NvidiaGeForce Now is one of the well-nigh prominent game streaming services on the market, and if yous have an LG TV, playing GeForce Now couldn’t be easier. The way people play video games has changed dramatically in a very brusk amount of time. A few years ago, gaming was relegated to consoles and high-end PCs. Today, it’southmuchmore than accessible.

One of the biggest reasons for this is game streaming. Similar to how Netflix streams movies and TV shows over the cyberspace, services like GeForce do the same thing with video games. So long as someone has a compatible device and a fast enough net connection, they can use GeForce Now to stream PC games near anywhere — whether it’s on their smartphone, laptop, or even a telly.

This is i of GeForce At present’s greatest strengths. Information technology’s available for just well-nigh any gadget you can imagine. There are GeForce Now apps for Android, Windows, Mac, and fifty-fifty select TVs. More specifically, anyone with a mod LG Television set tin download the GeForce Now app and start playing games right on their idiot box. Doing so is equally simple as it gets. On your LG TV, open up the LG Content Store and search for GeForce At present. Observe the app, download it, and that’south information technology! If someone doesn’t already take a GeForce Now account, this is the point where they should get and make i (either on their phone or computer). Once you create an account, or if y’all already take 1, log into the GeForce Now app on the LG TV and get-go playing.

What You Need To Play GeForce Now On An LG Television set

LG OLED TV with Nvidia GeForce Now

As is often the case, however, there are some caveats to consider before doing this. Most chiefly, the GeForce Now app only works with select LG TVs released in 2021 or later. Only OLED and 4K UHD models are compatible, and they need to be running webOS 6.0 or later. LG has a comprehensive list of all supported model numbers on its website, but the gist is that only the newest LG TVs work with GeForce Now.

It’s likewise of import for people to brand certain their cyberspace is fast enough to handle GeForce Now. Nvidia recommends at to the lowest degree 15Mbps download speeds to play games in 720p at 60fps. To play titles in 1080p Full Hd, folks demand to have internet speeds of 25Mbps or faster. Nvidia also urges users to play games with a hardwired Ethernet connection to their LG Television set, but it says a router with 5GHz Wi-Fi should too work.

Terminal just non least, permit’s talk supported controllers. While people can use a keyboard and mouse to navigate the GeForce Now app on their LG Telly, playing games requires a compatible gamepad. More specifically, Nvidia recommends using any of the post-obit: Nvidia Shield controller, any Xbox Wireless controller, an Xbox 360 controller, PS5 DualSense, DualShock 4, or a Logitech Gamepad (including F310, F710, and Dual Action USB). Those are a lot of hoops to jump through, but they’re all necessary to play
NvidiaGeForce Now on an LG TV.

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Source: Nvidia, LG