplay, revolving around Real-time Strategy, Time Management and Building elements developed and published past Realore for multiple platforms. The game casts the player in the office of the protagonist, and his ultimate task is to fend off barbarians by fighting against each other and rebuild shelters earlier time runs out. There are Forty-three ridiculous levels available, and each level needs a completion of individual objectives. During the game, the player controls the grapheme, collect resources like gold, woods, stones, etc. and harvest crops to earn points. The player tin can utilise his resources to rebuild bridges, overcome obstacles and make his state beautiful using lots of items and decorations. The story focuses on the female protagonist named as Julia, who lived with his people and enjoy peace. 1 day, a messenger appears with bad news nigh Barbarians spreading destruction everything in Roman Province. The role player must stop the enemies and rebuild the city to become the master. Roads of Rome three offers cadre features such every bit Resource Direction, Strategy Gameplay, beautiful Graphics and more.

#xvi Sid Meier’southward Culture III

Sid Meier’s Civilization III serves as a tertiary entry in the serial of Sid Meier’south Culture created by Firaxis Games and published past Infogrames. The game mixes the Resource Direction, 4X, Plow-based Strategy and Business Simulation elements played from an isometric perspective. In the game, at that place are 15 different civilizations available including Russians, Egyptians, Aztecs, and more. The player needs to select one of fifteen factions to get into the globe where he assumes the role of the ruler with an objective to make strong his military and cultural attributes. Each civilization has its unique weaknesses and strengths. The actor must lead his army to participate in combat and struggle to conquer the weakest territory to loot the resources and claim the country. There are multiple ways to win the battle such every bit Armed services, Cultural and Diplomatic. The role player has to collect resources to build new cities, abound foods to feed his labor and citizens and earn money to observe new technologies and craft weaponry to equip his troops to defend his empire. With prominent features, immersive gameplay, and smooth controls, Sid Meier’s Civilization 3 is the best game to play and enjoy.

#17 Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander or popularly known as SupCom is a wonderful Real-Time Strategy and MMO video game by Gas Powered Games. The game allows y’all to Airplane pilot giant Mechs named equally Armored Command Units (ACUs) and lets you build your own Base, build more than Mech units like the ane you are piloting, utilize sophisticated technologies to upgrade your mech units, wage wars against the enemies and conquer their outposts. You can select anyone of the three main factions, go hunting on the enemies and eventually expand your mechanical reign. With a number of fantastic Single and Multiplayer Campaign, missions and side missions for yous to engage yourself in and enjoy a vivid experience. Supreme Commander is the predecessor to 1997’south “Total Annihilation” if you consider it to and it offers well-nigh similar game-play and mechanics and allows yo to accept a totally unique MMO-RTS feel. With a futuristic game setting, beautifuly created 3D visuals and all the thrilling Campaigns in the game, Supreme Commander is i of the best games of this specific genre.

#18 Civilisation II


Civilization II is a Single-role player and Multiplayer Plough-based Strategy video game developed and published by MicroProse for Microsoft Windows. The game serves every bit the office of the Culture serial and offers the like gameplay like its previous. It brings new units, world wonders, civilizations, and advanced technologies. The game changes the graphics from a top-downwardly perspective to an isometric view. During the gameplay, yous have to build an empire, recruit armies, and command your soldiers in the battleground to fight against greatest leaders. Accept the strong political decision, update your army, brand your strategy and fulfill the requirements of each level to become the master. The game rewards yous with XP points which can be used to unlock further content similar units, defenses, troops and more than. Civilization II includes prominent features such as Command your Armies, Negotiate with Rivals, Construct beautiful Earth, Map Editor and more. Effort information technology out, and you’ll love it.

#nineteen Sid Meier’south Civilization IV: Warlords

Sid Meier’s Culture Four: Warlords is the first Downloadable Content Pack of the famous Turn-based Strategy video game Civilization Iv, developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. The DLC pack introduces new features to the original title such as the Not bad General, Vassal States, Eight new Scenarios, Vi New Civilizations, 10 new Leaders, 3 new Leader Traits, Unique Buildings, Three new Wonders, and more. Information technology comes with a new type of Great Person unit, called the Great General. Co-ordinate to plot, Neat Generals established when the total experience earned by the military units of the civilization confronting other civilization reaches to the certain thresholds. The Vassal States enables the actor to accept upward other empires and expand his empire to advance through it. In the game, the thespian must establish his empire by selecting the buildings, presume the role of the leader, command his ground forces in battlefield and take downwards opponents to loot the resource in turn-based system. Sid Meier’s Civilisation IV: Warlords includes prominent features such every bit Unique Buildings, Leader Traits, New Wonders, Improvements, new Resources, and more. Check it out, and accept fun.