Gaming Show In My Parents Garage

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The Gaming Evidence (In My Parents’ Garage),

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A trio of quirky young teens aspire to create a popular and inventive Youtube aqueduct devoted to gaming that features game reviews, let’s plays, interviews, and celebrity visits, all from a tricked out gaming garage.

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  1. 31 de diciembre de 2014

    23 min

    Television set-Y

    Jesse must get a hero on a visit to Legoland, Julia races the national karting champ at MarioKart, and Ian calls on NBA stars Terrence Ross and Jordan Hamilton to take a trip down retentivity lane with old school NBA Jam.

  2. 22 de noviembre de 2014

    22 min


    Things at the garage rut upwards when the spirit of friendly contest takes over as Jesse calls on his buddy, baseball star Brett Lawrie, for a few tips, while Julia’s Pokémon passion reaches a whole new level when Pikachu himself gets involved.

  3. 29 de noviembre de 2014

    22 min


    The Gaming Show gang decides to shake up their own channel with a gimmick. Julia visits the minds backside the app MegaJump at Get Some Games, Jesse teleports to a San Francisco recording studio to come across Charles Martinet – the legendary voice of Mario.

  4. 7 de diciembre de 2014

    23 min

    Television set-Y

    Ian goes undercover to get the scoop on indie hit Guacamelee, Jesse risks getting caught in a temporal rift to check out Disney’southward Infinity 2.0, Julia finally has the take chances to boot back, build her ain virtual reality simulator.

  5. thirteen de diciembre de 2014

    23 min


    Jesse’s uncle’s station wagon appears in the eye of the garage. Chaos ensues as the gang calls on pals similar The Diamond Minecart and Kirby to aid them go “Gaming Show In My Uncle’s Car in My Parent’s Garage” off the ground.

  6. xx de diciembre de 2014

    23 min


    Ian catches upwardly with Toronto Blue Jay bullpen Marcus Stroman who helps him review MLB15. Back at the garage, the kids discover that a mysterious cyberspace troll has been dissing their videos, they seek communication from Smooth McGroove and Nolan N.

  7. 7 de febrero de 2015

    22 min

    Boob tube-Y

    The hosts are jacked up to stay up all nighttime to raise funds for the Children’s Phenomenon Network Hospitals by hosting their very own 24-hr Extra Life gaming challenge.

  8. fourteen de febrero de 2015

    22 min

    Tv set-Y

    The crew decides to bring on an intern and end up with seven pes alpine, NBA star, Jonas Valciunas. Meanwhile, Jesse heads to PopCap Games to bank check out the new Plants vs Zombies shooter.

  9. 21 de febrero de 2015

    22 min

    Television receiver-Y

    When every single console in the garage breaks at in one case, the Gaming Show gang has to get creative with some old schoolhouse gaming. From Super Nintendo to Atari, making their style through a history of gaming all the way into the future of gaming tech.

  10. 28 de febrero de 2015

    22 min


    Equally the offset season of Gaming Bear witness comes to a close, the hosts decide to greenbacks in the final of their celebrity favours. The Diamond Minecart shows up with some helpful MineCraft tips, Olympian Patrick Chan, Ass Kong stops by and many more.

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five.0 de 5 estrellas

Great prove for the immature and old alike to bond with…well 11 and 41 but information technology’s great. Esp if you know you lot’re gaming 411. Bask!

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Hilarious, funny, and hoping for a season 2! I bought it for 11 year one-time son and concluded up watching information technology together. It’s funny, perfect for this genereation of kids and I loved it besides!!!

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