Games Similar To A Way Out

A dynamic chance or platforming feel y’all’d never forget is what we’re looking for on other games like A Style Out. Hazelith’s title is a “gourmet” feel, as it is skillful only very short, and you may still exist hungry.

The indie studio has already made a new game since their 2018 unique co-op-only adventure. Hazelight Studios,
It Takes 2 creators, mixes elements from diverse genres to appeal to a wider audience.

And then, we’re sharing games across various categories. These are fans of platforming, story-rich titles, or activeness-take chances crossovers. Games similar A Fashion Out should thrive on either genre and feature hefty co-op features.

Selecting Games Like a Way Out

Selecting Games Like A Way Out requires u.s. to empathize the aspects of the co-op adventure. We believe fans of the games would like a mix of the following elements:

  • Genre:A Way Out is a co-op-just platforming hazard, and you lot play in a 3rd-person perspective.
  • Co-op:
    The game is not available in single-player. Moreover, either locally or online, both players’ screens will be next to each other.
  • Setting:
    Each actor chooses i of the two characters, Leo and Vincent. They are prison inmates, and the goal is to escape prison.
  • Gameplay:The mechanics are mostly interacting with other NPCs and the environment to solve puzzles and resolve situations.
  • Mini-games:
    There’re also many minigames across multiple scenarios. These are a cadre office of the experience, similar fishing, or shooting bottles.
  • Evolving mechanics:The game starts with simple diversion and stealth tactics. Then, it evolves to action ready-pieces similar shootings and car chases.
  • Shooting mechanics:
    The game is part puzzles, driving, political party exploration, and shooting. The shooting mechanics are simple and rely on taking cover.
  • Non-simultaneous co-op:
    Both players could be doing different things on different parts simultaneously. That even includes cutscenes.
  • Story-rich: The game is rich in character development, and the breakout is a thrilling, emotional, and unpredictable journey.
  • Cinematic experience:
    The game taps into the cinematic genre by delivering a story alike to Prison Break. Information technology’south total of cuts, camaraderie, and complex plans.
  • Puzzles: Equally many platforming adventures, A Mode Out is full of puzzles. Often, players require puzzles to get past obstacles.

Because A Way Out is a brusk game packing so many different gameplay segments, there might non exist another just similar it. We can simply hope the games we’re sharing will appeal to fans based on the elements we’re focusing on.

Games like A Way Out should be memorable platformers or adventure-blazon games. The special ingredient could be its gameplay, story, music, graphic symbol, dynamics, or something in-between.

Games Like a Style Out

It Takes 2

Games like A Way Out It Takes Two
  • Developer:

    Hazelight Studios
  • Publisher:

    Electronic Arts

  • Release Engagement:
    March 2021

  • Platform:
    PS4, PS5, Xbox 1, Xbox Series, Windows

Hazelight Studio’due south latest game is It Takes Ii. Their championship reached critical and fan success and won several awards in 2021. But instead of a story near liberty, information technology’s a plot about relationships.

It’s an earnest, family unit-friendly takeof the aforementioned formula they used in A Way Out. However, it’south a dynamic platforming hazard with evolving mechanics. In that location’re skills, multiple puzzles, and diverse scenarios.

The fantasy setting sets husband and wife, on the verge of divorce, playing as rag-dolls. Only by working together and possibly healing their human relationship can they return to their original bodies.

The setting opens upward a co-op-only adventure. You can play information technology online, locally, or via Steam’s Remote Play (similar A Way Out). Either way, both players face disruptive challenges in a fantastical world.

Overall, It Takes Two is a memorable, character-driven experience. Cody and May grow, make mistakes, learn, and change along the journeying. And y’all, as the player, get to acquire new mechanics at every plough.

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine
  • Programmer:

    Pocketwatch Games
  • Publisher:

    Pocketwatch Games

  • Release Date:
    April 2013

  • Platform:
    Windows, Xbox 360, macOS 10, Linux, Nintendo Switch

Welcome to a 4-person criminal operation. It’s aco-op experiencewhere you and three other friends work together on a series of loftier-stakes heights.

You play in apinnacle-down perspective, though, and the visuals are unproblematic and neon-drenched. Its unique fine art style and music arrive special, though.

The gameplay mechanics are simple to understand equally well. A few minutes playing the game would let you and your friends to pull off the craziest heights the title offer

For example, each player has a role in a class to selection. Available roles include Locksmith, Scout, Cleaner, Moler, Hacker, or a femme-fatale Redhead. You enter the game, select one of the eight classes, and play through a 4-function campaign.

