Google Camera Apk Android 6.0 1

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Click To Go Information technology from Apk Mirror

What’s New

  • Google Photographic camera v3.i with the new UI.
  • Faster switching from Photograph to Video Manner
  • Faster Swithching to HDR+
  • No SlowMo ( equally expected )
  • No BurstMode ( as expected )

misalliance : Slightly More Materialize Icon, Dark Theme In Setting , better motorcar focus (still testing) etc

Don’t Put you hope high for last 2 in future update also..Most probably they are
gonna happen ( atleast officially

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Correct now I just got the update thru playstore.

Depression light shot with flash kinda sucks.

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Low light shot with flash kinda sucks.

I recall it is (kind of) !

Don’t know if this is due to i took night shot subsequently very long time or i’yard found of 2015 smart telephone’s camera samples or may be just it’south this update merely night shot aren’t much pretty..thay are okay merely should be better



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How to take photos while recording video?


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Sadly, that feature is removed.


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Hmm, I can’t brand picture in HDR way… Merely me?


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Hmm, I can’t make moving-picture show in HDR way… Just me?

I have No such trouble.

try to cleat data for camera app


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Hmm, I can’t make film in HDR mode… But me?

I have No such problem.

try to cleat information for camera app

I as well accept no problems with HDR+

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Doesn’t install on my n5 marshmallow rom. Get app not installed message


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Everything is working. Looks like video recording is better. Only looks like camera focusing is worst. Imo


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The problem with HDR+ is if you accept flash on, you have the pick to turn both flash and HDR+ on at the same time but doing so volition result in dark almost black photos, plough flash off and information technology should work commonly


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why i dont see google photographic camera in playstore anymore ?

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