Google Home App For Windows 11

Google Assistant for PC tin can be used in the same way as Microsoft Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa tin can. Thanks to the efforts of tech enthusiasts throughout the globe, there is an unofficial method for bringing Google Assistant to Windows 11. In this guide, we will become over all of the steps you need to take to download and install Google Assistant on your Windows 11 PC or laptop.

Microsoft has announced that Android apps will operate on Windows xi, and although it is at present just bachelor in Windows Insider versions, the general edition is likely to exist released soon. But for now, you tin either follow these instructions or expect.

What is Google Assistant?

Since its debut in 2016, Google Banana has evolved into one of the almost avant-garde and agile assistants available, and Google has broadly deployed Assistant, both on its own devices and via partnerships.

Google Banana is the company’s virtual banana. Google Assistant debuted equally an extension of Google At present, with the goal of condign more personal while edifice on Google’due south existing “OK Google” voice capabilities.

Google At present has long been dead, but Google Banana exists in the same identify, merging these customized aspects with a wide range of phonation command. Google Assistant accepts both text and voice input and will go on the discussion regardless of which technique yous choose.

What can Google Assistant practise?

Google Assistant provides phonation commands, spoken language searches, and voice-activated device command, allowing yous to do a variety of activities on your Windows x or Windows 11 computer after saying the wake words “OK Google” or “Hey Google.”

With Google Assistant, you can:

  • Control your devices and your smart home.
  • Access information from your calendars and other personal information online.
  • Command your music.
  • Play content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices.
  • Detect information online, from restaurant bookings to directions, weather, and news.
  • Run timers and reminders.
  • Make appointments and ship letters.
  • Open apps on your phone.
  • Read your notifications to you.
  • Play games.
  • etc.

How to Install Google Assistant on your Windows 11 PC

As previously stated, in that location is no official Google Assistant app for Windows, although an unofficial client is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs. Below, we will testify you how to download Google Assistant for free on your PC or laptop. Having Google Assistant installed on your Windows calculator is like having your own personal Google Banana that handles everything for you lot. So, without further ado, here are the steps to install Google Assistant for free on a Windows 10 or Windows xi PC.

To avoid errors, information technology is recommended that you carefully follow all of the steps. Furthermore, nosotros propose that you create a system restore point or retain a backup of your information to keep all of your information safety and secure.

Footstep 1.
Download and Install Google Assistant Unofficial Windows xi Client

  • To go started, download the unofficial Google Assistant Windows app in .exe format from the GitHub folio.
Download .exe

  • Once downloaded, find the downloaded file and double click to run it.
Open the Google Assistant Setup
Google Assistant Setup

  • Review the license understanding and select “I Agree.
Agree to Terms
Agree to Terms

  • Next, if you have fix multiple users, y’all demand to choose whether you desire to brand this software bachelor for other users too.
Choose installation options
Cull installation options

  • And so, choose the binder in which you lot want to install Google Assistant, and click on the “Install” button.
Install Google Assistant Unofficial Windows 11 Client

  • Once it’s washed, uncheck the box next to “Run Google Assistant” and clickFinish.
Google Assistant Unofficial Windows 11 Client Installed

Step 2.
Create a New Project from the Action Console

  • Open up the Actions Console and click on “New project.
New Project
New Project

  • Now, concord to the terms of service, select your country of residence, and click on “Agree and continue.
Agree and continue
Agree and continue

  • Next, type any name for the project name, select your preffered
    linguistic communication
    region, and click on “Create a Project.
Create a New Project from the Action Console
Create projection

Pace iii.
Register Model and Download Credentials

  • On the next screen, scroll down and you’ll find an “Are you looking for device registration? Click
    ” link. Y’all volition need to click on the link to proceed.
Going to device registration

  • Now to embed Google Assistant into any of your devices, click on the “REGISTER MODEL” button.
  • Fill in the fields for Product Name, Manufacturer Name, and Device Type in this area, then click “
    Register MODEL
Register Model
Register Model