Overall, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine a co-op criminal heist game A Mode Out fans would like. It’s easy to play, looks dainty, and sounds great. Information technology’south an like shooting fish in a barrel choice for fans of the hazard platformer genre, equally well as heist-game fans.

The Escapists 2

the escapists
  • Programmer:

    Mouldy Toof Studios
  • Publisher:


  • Release Appointment:
     August 2017

  • Platform:
    Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation four, Xbox I, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

A Way Out tapped into complex breakout plans, strategy, and camaraderie between strangers. It’south the kind of story that made shows like Prison Break and even The Walking dead great.

The Escapists two feels quite similar. It’s a convoluted game virtually escaping prison. You play as an inmate desperate to intermission costless. Notwithstanding, he must get through increasingly challenging prisons.

The means you can escape get ridiculous as new scenarios come by. That’due south because each prison has unique obstacles, similar security cameras or electric fences.

The gameplay happens from a tiptop-down perspective. The mechanics are about interacting with the environment and other NPCs. In essence, you click on elements in the UI and brand choices to move on. Also, yous move your graphic symbol across the prison to notice relevant items and paths.

However, most of your time goes by planning your strategy. You’ll need to explore the prison circuitous multiple times to make a plan and so execute when you recollect you’re ready. Lastly, you lot’ll be able to buy, craft, or go tools for your plans.

Portal 2

portal 2 games like a way out
  • Programmer:

    Valve Corporation
  • Publisher:

    Valve Corporation

  • Release Appointment:
    April 2011

  • Platform:
    Windows, mac OSX, Linux, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Switch

Portal 2, part of the Half-Life universe, is one of thebest puzzle games in the industry. Moreover, it packs a single-player entrada and a carve up co-op campaign with two unlike characters.

The co-op entrada sets you and a friend playing as robots. Both carry a portal gun, a weapon capable of creating a portal anywhere in the maze-like research lab.

The goal is to complete each level by “escaping,” Yous tin can only exercise it by working together and using the Portal gun. It’south a perfect co-op game, mixing sense of humor, challenge, puzzles, and a thrilling sci-fi story.

Moreover, the single-player entrada is a marvel to come across. The game’southward Source engine allows you to collaborate with anything in the environs with the weapon. That’s outstanding for a 2013 game. That gives the game a unique sandbox structure.

Lastly, Portal 2 is a challenging game. However, after understanding the mechanics, you lot can get through its challenges merely by experimenting rather than devising complex strategies. The upshot is an indie-similar game with a brusk simply memorable gameplay experience.


  • Developer:

    SFB Games
  • Publisher:


  • Release Date:
    March 2017

  • Platform:
    Nintendo Switch

A Way Out is a short game, and it doesn’t have the greatest amount of puzzles. However, the ones present are challenging and quite creative.

Snipperclips is besides a puzzle platformer that works as a co-op-just feel. It may fill the gap you’re looking for, albeit it’southward just bachelor for Switch.

Still, you play on teams of up to 4 random shapes. Each player controls a shape, and the goal varies on each mini-game, challenge, scenario, or game fashion.

With Snip and Clip as the protagonists, the principal mode is about cutting a precise geometrical shape with simple just tough gameplay mechanics. Past achieving geometrical shapes, players tin can fit into different elements to consummate challenges. For example, conveying a basketball brawl or cut a pen.

Overall, Snipperclips is an awesome puzzle co-op game. It’due south imaginative, indie, and rather cute. Fifty-fifty then, it requires intense advice and teamwork.

Overcooked! two

overcooked 2
  • Developer:

    Team17, Ghost Boondocks Games
  • Publisher:


  • Release Date:
    August 2018

  • Platform:
    Windows, Linux, macOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Amazon Luna, Nintendo Switch

If you’re looking for fun, friendly co-op games, Overcooked ii could be your choice. Information technology’s a cooperative kitchen simulator you lot tin share with your friends and family members.

The cooking simulator sets a team of 2 to four players. The chefs cook cool orders in nonsensical restaurants. Still, the setting follows a story that goes through diverse scenarios for different challenges.

And so, the gameplay divides itself into tasks. Ane player could chop, whereas the other cooks, and others serve and launder dishes. Coordination, teamwork, and fugitive bumping into each other are paramount to completing each scenario.

