Google Pixel phones are often ranked close to the “god tier” of all-time Android devices, earning praise from reviewers and users akin. Afterwards all, Google makes Android, so a telephone made by Google running Android should be the perfect Android phone, right? While Pixels accept slowly made their style to the mainstream, there’southward nevertheless a lot of comeback needed to get there. While that happens, though, they nonetheless have their charm. It’due south not a coincidence they consistently become fan favorites, and they’re ofttimes considered among the best smartphones. Yous tin can’t truly experience Pixel phones without trying one out, though. So if you’re interested in getting a Google Pixel telephone, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Pixel phones you can currently get.

From flagship devices like the Pixel seven Pro to cheaper ones like the Pixel 6a, Google’south lineup has gotten extensive enough to warrant making a list.

Best overall: Google Pixel seven Pro

If money is no object, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is the best Google phone you can buy right now. It fixes the main complaints we had with its predecessor — battery, thermals, and buggy software — while refining and doubling down on what was already great: camera and AI smarts. We wouldn’t telephone call the Pixel 7 Pro a huge upgrade over the Pixel 6 Pro, but the improvements and refinements it brings are certainly noteworthy and welcome.

The Pixel 7 Pro looks identical to its predecessor from the front, featuring a large curved brandish and slim bezels. But turn information technology over, and you lot’ll notice quite a few changes. The signature two-tone finish of the Pixel 6 Pro is gone, replaced with a more than generic-looking single-color finish. And that distinct black camera bar has been replaced by a polished aluminum frame that has two cutouts for the camera lenses. The front and back are protected by Gorilla Glass Victus, while the IP68 rating ways you don’t have to worry near dirt and h2o splashes damaging your device. Still, we would recommend picking upwardly a protective instance to keep information technology scratch-gratis.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro sports a gorgeous AMOLED display with 3120 x 1440 or QHD+ resolution. It’s a high refresh rate LTPO display that can smoothly scale its refresh rate between 120Hz and 10Hz. The Pixel vii Pro panel besides gets brighter, offering k nits max brightness and 1500 nits peak effulgence.

On the within, the Pixel seven Pro packs Google’southward newest in-house chipset: Tensor G2. While CPU and GPU performance is similar to last year’southward chipset, the new chipset is significantly faster in motorcar learning and camera processing tasks.

Every bit yous would expect, the Pixel seven Pro too gets the all-time photographic camera hardware, featuring a 50MP primary shooter that’s unchanged from the concluding model, a 48MP telephoto lens with 5x optical and 30x digital zoom, and a 12MP ultra-wide photographic camera that also doubles equally a macro lens. In add-on, there are some new AI-powered photography features such as Photo Unblur, Guided Frame, and Cinematic Unblur.

The five,000mAh battery is unchanged from last year, but with Tensor G2’s efficiency improvements and software optimizations, we tin await the Pixel 7 Pro to deliver fifty-fifty better bombardment life. On the software side, the phone runs Android 13 out of the box, with Google promising iii years of Bone updates and 5 years of security updates.

Other highlights include an improved fingerprint reader, NFC, UWB support, wireless charging support, dual-band GPS, and Bluetooth 5.2.

The Pixel 7 Pro is Google's top-of-the-line flagship of the year, featuring the second-gen Tensor SoC, a 120Hz LTPO display, a telephoto sensor, and a bigger battery.

Google Pixel seven Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Pixel 7 Pro is Google’s top-of-the-line flagship of the yr, featuring the second-gen Tensor SoC, a 120Hz LTPO display, a telephoto sensor, and a bigger bombardment.

Still great: Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro back

Now that the Pixel 7 Pro is in boondocks, the Pixel half dozen Pro isn’t the king of the castle anymore. But this outgoing model is still an excellent alternative if you don’t want to pony upwards $899 on the Pixel seven Pro. You tin can easily discover the base model for $650 or less on Amazon and Best Purchase.

The Pixel 6 Pro has a large half dozen.7-inch OLED display with QHD+ resolution and up to 120Hz refresh rate. QHD+ resolution means everything on the brandish, including photos, videos, graphics, etc., look crisp. The panel is curved on its edges, similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, offer a more than immersive viewing feel. Peak effulgence isn’t as high as the Pixel seven Pro just is sufficient for using the phone under directly sunlight, and you also go support for HDR10 and HDR10+ content on Netflix and other streaming platforms. Since information technology’due south an LTPO brandish, yous also become an adaptive refresh rate, meaning the brandish can automatically adjust the refresh rate between 10Hz to 120Hz based on content and screen interaction. Both the front and back are protected by Corning’s Gorilla Drinking glass Victus.

