After being out for about half a decade, Pokemon GO still manages to have one of the biggest fan bases in gaming with enough of activities to still partake in. From collecting a wide array of dissimilar Pokemon to the various boxing modes, the game has enough to offer with no sign of slowing down.

That said, information technology is off-white that players who have been in the game this long may be tired of the game. Luckily, there are enough of mobile games that accept adopted some elements of the Pokemon GO format. There are as well many PC or console games that fit the theme, as well.


New Pokemon Snap – See All Kinds Of Pokemon

The creatures of Pokemon are iconic and those who were first introduced to the franchise through Pokemon GO have likely grown to appreciate many of them. Those who own a Switch should boot up New Pokemon Snap as it is one of the best examples of a showcase for all kinds of Pokemon.

While sitting in a moving vehicle, players tin take photos of different Pokemon across multiple worlds. They will exist partaking in diverse activities and it’s your job to capture these moments in the all-time manner you can.


Bugsnax – These Bugs Gotta Snack

Bunger in the second area of Bugsnax

Another non-mobile game, Bugsnax is all about collecting dissimilar critters on a unique island. Available on PC and Playstation, the game revolves effectually an isle of creatures called Bugsnax that are half-food, one-half-problems.

Players are tasked with going around and capturing bugs in guild to complete sure tasks for the swain tourists that live on the island or fill up their catalog. The game is besides a mystery game as you are tasked with trying to observe the location of Elizabert, the individual who invited you to the island.


Zombies, Run! – For The Running Enthusiasts

Promotional art of Zombies, Run!

Playing Pokemon GO was ever an incentive to go outside and practice. A solid mobile game that encourages this is Zombies, Run! The “exergame” puts players in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. You play every bit Runner v with the goal of completing missions that will aid uncover the mysteries around you.

The game is hands-free as players run to play the game. As you run, the game will proceed track of health statistics similar distance moved and calories burned while likewise automatically collecting items. Players will need to be listening to the game’due south sound narrations to keep rail of what’s happening.


Geocaching – A Slap-up Option Without AR

A map in the Geocaching official app

Dubbed the “earth’southward largest treasure chase,” geocaching has been an activeness long earlier Pokemon Get became a thing. Except with this activity, it involves finding real objects subconscious effectually the world. The “official” Geocaching game developed by Groundspeak Inc. gives people access to caches in over 200 countries.

Because at that place are and so many caches, players are bound to have ane locally. The game volition present players with puzzles that can help get the exact location of the caches. Players can besides make connections with others who are on the same hunt.


Ghostbusters Earth – Are You Afraid Of Some Ghosts?

Chef Emmett Deforrest in real life through Ghostbusters World

Many popular IPs are getting their own mobile spin-offs. This includes the picture show franchise Ghostbusters which has an AR game that plays somewhat similarly to Pokemon GO. Players are tasked with exploring the world to try to hunt down and catch ghosts that are both adapted from the movies and too new to the franchise.

Another similarity is that players can optionally play with friends to take down bigger ghosts in multiplayer boss raids. Those that love both Pokemon GO and Ghostbusters should admire this game.


Pokemon Sword and Shield – The Most Recent Mainline Game

Character looking over the first village in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon GO was the first entry in the franchise for a lot of people, and so information technology’s understandable that they may want to dip their toes into the mainline games. The latest entry in that vein is Pokemon Sword and Shield. Prepare in the Galar region, players are competing to degrade the Pokemon League Champion Leon.

To practise and then, players much take hold of and train pokemon by putting them in battles both in the wild and against other trainers. Players must also build up teams that are stiff enough to take on diverse Gym Leaders throughout the region.


Orna – Elementary And Fun

The "Lost Laom Village" in Orna

Those who only enjoy RPGs tin enjoy the thrills of information technology while walking around with Orna. The developers of the game depict it as a “classic-style” plow-based RPG where players tin can move around in the real world to collect various tools and armor that tin can help them on their journey.

Simply similar a real RPG, players tin can upgrade their weapons and larn various spells that they tin use in boss fights. They also tin merits real-world locations through the game’s GPS system. There are enough of quests to go on and achievements to earn.


Ingress Prime – The Original Pokemon GO

The map of portals in Ingress Prime

The developers backside Pokemon GO, Niantic, have dabbled in augmented-reality mobile games before with Ingress. Luckily, cheers to the success of Pokemon Go, they were able to improve Ingress with some quality-of-life features. They re-released the game as Ingress Prime.

Players tin walk effectually the real world finding different portals in the game. These portals are typically located had historical landmarks or public pieces of art that can be hands reached. The goal of the game is to capture these portals for the faction you are working for.


Dragon Quest Walk – A Dragon Quest AR Game

A few of the creatures and characters in Dragon Quest Walk

Some other popular RPG series that was made into an augmented reality game was Dragon Quest. In Dragon Quest Walk, heroes must battle monsters to complete quests and level upwards their character. Quests are located at different real-life locations that the player tin visit locally.

Each location has its own set of enemies to fight and items to collect. Some locations volition even heal the player if they need to. Boss battles could exist fought with other players, just similar Pokemon Become. Up to 12 players can participate depending on the enemy.


Pokemon: Let’due south Go – A Spin On A Classic

Walking through a wild area in Pokemon: Let's Go!

If players are looking to take the side by side stride into the Pokemon fandom, Pokemon: Let’southward Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go: Eevee! are probably the all-time options. The games are a remake of the 1998 title Pokemon Xanthous.

While the game does take the usual battles against other trainers, wild encounters play similarly to Pokemon Get where players tin can automatically tame or capture a Pokemon out of the gate instead of battle it. It’s a perfect game for beginners to get a gist of the normal Pokemon games without it reaching the standard of the mainline games.

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