The levels are also dynamic and change the mechanics slightly. That includes a series of obstacles that plough the process of cooking more than difficult. Some examples include moving floors, moving walkways, portals, and fires.

Overall, Overcooked two is a fun kitchen simulator about teamwork, absurdity, and, of form, cooking. On height of that, at that place’s a further multiplayer option where teams tin can connect to other groups for versus battles.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
  • Programmer:

    Asteroid Base
  • Publisher:

    Asteroid Base of operations

  • Release Date:
    September 2015

  • Platform:
    Windows, Linux, macOS X, PS4, Xbox Ane, Nintendo Switch

Galaga is a spaceship with not a single commander but various people controlling every aspect of the ship. In essence, it’due southa 2d co-op space shooter, and you lot can play alone or as a iv-player squad.

The setting is a colorful galaxy with neon-powered visuals. You can explore the galaxy while managing the diverse parts of the ship: shields, thrusters, lasers, and turrets.

Teamwork is the primal to defeating the forces of “Anti-Love.” The plot is about rescuing space-bunnies in dangerous deep-space. Either locally, online, or with AI players, you can simply exercise one part at a time.

Another element is ship customization. You tin discover space-gems every bit you explore to add new abilities and tools to the ship. Moreover, levels are randomized, so the loot is always different.

Lastly, the controls are simple, and anyone can jump in. Similar other games on our list, it’s a nice game you lot can share with your friends, families, and partners.

Brothers – A Tale of 2 Sons

brother tale of two sons
  • Developer:

    Starbreeze Studios
  • Publisher:
    505 Games

  • Release Date:
    Baronial 2013

  • Platform:
     Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation three, PlayStation four, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Windows Telephone, and Nintendo Switch.

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons came from the mind of Josef Fader, a Swedish filmmaker, and Hazelight Studios creator. The ideas the studio displayed on A Manner Out and Information technology Takes Two debuted on the older championship.

It’s a single-player experience, merely you simultaneously control both characters, the brothers. Information technology’southward a tough gameplay mechanic, though, as y’all’d need both characters often to go past obstacles.

The controller scheme forces you to move each character with a thumbstick. Yous motion them through fairy-tale environments, drawn past hand, across a gorgeous puzzle platforming feel.

Its cute exterior hides heavy themes, a rich story, and an emotional journey. Not unlike A Manner Out, the protagonists demand to overcome hardships by learning how to work together and survive.

Lastly, the story follows two brothers trying to cure their dying father. They are searching for the “Water of Life” on a fantastical, dangerous, and even whimsical journey.

Payday 2

payday 2
  • Programmer:

    Overkill Software
  • Publisher:
    505 Games

  • Release Engagement:
    August 2013

  • Platform:
    Windows, Linux, macOS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Payday 2 is a
co-op-just FPS title. Also, information technology’s another game focusing on criminal activities such every bit banking company robberies, kidnappings, and heists.

You’re part of a four-person squad, and you can play it as a local co-op or online. The iv characters perform a series of criminal activities in Washington DC. To complete the goals, they need teamwork, strategy, and inventiveness.

You lot become the missions via the in-game CRIMENET network. Y’all select a contract, programme, and enter the scenario with your friends. Missions reward coin for crafting resources, guns, weapon mods, gear, and more than.

The scenarios are dynamic and varied. Information technology ranges from drug trafficking to light political errands. That means mechanics and gunplay feel fresh on each level, with even traversal mechanics unique to item scenarios.

Lastly, you tin can level up your characters and learn skills on five different skill trees. Aslope deep customization options and masks, there’s e’er something else to unlock on Payday 2.

Unravel 2

unravel two
  • Developer:

    Coldwood Interactive
  • Publisher:
    Electronic Arts

  • Release Date:
    June 2018

  • Platform:
    Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Unravel Ii is a quirky game from the outset. When you start a new campaign, you customize a “Yarny,” the little creature you control on the co-op hazard.

Yet, you can play unmarried-actor, local co-op, or online co-op. Either way, both players use the same screen for the 2D platforming chance experience.

As Yarnys, the plot is about helping a dying woods blossom. The story takes you to multiple scenarios and against various monsters. From beginning to stop, the game feels inspired and exuberant.

There’re always two Yarnys, though, fifty-fifty on single-histrion. You need the other function to solve puzzles, mini-games, trials, and platforming segments.

