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Overall information technology’s a decent drama that wraps up everything decently well. To me, the drama happened in three arc: 1. Showtime – hired as a stay-habitation pretend girlfriend, 2. Middle – her condign lead extra at his visitor, 3: End – romance and their wrap up. Honestlys, I retrieve the first half is more than interesting than the second half. I recall I enjoyed the stay-at-dwelling nurse/maid/pretend girlfriend portion of the drama more. The biggest problem with the drama is its overuse of tropes and cliches. It’s not just a few sprinkled here and there, it’s literally the whole story. The entire story is build on tropes and cliches. I hateful I can stomach quite a few of them but at a certain bespeak it became irksome.

What I like
– Actually I like a lot of the couples in the show. I thought most of the are ambrosial and had pretty decent chemistry
-A lot of likeable supporting characters: ML’s mom, FL’s manager, ML’south cousin, managing director,
-A lot of nice feel good moments
-It wrapped things up decently I guess

What I don’t like:
-Some terrible characters: rapey director, terrible manager, annoying exes everywhere…lol. I’grand fine with practiced well developed antagonists…but nearly of them are just shallow and one-dimensional
-Tons of cliches and tropes. I actually similar a decent dose of cliches…but just in moderation and only if it adds entertainment value to the storyline. Still, it’southward simply a little to much here and I feel like information technology takes away from the drama and sometimes but unnecessary

-Some over the top scenario and weird unnatural behavior from characters. Like you tin’t be a competent CEO of a media and hired a random girl who’s interim yous’re not familiar to become a top star.

-There’s and then much repeated exposition, my god. Exposition is fine and use a lot times in detective drama. Here permit me requite you an example. At one point the evil ex who was a big star finally realize her behavior and thinking was wrong. It goes like this, she has a dialogue with her banana/manager explaining why her beliefs is wrong. She then had a scene with the ML’south mom explaining why what she’s doing is wrong. Then adjacent episode, she had another monologue explaining why what she’s doing is incorrect (every bit a self-reflection) I gauge. Look I get…she finally realized her behavior was incorrect…but do we need to spend so much time and scenes on this?

-Main couple – like the female person lead and she’south a pretty skilful character overall. I liked how she handle her situation from the starting time to the end and how she handled her romance and life. Though she is Mary-sue-ish at times but it’south non overbearing. The male is decent most of the fourth dimension but sometimes borderline annoying but overall I thought he’s tolerable. Their romance is sometimes cutes, sometimes romantic, and by and large reasonable. The biggest problem with them at that place constant pull and push on whether they like each other or not. It’south ok to have a bit of that but sometimes it’s just also much.
The secondary couple between ML’south friend and FL’s friend. They’re a very sugariness and cute couple together and they’re both very likable character. The biggest problem I have with them is their story. At that place are abiding overused cliches employed in their story: bad romantic history, bad rapey producer, misunderstanding…over again and over again, random fiance, disapproval female parent, different grade and social status. Imagine if you brainstorm a bunch of romantic couple cliches…that’southward literally their entire story. Otherwise they’re extremely cute together, moreso than the pb.

The tertiary couple is the manager and the FL’s manager. Not a lot of screen time but I find their romance but be more subtle, simple, and cuter.

The ex fellow and his gf/fiancee. They play thei

Simply some thoughts:
I’m on a modern Chinese drama binging run. Most of these low-cal hearted romantic comedy drama is full of cheese, over-the-top behavior, and weird scenario so for most role I’1000 ok with it equally long is it blends well together in a decent parcel. For this drama the ii random ML and FL throw together in a faux relationship is a standard trope. One that I savor for about part, it’s ok here but not every bit well developed as it could’ve been. That there pretty much sums up what I feel about this drama by the end. It’southward all just a bunch of popular tropes thrown together. If y’all wanna focus on standard tropes, I remember the best is to have an interesting take on it. Even so, this drama seem to written past a committee of people brainstorming popular trope and using everything they can think of in it.

I love the characters but the story just isn’t in that location. And when the story is not well developed, 36 episode seems like a slog. Would I recommend it? Only if y’all’re a fan of these blazon of drama.

Some rant I have [MAJOR SPOILERS]
– That whole ML’due south obsession with finding out the girl with butterfly tattoo who I retrieve he mistaken equally a birthmark is just borderline weird. Information technology’s fine to try to find the person who saves your life and thank her. But to hinge that every bit the pivotal drive to your lovelife…is simply weird. I hateful the guy conspicuously never know her since he didn’t even know how she actually looks like. This is one of the near important point that drove the entire drama. Information technology’due south what led him to his ex and it’s what caught the ML’s attention on the female lead. And here’south the twist, which is clear fifty-fifty since the first. Let me just spoiled it for you. Turns out, the FL is the women who saved him. That tattoo/birthmark was a temporary tattoo she had fatigued on her based on a picture of the his ex (cause I guess she was a big fan of her….who at the fourth dimension should have been a totally unknown…merely let’s non get besides caught upward on that). Information technology’s just thats such a weird crucial plot point.
– Is that cancer fakeout really necessary? It was just so abrupt and random.

– The way they wrap up all the antagonist is just weird. Pretty much they all come to the realization that they’ve been acting like jerks. It’southward find but the way they did it is so sharp…AND it happened all at the same time. It’s similar the writers suddenly realized we’re virtually time end so abruptly make sure the grapheme repent and apologize for their behavior. They did that and gave all them all that and their personality just changed completely. Note that this all happened dorsum to back to back. Offset, ML’s ex realize she’due south wrong…and so FL’southward ex realized he was incorrect…and then FL’s exes fiancee realized shes wrong…:/

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