An iPad paired with an Apple Pencil is a powerful duo for digital note-taking. The App Store is filled with smashing software for handwritten notes, only they come at a toll.

There are besides plenty of apps out there that will give you lot a gustation of their potential for gratuitous just keep major features locked until you pay a premium price.

Nevertheless, nosotros’ve rounded upwardly a couple of apps for handwritten notes that are completely free to use. No timed trials, distracting ads, or in-app purchases are needed.

1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is the classic notebook app available from Microsoft. Information technology’s free to utilise and packed with useful productivity features. This is a choice you tin’t become wrong with, peculiarly if you are already using other Microsoft applications.

In this app, your notes are organized on the sidebar past Notebooks, Sections, and Pages. You lot tin likewise create sub-notebooks and sub-pages, making it very like shooting fish in a barrel to stay organized. It’s besides straightforward to switch from one page to some other with the user-friendly sidebar.

You to add text, insert files, describe, change paper styles, record audio, and much more than. It comes with a pressure-sensitive pen tool and a highlighter, both of which you can completely customize the colors for. At that place are even some glitter options for the pens.

One of our favorite underrated pros to notation-taking with OneNote is the ability to salvage an unlimited amount of favorite pens and highlighters to the toolbar. It too lets you choose from half dozen stylus orientations to better suit your writing fashion.

OneNote integrates all types of content—text, drawings, PDFs, and more than—together on one folio. And it does information technology well. Your notes also sync across devices, making information technology like shooting fish in a barrel to switch from writing out notes on your iPad to typing them on your computer.

With all the features this app has, it will meet the productivity needs of about people. Information technology’southward besides a bully app for students who want to annotate PDFs and want to take a skilful combination of typed and handwritten notes. Explore more nigh the app and read upwards on some picayune-known OneNote features yous’re sure to love.

Microsoft OneNote (Costless)

2. CollaNote

CollaNote on the iPad

This app offers a nifty deal of note-taking functionality for costless, which is hard to believe. CollaNote is one of the best gratis alternatives to popular digital note-taking apps such as Goodnotes and Notability.

CollaNote comes with the archetype pen, pencil, highlighter, lasso, and eraser set. The colors are completely customizable and you’re able to add pen color, and thickness combinations to your favorites for easy switching.

Additionally, in that location are a couple of other handy tools like a laser pointer, adaptable ruler, stickers, and even voice notes that sync with the fourth dimension yous started writing. There are dozens of templates to choose from, ranging from paper types to beautiful pages for digital bullet journaling.

CollaNote’s biggest advantage is its power to facilitate collaboration on notes with other users. You tin can fifty-fifty create public documents that serve every bit “rooms”. If you collaborate on a note with others, you tin merge everyone’southward notes, saving fourth dimension during note-taking.

The only drawback about CollaNote is that its text tool is not as easy to utilise. Adding text takes you lot to a split up screen to first type out all your text, or by default, write it out with your Apple tree Pencil. Make sure to also accept a await at other great apps for the Apple Pencil.

After yous’re washed, it will appear on the note page for you to adjust. It’southward not the nigh fluid process, but the rest of the app’s features brand upwards for information technology. Information technology’south the ultimate choice if yous want most of your notes to be handwritten and need more productivity features.

CollaNote (Costless)

3. Notebook past Zoho

Notebook App on the iPad

Notebook is a great app if y’all want to alloy typed notes with the occasional hand-drawn diagram or handwritten note. You have complete customization for the colors of a pencil, pen, and highlighter tool. In fact, the pencil tool offers one of the well-nigh realistic pencil experiences on a digital app.

A few bang-up features include the ability to lock specific notes and set a countersign to be able to open them. You tin can besides scan documents and directly annotate them. Note that the document scanner on Notebook is very similar to taking a picture.

The merely real downside to Notebook is that handwritten notes are kept completely separate from other types of notes, even when they’re both on the same folio. This makes this app really useful when you only want to handwrite notes, or when you but need to insert an occasional hand-drawn diagram on a page of text notes.

Notebook – Take Notes, Sync (Free)

4. Loose Leafage

Loose Leaf on the iPad

Loose Leaf is a hidden gem of an app, and it operates exactly as the proper noun suggests. In that location are no notebooks, just stacks of loose-leaf sketches and notes. The app is designed to really experience like you lot’re working on loose pieces of paper.

The iPad has a lot of features that require ii-finger gestures, such as closing loose-leaf stacks, flipping pages, and deleting notes, especially when the device already has and then many gestures. Once you go the hang of information technology, the movements will experience like 2nd nature.

The pen and marker tools are completely pressure-sensitive with no manual way to adjust the thickness. Unfortunately, you only get five choices of primary colors, simply that could be more than enough depending on your needs.

Some unique features nearly this app are the Scissor tool in place of the Lasso tool and an asymmetry tool to have your drawings mirrored. Information technology also comes with useful page styles, including a bare music score and a bare to-do list.

This is the perfect pick if you’re looking for a unproblematic app to sketch out ideas on.

Loose Leaf (Free)

5. Apple tree Notes

apple notes

Apple’due south default app for note-taking is packed with hidden features, and so don’t underestimate its functionality. With this note-taking app, you lot tin take notes and handwrite them, sync them across multiple devices, and even use the Apple Pencil to handwrite with.

The Notes app has all the basic tools such every bit the pen, highlighter, pencil, and eraser available through Markup. It as well comes with a lasso tool and an adaptable ruler, and the ability to customize your own colors.

It also has an Auto-Minimize pick, which moves the toolbar out of sight when you beginning writing. You can fifty-fifty alter the newspaper fashion from a few dissimilar options.

Another useful feature that Notes take is the ability to browse documents. You can even utilize your phone camera to do it and accept it immediately added to the note on your iPad. The scanned documents on a note are kept every bit attachments, then you won’t be able to marking them upward with the pen, just it’southward all the same handy to have your information in one identify.

half-dozen. Post-it Notes

Post it notes ipad

Postal service-it Notes brings the old-school technology together with your iPad.

It’southward piece of cake to create new, short notes directly on the app. Or you lot can fifty-fifty import information from upward to 200 real-world Post-it Notes with your camera. For analog notes, handwriting recognition will help y’all search and export information.

On the iPad, yous tin can utilize a broad variety of editing tools to draw, erase, and more than with your notes. There are multiple means to organize notes similar by idea or just on a uncomplicated grid. You can export your notes to deject services like Dropbox or to PowerPoint, Excel, or a PDF.

A dwelling house screen widget can as well show the most important notes at a glance without seeing to open up the app.

Equally a nice plus, the app is also available on the iPhone or Mac. With iCloud sync, work on i device will automatically appear elsewhere.

Mail-it Notes (Free)

Cull the App That’due south Right for You

At present you lot know that at that place are a few completely free options bachelor to accept skilful digital notes without whatever surprises. Download one, or all v, of them and give it a try to encounter how they meet your productivity needs.

Whether you lot’re taking notes for class, sketching out ideas, or digital bullet-journalling, a good app for handwritten notes is just what you lot demand.