Google Assistant Not Turning Off Tv

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If you have Google Dwelling house, you tin forget about your remote control! Google Domicile allows you to plough on your Idiot box using vox control. That’due south not all, as you can too use it for finding a particular Television bear witness, adjusting volume, and many more things.

In this article, we’ll show you how to turn on your Tv using Google Abode. But we’ll first show you how to connect your TV and Google Abode if y’all’ve never done that before.

Connecting Google Abode and Your TV

If y’all want to connect these 2 devices, you accept to meet two criteria.

First, you need to take a Google Chromecast.

Second, you have to make certain your TV supports Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). You lot can check it in your TV’s specifications, but nowadays, most smart TVs back up CEC. You also need the Google Home app on your smartphone, of grade.

If yous have a smart TV produced by one of the following brands, it most likely supports CEC: Samsung, Sony, Sharp, AOC, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, Insignia, Mitsubishi, and LG Boob tube. However, if you’ve never controlled your smart TV through a third-party device, your CEC could be turned off by default. Therefore, you should first discover it in the settings and plough it on.

Before we first, plug Chromecast into your Goggle box and connect your smartphone and Google Dwelling house to the same Wi-Fi, otherwise, they won’t exist able to recognize each other.

How to Connect Google Domicile and Your Smart TV:

  1. Turn on your TV and navigate to the Chromecast screen.
  2. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone.
  3. Tap on the


  4. Select

    “Set up device.”

  5. The app will now search for a new device.
  6. When the app recognizes Chromecast, tap on

    “Side by side”

    to confirm.
  7. Check whether the code on your smartphone and TV match.
  8. If they practice match, tap on

  9. The app will now lead you through the steps to connect your Chromecast to your Wi-Fi.
  10. Finally, link your Chromecast to your Google business relationship.

In that location y’all accept it! You’re now ready to acquire how to control your TV remotely, using Google Abode.

Google Home

How to Turn On our Television using Google Home

Using your vox to command your devices is nix new. For a long time, you lot’ve been able to ask Google to play your favorite song or favorite TV show. All the same, Google Dwelling house has merely recently introduced the possibility of really turning on your TV without request to play anything specific.

If yous’ve correctly connected all devices, all you lot have to practice is say:

“OK Google, turn on my Tv set!”


“OK Google, power on my TV!”

Google Home is and then intuitive that y’all can use whatever phrase you want, just like asking an actual person to turn on the Tv for y’all.

When it comes to turning off your Idiot box, the situation is a bit dissimilar. 1 would call up that if you lot can plow on your Idiot box with Google Home, you lot tin can use the aforementioned method to turn it off, but that’southward not always the case. Some models don’t support this control, and everything depends on the Telly you’ve got.

However, y’all may likewise effort. Say something like:

“OK Google, turn off my Idiot box!”


“OK Google, power off my TV!”

and await to see what happens.

If you have two TVs or ii Chromecasts, you may need to rename i of them to avert confusion. Open the Google Home app and alter their names to

“Living Room Tv set”


“Sleeping room Tv set.”

Instead of saying “Google, turn on my Idiot box,” you should say

“Google, plough on the Living Room TV”

because that’south the simply way for Google to know which Tv set you want to get turned on.

In closing, Google Domicile offers a unique motion-picture show-watching experience in your ain home. Once y’all settle comfortably in your chair, you won’t take to movement at all. There’south no need to achieve for your remote control, equally your Google assistant can practise everything for you. All yous have to do is relax and enjoy information technology.