Google Apps Won’t Show App Tracking Pop-up on iOS 14, Here’s Why

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iOS 14 introduced a number of privacy-related features, with one being Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT). With the feature due to be introduced, app developers are actively looking to implement it in their apps. But, as you might have noticed, Google apps won’t show the app tracking transparency pop-up on iOS xiv. Here’s why.

Apple, initially, wanted to roll out app tracking transparency along with iOS 14. Just the visitor decided to give some time to the developers to comply with the new policies following the criticism.

How App Tracking Transparency Works?

App Tracking Transparency gives users an option if they want the developer to know how y’all utilize the app, or basically, track the app’s usage. Currently, past knowing how you utilise an app, advertisers tin can target specific ads to show up on their app. But why would the advertiser like to bear witness you lot these personalized ads? Personalized ads hateful users are expected to click more ofttimes on them leading to higher conversion rates, which is ultimately what advertisers want.

For e.g., yous like, or say, comment, on domestic dog photos on Instagram and Facebook. By knowing what you like and comment on, Facebook can show y’all ads of a dog care product, or something related to it. But with App Tracking Transparency turned on, Facebook won’t be able to evidence you these ‘personalized’ ads, and you, won’t click on them.

So What’s Google’s Approach?

Google, today, announced that information technology’s taking a unlike approach towards ATT. The search engine behemothic says “Apple’south ATT changes will reduce visibility into key metrics that bear witness how ads drive conversions.” The company says that this volition effect in low behest to the ads, and in-turn will lower the ad acquirement equally a whole.

Google says that it “will no longer use data (such as IDFA) that falls nether ATT for the handful of our iOS apps that currently use it for advertising purposes.”

“Equally such, we will non show the ATT prompt on those apps, in line with Apple’south guidance. We are working difficult to understand and comply with Apple’s guidelines for all of our apps in the App Shop. Every bit our iOS apps are updated with new features or bug fixes, you’ll see updates to our app page listings that include the new App Privacy Details.”

App Tracking Transparency pop-ups accept started to show up on some apps. Hither’s a elementary guide on how yous tin disable tracking for each app.

Our Take

App Tracking Transparency, and iOS 14’s privacy features, in general, haven’t been received well past the manufacture. Earlier Facebook ran a full-page ad criticizing Apple’s App Store Privacy Labels. With Google, indirectly, hitting at Apple’south approach of ad revenue, the whole industry looks shaken-upward. Tim Cook is expected to evangelize a oral communication on Advert tracking and how it won’t bear on ad revenue after this week at a European conference.

What are your thoughts on Google’due south policy? Did you experience an app tracking transparency popular-up on your iPhone? Which choice did you lot choose? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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