Overall, the problem-solving is playful and offers players various ways to complete challenges. Moreover, the world has rich storytelling, plus wonderful music to banner the gaming experience in your mind.

Borderlands iii

borderlands 3
  • Programmer:

    Gearbox Software
  • Publisher:
    2K Games

  • Release Date:
    September 2019

  • Platform:
    Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Google Stadia, Apple macOS

Borderlands 3, the latest entry of the looter-shooter series, is the ultimate co-op shooting game. Certain, you can play its entrada solitary, but it gets and so much better with a friend at your party.

The game is full of humor, flatulent action scenes, and explosive dialogue. Information technology also has insane weapons and gear, millions and various classes, and three skill copse each.

You play equally a “Vault Hunter,” an interstellar mercenary looking for treasure. For the third entry, you lot’re looking for alien vaults on various planets in a race against the evil Calypso brothers.

The gameplay happens infirst-person. You shoot, you loot, and you lot utilise an agile power. You lot can likewise utilise vehicles, grenades, jump, take cover, and use other tools.

Overall, Borderlands 3 is the quintessential co-op shooting experience. It’s available online, unmarried-player, or as a couch co-op when AAA studios are pushing dorsum confronting local split-screen.

 Halo: The Master Chief Collection

halo the masterchief collection
  • Developer:

    343 Industries, Splash Damage, Ruffian Games, Bungie, Saber Interactive
  • Publisher:
     Xbox Game Studios

  • Release Appointment:
    Dec 2019

  • Platform:
     Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Serial X and Series Due south

Halo: The Masterchief Collection brought remastered Halo games for PC for the first time. The bundle packs half dozen serial entries to deliver the full glory of the shooter for a wider audience.

If yous played A Manner Out for its encompass shooting mechanics, wait no other than Halo. Information technology’s a no-nonsense, fast-paced sci-fi shooter available on Steam or the Microsoft shop.

There’re no puzzles or mini-games on Halo. All the same, you tin can play the half-dozen campaigns in co-op or savour many other multiplayer modes. As for co-op, information technology tin can work locally or online.

Moreover, the story is rich and quite human being. But in add-on to that, the gainsay is challenging. Thus, coordinated co-op gameplay is the most efficient way to complete the campaigns.

Overall, Halo: The Masterchief Drove is one of the best games y’all tin can play like an FPS or co-op fan.

Detroit: Become Human

detroit become human
  • Developer:

    Quantic Dream
  • Publisher:
     Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • Release Appointment:
    April 2018

  • Platform:
    Windows, PS4

If y’all’re looking for story-rich games, Become Homo is your next pick. Equally A Mode Out, the gameplay relies on interacting with the environment and other NPCs for most of its playtime.

However, the game belongs to another genre. This is acinematic, interactive drama. You play by making choices and performing quick actions. You lead your playtime towards branching paths and dozens of unlike endings depending on these factors.

You lot play as iii androids in Detroit in the virtually future. It’south an episodic, interconnected story near a homo/android conflict. The protagonists accept center office in the plot.

The experience features full voice-acting, motion-capture, sci-fi music, and a thriller-blazon story. The quality of the game is very high, and the playtime is massive.

Overall, Detroit: Get Human is an outstanding, story-rich interactive experience. It’s not a platformer, and information technology’south not an hazard title, but it’s the kind of game A Mode Out fans would like.


fe games like a way out
  • Developer:

    Zoink Games
  • Publisher:
     Electronic Arts

  • Release Date:
    February 2018

  • Platform:
    Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox 1, MacOS

Atomic number 26 is non the kind of game we share often. But A Way Out fans could find its memorable, atmospheric experience equally the next affair to play. Also, it’s part of EA’s section of indie titles they publish.

It’south not a co-op game, though. Instead, it’s a
puzzle adventure game
without whatsoever dialogue or narration. That means you lonely make the discoveries, equally in that location’s cipher in-game to guide y’all.

That makes Atomic number 26 an exploration-based title. You lot use skills you learn to find your paths across different scenarios and defeat enemies on brusque combat segments.

Y’all tin can run, climb, and glide to explore a fantasy Nordic wood. The sighs are rich, and the story holds a deep mystery to discover forth the way.

Lastly, the championship is heavy on mini-game mechanics. In essence, y’all learn “animal cries” that let you to befriend and manipulate other creatures. Doing these cries works through mini-games.