  • After yous’ve generated a model, you’ll exist prompted to download the credentials. To continue, click “Download OAuth 2.0 credentials” and then “Next.”
Download OAuth 2.0 credentials
download credentials

  • Finally, press the “SAVE TRAITS” button.
Save Traits
Salvage Traits

Step 4.
Enable Google Assistant API

  • Afterwards this, you need to head over to the Cloud Panel page and log in with your G-Business relationship.
  • At present, go to the search box and search for the project you simply created, then click on it.
Search for created project
Search for created project

  • Then, from the left-manus carte du jour, select “API and Services.”
go to APIs and services
APIs and services

  • Then, select “ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES.”
Click on Enable APIs and services
Enable APIs and services

  • At present, become to the search box on the opened page and blazon “Google Assistant”
    and then click on “Google Assistant API.
Search for Google Assistant API
Search for Google Assistant API

  • Finally, select “Enable.”
Eanble Google Assistant API
Eanble Google Assistant API

Footstep 5.
Configure Credentials Screen

  • A new page will appear when you enable the Google Banana API. From at that place, select “Credentials” from the left side, followed by “CONFIGURE CREDENTIALS SCREEN.

  • Yous should at present decide how y’all wish to configure and register your app. Select “External” and press the “Create” button for this phase.
Choose how you want to configure and register your app

  • Next, for the “User Back up electronic mail,” enter your specified email address.
App information
App information

  • And so, scroll down and input your email address in the Programmer Contact Information box and click “SAVE AND Keep.”
Developer contact information
Developer contact data

  • On the next page, curl downward and click “SAVE AND Continue.
save and continue
relieve and go on

  • Finally, on the last page, click “BACK TO DASHBOARD.”
Back to dashboard
Back to dashboard

Stride 6.
Add Test Users for OAuth Consent Screen

  • After going to the dashbaord, Scroll down and under the
    Test Users
    section click on the “Add USERS” button.
Add Test Users for OAuth consent screen
Add users

  • Enter yourelectronic mail ID and click “SAVE.”
put email and Save
put email and Save

Pace vii.
Set up the Google Assistant app on Windows 11

  • Afterward adding exam users, open the Google Assistant app on your Windows 11 computer and select “Get Started.”
Get Started
Get Started

  • Next, press the “Proceed” button.
Click Proceed

  • Then, on the pinnacle-left corner of the Google Assistant screen, click the “Settings” button.
go to Settings

  • Now, click the “Browse” button next to the Central file location, choose the JSON file, and then click “Salve.”
upload in Key file path
Key file path

  • Select “Automatically prepare a path” in the pop-up box.
Automatically set a path
Automatically set a path

  • Select “Relaunch Assistant.”
Relaunch Assistant
Relaunch Banana

  • You lot’ll be taken to a new web page to verify the app. From there, cull your Google business relationship.
Choose your Google Account to continue with project
Choose your Google Account

  • Click the “Continue” button.

  • On the new popular-upwards project that displays, cull “Allow.”
  • Copy the token link.
  • The Assistant app will prompt you for a token; merely paste the token Web address into the Google Assistant app and press the “Submit” button.
  • Relaunch the Assist.
  • That’s all! Google Assistant is at present available for use on your Windows 11 estimator or laptop.

Make certain that yous have provided all the necessary permissions, such as a microphone, location, and others, for the Google Assistant to piece of work smoothly.

You can install and gear up Google Assistant on your Windows 10 reckoner past following the above-mentioned steps.


That’south all! This is how you lot can install Google Banana on your Windows 11 PC without using Python. The Google Assistant unofficial Windows 11 customer that nosotros installed on our calculator is similar to Google’s official Google Assistant app. Finally, we hope you found this post helpful; if yous spot any mistakes or have anything else to add, please use the comments area below.

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