In improver to the same 50MP main camera and a 12MP ultra-wide shooter every bit the standard Pixel six, the Pro model has an additional 48MP telephoto lens that lets you take meliorate zoom shots without sacrificing details.

Powering the Google Pixel 6 Pro is Tensor, Google’s first in-business firm SoC. It’s not as fast as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Tensor G2, but you lot’re unlikely to detect any slowdowns or stutters in mean solar day-to-twenty-four hours activity no matter what you lot throw at information technology. The just thing about the Pixel 6 Pro’due south performance that’south not and so Pro is gaming. The phone heats quite a bit and throttles when put under a heavy load for a prolonged period.

The Pixel six Pro delivers average bombardment life, and its 30W fast charging is nothing to write home about when the contest is offering upwardly to 150W speeds. But if yous’re not a heavy user, you tin still expect the phone to provide a full-24-hour interval bombardment life. Wireless charging support is too on lath, and the phone lets y’all reverse wireless accuse your smartwatch or earphones at up to 5W speed.

As for software, Google has promised iii years of Android version updates and five years of security patches on the Pixel vi Pro. It comes with the latest Android 12 out of the box with all the Material Y’all goodness.

The Pixel 6 Pro is the larger sibling that comes with Google's new Tensor chip, a modern design, and an extra telephoto camera.

Google Pixel half-dozen Pro

Google Pixel half dozen Pro

The Pixel vi Pro is the larger sibling that comes with Google’s new Tensor chip, a modern design, and an extra telephoto camera.

All-time for most people: Google Pixel seven

Google Pixel 7 camera visor

For those who practise non care almost the curved brandish and telephoto camera, the standard Pixel 7 would exist a amend choice. The Pixel 7 is the most balanced telephone in the visitor’due south lineup, offering a great hardware package without any obvious shortcomings and for a much lower price than the Pixel seven Pro. The Pixel 7 follows the same general pattern language as the Pro model, packing an aluminum band that spans the phone’s width.

The Pixel 7’s FHD+ OLED 90Hz panel isn’t as advanced and smooth every bit the Pixel 7 Pro, only you won’t be disappointed by what it has to offer. It’s brighter and more than vibrant than the Pixel vi’southward panel, reaching 1400 nits of meridian brightness while too offering 24-bit color and HDR support.

Should y’all go with the cheaper Pixel 7, you lot won’t be compromising on performance since information technology uses the same Tensor G2 chipset as the Pro model. And while you only get 8GB of RAM compared to 12GB on the Pro, information technology’s more than plenty for most people and unlikely to impact twenty-four hours-to-mean solar day operation.

The Pixel 7’due south photographic camera setup is admittedly less versatile than the Pro. It misses out on the dedicated telephoto zoom lens and Macro Focus feature. Only what matters most is the master photographic camera, and we’re happy to report it has the same excellent 50MP main camera as the Pro model.

The Pixel 7 packs a 4,335mAh battery and supports 30W fast wired and 20W fast wireless charging. Similar to the Pro, it runs Android 13 out of the box and is promised to get 3 years of Os updates and five years of security updates. Elsewhere, you get an in-brandish fingerprint scanner, Face Unlock, Bluetooth five.2, stereo speaker, and dual-band GPS. Check out the best Pixel vii cases and screen protectors to go along your device shiny new.

The Pixel 7 packs the second-gen Tensor SoC, a brighter display, and improved cameras.

Google Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7

The Pixel 7 packs the second-gen Tensor SoC, a brighter display, and improved cameras.

Still budget flagship: Google Pixel half dozen

Pixel 6 performance

With the arrival of the Pixel 7, Google Pixel 6 might not be the best standard Pixel flagship, but it remains a solid choice for those who want to experience the Pixel’southward camera prowess and software smarts without paying $599. You lot won’t lose out much past picking upward this yr-one-time Pixel. It has the aforementioned first-class 50MP chief camera that’due south inside the Pixel 7 and Pixel vii Pro and a similar software feel.

You go a nice 6.4-inch OLED display with FHD+ resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate. The panel doesn’t get as bright as the Pixel vi Pro, nor does it back up LTPO tech for dynamic refresh rate. But the small-scale screen size and 1080p resolution mean the Pixel half dozen’s display isn’t a battery hog like to the QHD+ console of the Pixel 6 Pro. With a maximum effulgence of 500 nits, the screen isn’t all that bright, simply information technology’s sufficient for outdoor employ.

