Google Pixel 3a Do Not Disturb

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Android notifications can be annoying at times, simply they don’t take to exist. Enabling “Do Not Disturb” mode is i manner to mute pesky notifications at times when you don’t need them. Here’south how to set it up on your Google Pixel.

About Android devices include some form of Exercise Non Disturb settings. There’south a lot that you lot can practice with these settings, and taking some time to customize them can greatly improve your smartphone experience.


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How to Customize Exercise Not Disturb

The “Do Not Disturb” options are establish in the “Sound” settings. First, swipe downwards from the top of the screen twice, then tap the gear icon to open the Settings bill of fare.

open the device settings

Become to Sound (or Audio & Vibration) > Practice Not Disturb.

android sound settings

We’ll start in the tiptop section. This is where you tin decide which people and apps tin can break through “Do Not Disturb” way. Tap “People” to get started.

tap people to begin

Tap “Calls” to cull which people volition be able to ring your phone while it’s in “Do Not Disturb” way.

next tap calls

Cull one of the following options from the list.

  • Starred Contacts: Anyone who y’all’ve saved equally a starred contact.
  • Contacts: Anyone who is saved in your contacts.
  • Anyone:
    Anyone who calls your phone.
  • None:
    All calls will be muted during Practice Not Disturb fashion.

call choices

If you cull “Starred Contacts,” you can tap the gear icon to add or remove people.

starred contacts settings

Select the icon in the top-correct corner to add starred contacts, or tap the star icon to remove a starred contact. Tap the Back arrow when you’re done.

do not disturb add starred contacts

Side by side, toggle the switch on for “Let Repeat Callers” if you lot would like any person to be able to go through when they phone call a second fourth dimension within fifteen minutes. Tap the Dorsum arrow when you lot’re done.

allow repeat callers

Now, we’re going to do the same thing for text messaging. Tap “Messages.”

select messages

You’ll meet the same options that were available in the “Calls” department.

call choices

If you cull “Starred Contacts,” you tin can customize your starred contacts again by tapping the gear icon. Tap the Back arrow when you’re washed.

The terminal thing to set upward in the People department is “Conversations.” Starting in Android 11, you can highlight specific conversations in messaging apps. In the context of Practice Not Disturb style, maybe you don’t want to be notified if a friend hits you up on Facebook Messenger, but you do desire to know if they send you an urgent SMS.

The options in “Conversations” are every bit follows. You can tap the gear icon adjacent to the options to conform which conversations are included.

  • All Conversations:
    Any conversation that you’ve moved to the Conversations department of the notifications.
  • Priority Conversations:
    Conversations that you’ve marked as “Priority.”
  • None:
    Ignore conversations.

conversations options

Now that nosotros’ve fix up Calls and Messages, we can customize which other notifications are immune during Do Not Disturb mode. Select “Alarms & Other Interruptions.”

select alarms & others

You lot’ll encounter a list of notification types with toggles next to them. Select the ones that you’d similar to see during Do Not Disturb way.

select notifications

The last department to encompass is “Apps.” This shows which apps volition exist able to alert you lot during Practice Not Disturb mode.

select apps

The “Apps That Can Interrupt” will exist shown at the top. Notice that they may say “Some Notifications.” Yous tin can select an app to fine-tune exactly which notifications are allowed to interrupt.

select an app from the list

To add more apps to this list, tap “Add Apps.”

tap add apps

The page will aggrandize with a full listing of apps on your device. Select the app that you lot wish to add.

select an app to add

You’ll be brought to a page with all the different types of notifications that can come from the app. Toggle the switch for whatsoever that y’all’d like to allow during Do Non Disturb mode.

choose notification types

In one case you’re finished calculation apps, get dorsum to the primary “Do Not Disturb” settings. The adjacent thing that we’re going to do is choose how long Do Non Disturb mode will run from the Quick Settings button.

quick settings options

You tin choose to keep it on “Until You Turn Off,” set a custom time length, or have it “Enquire Every Time.” Tap “OK” when you’re finished.

quick settings toggle action

Side by side, select “Brandish Options for Hidden Notifications.” This will decide what notifications that are blocked during Do Not Disturb style wait and sound similar.

hidden notification options

From here, there are three options:

  • No Sound from Notifications:
    Notifications volition still announced, but they won’t brand a sound.
  • No Visuals or Sound from Notifications:
    You won’t see or hear the notifications.
  • Custom:
    Select this to brand very specific choices about how notifications announced.

hide notification options

If yous choose “Custom,” tap the gear icon to bring up the options. You tin can select several different variables to determine exactly how notifications will announced in unlike situations.

Lastly, we can set up a schedule for Do Not Disturb mode. Tap “Schedules.”

set up a schedule

There will exist a few different preset schedules that you lot can apply. If you lot accept previously set upwards “Bedtime Way” on your phone, you’ll run into that enabled as one of the schedules.


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To create your own custom schedule, tap “Add More” at the lesser.

do not disturb add a schedule

You’ll be asked to choose a schedule type first. “Issue” volition run Do Not Disturb based on calendar events. “Time” will run Practise Not Disturb at selected times.

Issue-based Schedules

Select “Event” as the schedule type.

do not disturb event type

Enter a name for the schedule. And so tap “Add.”

do not disturb event type name

Next, tap “During Events for” to choose which Google Calendar you want to employ.

do not disturb choose calendars

Choose 1 of the calendars from the driblet-down menu or “Whatsoever Calendar.”

do not disturb choose calendars

Next, tap “Where Answer Is” to specify events that yous have responded to. Select 1 of the options from the drib-downwardly bill of fare.

do not disturb event type

Lastly, tap “Do Not Disturb Behavior.”

do not disturb behavior options

Select “Apply Default Settings” to use the Exercise Not Disturb settings that we previously set. If you would similar to become through that process for this specific schedule, select “Create Custom Settings for this Schedule” and tap the Gear icon.

do not disturb behavior settings

That’due south it! The schedule is washed.

Time-based Schedules

Select “Time” as the schedule type.

do not disturb choose schedule type

Enter a name for the schedule. Then tap “Add.”

do not disturb name schedule

Now tap “Days,” and select the days of the week that you lot desire the schedule to include. Tap “Done” when you’re finished.

do not disturb select days of the week

Select “Start Time,” and enter a time for the schedule to brainstorm. Tap “OK” when y’all’re finished.

do not disturb select start time

Repeat the aforementioned process for “End Fourth dimension.”

do not disturb select end time

Toggle the switch for “Warning Can Override Stop Time” to allow Do Not Disturb mode to end if an alarm is set to become off before your called end fourth dimension.

do not disturb override end time

Lastly, tap “Practice Not Disturb Beliefs.”

do not disturb behavior options

Select “Utilize Default Settings” to use the Practice Not Disturb settings that we previously set. If you would like to go through that process for this specific schedule, select “Create Custom Settings for this Schedule” and tap the Gear icon.

do not disturb behavior settings

That’due south it! The schedule is washed.


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How to Turn on Practise Not Disturb At Any Time

In the previous section, we prepare our Do Not Disturb behavior and created some schedules. If you lot would like to plow on Practice Not Disturb at whatever time independently from the schedules, you can exercise that likewise.

The easiest way to practice this is from the Quick Settings toggles. Swipe down from the meridian of the screen twice and tap “Do Not Disturb.” (Y’all may take to swipe to the right to see the toggle.) The action of this toggle is adamant by the “Default Duration” choice that we made above.

do not disturb quick settings toggle

Alternatively, y’all can go to Settings > Sound > Practise Not Disturb and tap the “Plough On Now” button.

do not disturb turn on now


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