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Google Assistant On Galaxy Watch 4

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How to install Google Assistant on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 serial

After what seemed similar an eternity, Google Assistant is finally here for the Galaxy Watch 4. This was the only major missing from Samsung’due south otherwise cracking Wear OS smartwatch, which also happens to exist the just spotter on the market place to run Wear Bone 3 out of the box. If you lot still haven’t installed Google Banana on your Galaxy Watch four and bid farewell to Bixby, at present is the right time. Nosotros’ll prove yous in elementary steps how to become Google Assistant upward and running on your Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Sentry 4 Archetype. Assistant support is officially only available in 10 markets, but this guide will also bear witness you how to bypass that restriction and get the feature in any country.

How to install Google Assistant on your Galaxy Scout 4

Before you proceed, make sure your smartphone is nearby and continued to your Galaxy Watch iv.

  • Swipe upwards on your Galaxy Sentinel 4 to open the app drawer.

App drawer on Galaxy Watch 4

  • Open up the Google Play Store app and ringlet down to “My Apps.” You should see a pending update for Assistant. If you don’t come across an update in that location, utilise Play Store’s search bar to search “Google Assistant.”

  • Tap “Update” or “Install” to download the app.

Google Assistant update on Galaxy Watch 4

  • One time downloaded, tap open up to get started. Alternatively, you tin also find the Assistant app in the app drawer.
  • Click “Go started” and then “Open on phone to active” to initiate the setup on your telephone.
  • Follow on-screen instructions on your phone to activate Google Banana.

That’s it. You can now use the “Hey Google” hotword to summon Banana on your picket.

How to sideload Google Assistant on the Milky way Watch 4

Co-ordinate to Samsung’southward website, Google Banana back up on the Galaxy Scout iv is only available in ten markets: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, The Britain, and the United states of america. Nonetheless, it’s possible to get Assistant up and running on your Galaxy Watch iv even if it’south not officially bachelor in your market. Here’s how.

  • On your smartphone, download Google Assistant vesture APK from APKMirror and install it.
  • Next, you’ll demand to install Easy Fire Tools from the Play Store on your phone.

Easy Fire Tools

Easy Fire Tools

  • Pick upwardly your watch and navigate to
    Settings > About Watch > Software > Software Version.
  • Go along tapping “Software Version” until you see a toast message “Developer mode turned on.”
  • Now return to the principal settings page, and you’ll see “Developer options” just above “Software update.”

Developer options on Galaxy Watch 4

  • Go to Developer options and turn on “ADB debugging.”
  • Note downward the IP address [192.168.Xxx.XX] that appears under “Debug over Wi-Fi.” Ignore 5555 at the end.
  • Open up Easy Fire Tools on your phone. Click on the hamburger card and navigate to Settings > IP Accost.
  • Remove the existing accost and enter the IP address y’all noted down from your watch. Tap OK to salve and render to the chief screen.
  • From in that location, tap on the Plug icon located in the top right corner to establish the ADB connection with the watch. Make certain the scout and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • When prompted, grant the debugging request on your lookout.
  • From the Installed Apps list, select Assistant APK and tap “Aye” to sideload.
  • Await for the transfer and installation to consummate, which may accept a while.
  • Afterward successful installation, y’all should see the Assistant app in the app drawer.

How to remap the home push button to launch Google Assistant

The home button on your Milky way Spotter four is fix to launch Bixby by default. Hither’south how to remap information technology to Google Banana:

  • Swipe upward on your Galaxy Sentinel 4 to open up the app drawer.

App drawer on Galaxy Watch 4

  • Tap on the Settings app and whorl down to Advanced features.

Settings app on Galaxy Watch 4

  • Then go to “Customize keys.”

Advanced settings Galaxy Watch 4

  • Choose “Press and hold” action and select Assistant.

And that’southward it. Yous should now have Assistant mapped to the side button.

At that place’s practically no reason you should be using Samsung’south Bixby when a superior alternative exists in the form of Google Banana. Assistant blows Bixby out of the water in almost everything, offer faster response times and wider compatibility with smart abode devices. Looking to customize and protect your Galaxy Watch 4? Check out the best Samsung Galaxy Lookout man 4 bands and cases.

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