In the performance department, you have nada to worry nigh. The Pixel six performs similarly to the Pro model in day-to-24-hour interval tasks as it’s powered past the same Tensor Soc. Still, information technology may non be able to concur equally many apps as the Pixel 6 Pro due to the lower amount of RAM. Notwithstanding, 8GB of RAM is more than than plenty for most people and is unlikely to affect the general performance.

You get two excellent cameras on the back: a 50MP primary shooter and a 12MP ultra-wide shooter. The phone misses out on a dedicated zoom lens. Every bit always, Google has nailed the performance, and thanks to the newer primary camera, the Pixel 6 brings massive improvements to depression-low-cal performance. You lot’ll be hard-pressed to find a telephone that delivers camera functioning equally adept as the Pixel vi in this price range.

The camera on the forepart isn’t as broad as the ane on the Pro and as well drops the resolution to 8MP. Other than that, there’southward not a lot you lot’re missing out on with the standard Pixel 6. The Pixel 6 is also slightly smaller than the Pixel 6 Pro, which a few people may adopt. You get the aforementioned sort of software back up on the Pixel half dozen as well. The bombardment is slightly smaller at 4600mAh, only the smaller screen and lower refresh rate mean that the battery life will be every bit adept as the Pro, if not better.

The Pixel 6 comes with Google's new Tensor chip, a modern design, and flagship cameras.

Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 comes with Google’s new Tensor chip, a modern design, and flagship cameras.

Most affordable: Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a in hand with blurred background.

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with the Google Pixel 7 or Pixel six, you lot volition do just fine with the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 6a is a repetition of a successful formula. Like previous Pixel A series phones, the new model brings the best features of the flagship Pixels down to a more than accessible toll point while dropping some premium features in the procedure. The compromises come up in the form of fewer premium materials, a downgraded display, and older photographic camera hardware. Rather than Gorilla Drinking glass Victus on the front, you get Gorilla Glass three, and instead of a glass back, you get a plastic 1.

The Pixel 6a sports a six.1-inch OLED display with FHD+ resolution. Information technology’s a shame the console doesn’t offer a college refresh rate, topping out at 60Hz. There’s a promise the Android tinkering community might be able to surpass this limitation and unlock the 90Hz refresh rate. But the fact that Google didn’t ship a higher refresh rate panel on a 2022 mid-range telephone is definitely disappointing and puts the phone at a disadvantage. But on the bright side, the display is sunlight legible and offers vibrant colors and deep blacks you expect from an OLED panel.

The most exciting matter about the Pixel 6a is that it uses the same flagship Tensor SoC as the Pixel vi and Pixel vi Pro. However, earlier you get too excited, note that the phone doesn’t perform as well as the meridian models. This is due to the fact that the Pixel 6a only packs 6GB of RAM and lacks the smoothness of a higher refresh rate panel. For what it’s worth, the Pixel 6a performs respectably in mean solar day-to-twenty-four hours apply. Unless yous’re a power user, y’all’ll be perfectly content with the overall operation.

The camera situation is a bit tricky. Instead of borrowing the new camera hardware from the Pixel 6 serial, the latest affordable Pixel packs the same former camera modules that take appeared on all previous Pixel A series phones. Despite older cameras, the Pixel 6a produces the aforementioned high-quality photos we’ve come to expect from the Pixel line, thanks to Tensor’due south new epitome indicate processor and Google’s machine-learning magic.

The Pixel 6a packs a 4,410mAh battery, slightly smaller than the Pixel half-dozen’south iv,614mAh cell. But the smaller screen and a lower refresh rate hateful you won’t be reaching for the charger in the centre of the mean solar day. And speaking of the charger, you don’t get i inside the box. You lot’ll take to use your existing 1 or choose from the best Pixel 6a chargers.

For $449, the Pixel 6a packs a lot of value, offering a delightful mix of fantastic photographic camera performance and a thoughtful software experience. The 3-twelvemonth Android OS back up is the icing on the block.

The Google Pixel 6a comes with 5G support but not all models support the speedy mmWave 5G networks.

Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a

The Pixel 6a is a slap-up mid-range smartphone, packing powerful cameras and Google’s in-firm Tensor chipset.

This is pretty much information technology for our list of the best Pixel phones you can get right now. The best Google Pixel smartphones correct now are the Google Pixel seven Pro and the Pixel vii. They are arguably the best Pixels phones ever made. If you don’t have $700 to pony up on a smartphone, though, then yous might be well served by the Pixel 6 or fifty-fifty Pixel 6a.