Get £70 off this NZXT Kraken CPU water cooler in Black Friday bargain

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Need to keep your PC cool when you’re playing the latest AAA games? Well, if y’all do, SCAN has slashed the price of its NZXT Kraken X53 All-In-Cooler in this
Black Fri stonker.

It’s available with quite a hefty discount, standing at £79.99 currently, in contrast to its retail price of £149.99 – that gives you a great cooler at nearly half cost.

If you’re in the market for a user-friendly h2o cooling solution for your PC, then we’d suggest picking this NZXT Kraken A53 up whilst stocks last.

Don’t miss a near one-half price deal on this NZXT All-In-One water cooler for Black Friday

If y’all’re in need of an all-in-one water cooler this Black Friday, SCAN has you covered with this marvellous NZXT Kraken X53 for nearly one-half price. It’due south available for £79.99 equally opposed to the usual full £149.99 asking price.

  • Scan
  • Was £149.99
  • £79.99

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It comes with 2x 120mm fans, which should provide ample airflow for the radiator, and as well provides a nice eye ground when information technology comes to noise.

Also, the Kraken A53 is compatible with a shedload of both AMD and Intel CPUs and their corresponding sockets then should work natively with virtually any CPU you have in your system currently, be it an older Intel Core i3-7350K, a showtime-gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X, or LGA-1200 uniform Intel processors like the Intel Core i7-10700K.

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It as well looks the part too with some sharp RGB lighting to go with all your other RGB-laden PC components that seem to be becoming the norm at the moment. The lighting here looks to be pretty sharp, and you should be able to see in it all its celebrity as long as you’ve got a PC with a transparent side console.

This RGB lighting, alongside plenty of other configurable $.25 and pieces, can be easily controlled with NZXT’s own CAM software where it’southward possible to sync your RGB lighting with the launch of your favourite games, check fan speeds, electric current FPS and a whole lot more than. Having a convenient all-in-one solution for software also helps to keep things even easier for your cooler.

Don’t miss a near half price deal on this NZXT All-In-One water cooler for Black Fri

If y’all’re in need of an all-in-one h2o cooler this Black Friday, Scan has you lot covered with this marvellous NZXT Kraken X53 for nearly half price. It’s available for £79.99 as opposed to the usual full £149.99 asking price.

  • SCAN
  • Was £149.99
  • £79.99

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Then, if you are looking for a handy all-in-one water cooler with some large fans with good airflow, decent socket compatibility and cool RGB lighting and software integration, then picking up this NZXT Kraken A53 should exist a proficient investment.

And of course, exist certain to check back with united states over here at Trusted Reviews every bit nosotros’ll be scouring the web for the best Black Friday deals out there and will keep you updated with what’south new in the world of tech.


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