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There are no official Super Mario games for Android on the Google Play Store. The Super Mario games are not on the Android platform because Nintendo guards its franchise with an atomic number 26 grip. Thankfully we can go some of the best Super Mario-like games for Android with ease. There is a ton of rip-offs by shady developers on the Play Store, but this article is not going to list those here.

Did you know in that location is a game chosen Super Lario on the store? Every bit y’all could imagine, information technology’s just a re-skin of the iconic original.

best Super Mario-like games for Android
is composed of platformer games. They all are varied but share some traits with the Nintendo giant. I tried to include games that are side-scrolling and contain some references — either aesthetically or gameplay wise — to Super Mario. I grew up playing games in the Mario Franchise, so I know what makes a game Super Mario-like.

The all-time Super Mario-like games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Annotation III smartphone. Some of the games required an internet connection to run. There were no problems faced during the testing. The games ran smooth, and no bugs were uncovered.  I played each game for 30 minutes.

1. Leo’southward Fortune

This one of nigh polished games I take played in a long while. The graphics are simply astonishing looking, and the graphic symbol animations are scenic. I think this is a 2.5D video game, but I might be wrong, nevertheless the game looks incredible regardless. The gameplay is controlled by very uncomplicated on-screen buttons that allow yous to move sideways as well as bound, but the mechanics are amazing.

The game involves a mustached fluff ball with an orthodox accent. The game also involves some of the best physics puzzles seen on an Android game. The puzzles are of brain teasingly good quality, and the game tin can brand a place on the x all-time puzzle games for Android list as well.

Paid Version

ii. Manuganu


Manuganu features a small tribal boy who has to run around collecting coins of some sorts. If y’all call up this premise is a bit absurd. Just call back that you liked a game involving a fatty Italian plumber.

This game is very uncomplicated because there are very few buttons to press. The move is handled quite well, and the game runs extremely shine. There is non much challenge in the initial stages, but some parts can exist catchy if you are aiming for a 100 percent competition of a level.

Free Version



Do you like Flappy Bird-similar onetime school games?

Well, here is another side-scrolling masterpiece. BADLAND is a game that takes a simple concept and makes information technology 50 times better.

The visuals are incredible looking, and the game runs very polish. The 2nd blueprint of the game is top-notch. The swell visual components helped this game receive much praise from nigh every video game review and gaming website.

The single actor entrada comes with 100 great levels but of course, non all are free. The beginning world is completely complimentary, and I’thou sure you lot will be purchasing the next bundles soon after you finish the first earth.

Costless Version

iv. Swordigo


Embark on an epic hazard total of action and magic in Swordigo. The game is a 2.5D take chances with a blocky looking protagonist and a heavy old school vibe.

The controls are simple, and the graphics are even simpler. Just the gameplay is engaging and fun.

Yous are a generic hero who needs to salve the world from an overpowered enemy. Simply y’all will become to level upwards and kill things with your trusty sword too. There are magic spells and upgrades abound in this good side-scrolling game for Android.

Free Version



LIMBO is one of my almost favorite games of all fourth dimension. I first played the game back when it released for play on the PC; it was a haunting yet endearing experience.

You play as a creepy looking boy who runs effectually avoiding giant spiders and overcoming obstacles.

The gameplay is unproblematic with on screen controls for running as well as jumping. The game translates well to the smaller screens of Android, but the graphical fidelity remains intact. LIMBO is a somewhat nighttime game that I don’t recommend for children, specially those who are scared of spiders.

Free Version

six. Air current-upwards Knight

wind-up knight

Wind-up Knight is a fast paced 2.5D platform game for Android. The game is rendered in 3D but is a side scrolling one (this is called 2.5D).

It features a mechanical knight who is going somewhere to practice some heroic things. Seriously the story is laughable then I’ll spare you the details.

But the game is fast and surprisingly challenging the farther you become. There are over 50 levels for yous to complete and you will need your fingers fast if you are to get through them all. Jump, wall slide, dive, roll and double jump your way to victory.

Free Version

7. Give It Up!

give it up!

Give Information technology Upwards! is the most unique game in the best Super Mario similar Games for Android list. The game is purely music based and features some of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard. The closest game I can think of is either Patapon or Loco Roco both of which are not available on Android.

The premise is elementary, tap the buttons with the rhythm of the song playing in the background. That’s it. The game does get challenging after a while so you will demand to stay alert.

Costless Version

8. Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas

This is a fun piffling game about a monkey who likes to collect bananas. By and large speaking, all monkeys want in life are bananas and Benji is quite practiced at collecting them.

You press a button and Benji will look for a nearby view to grab. Let him swing and release when he is at the peak to proceeds momentum. This is a simple game that revolves effectually timing the grabs and releases too as collecting bananas.

Free Version

9. Cordy


Need a Super Mario-like game for Android but want to take some relaxing fun? Well, this is not the game for you. The game combines the platforming luminescence of Super Mario with the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Cordy is a cute fiddling… robot affair I guess who needs to ability up his world. This lilliputian robot will run, jump and save puzzles to achieve his target. The matter is, there are a lot of obstacles in his manner, and he will need you to be your all-time. The levels grow bigger and circuitous as the game progresses so it will exist every bit engaging throughout.

Complimentary Version

x. Sword of Xolan

Logo Sword of Xolan

This newly launched sides-scrolling 2d adventure has a lot of middle. The pixel art way suits the game well and gives it a retro wait. As we are already looking for Super Mario similar games on Android, the pixelated screens of Sword of Xolan are simply perfect. The game comes with 30 cracking levels and ix challenge levels.

The standard levels are well designed and seemed to exist mitt crafted. The challenge levels are all time based if you are looking to challenge yourself. The game as well comes with around xxx different enemies to slay, which are a lot more than Super Mario. 1 of the all-time things near the game are the customizable touch on controls. Sword of Xolan likewise comes with great controller back up.

Free Version


Information technology’s a shame Nintendo doesn’t bring its games to the most wide-spread gaming platform in history. Fifty-fifty if they are priced high, I’m sure many will jump at the chance of playing Super Mario-similar games for Android in a heartbeat. I for one would love to pay more than 20 dollars for a true Pokémon game on our beloved platform.

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