Google Pixel 6 Privacy Screen Protector

The Google Pixel half-dozen mural privacy screen protector is designed for those looking to protect their information from wandering optics when using thier smartphone in landscape orientation. If you’re a regular commuter, accept access to confidential information, or you just prefer to go along your screen private, this Google Pixel 6 anti-spy screen protector ensures your screen is for your eyes only.

Privacy in Landscape Mode

You’re using your
Google Pixel 6
more so ofttimes switching betwixt unlike apps and getting things done on the move. You lot realise that you need to flip your device from portrait to mural mode to enahnce your interaction with the screen whether to lookout man a video, play your favourite game, read your e-book, bank check your emails or browse your pictures. Information technology’s fascinating how much can be done; however, it is also intriguing how much this device tin tell well-nigh yous.

Have yous e’er idea about how many people take had a glance at your Google Pixel six screen? Whether it is intentional or non, curiosity is undoubtedly uncontrollable, and it only takes a quick peek at your screen to expose something confidential to a stranger. It’s a bit like keeping your home door open for everyone to walk in; that’due south an unwelcomed invite.

Your Google Pixel 6 Screen

Even though you may be holding your Google Pixel six direct in front of you, either side of the screen is nevertheless viewable. Wandering eyes tin see what’southward on the screen. At close proximity and with a bit of insistence anybody can obtain personal or classified information. This is technically referred to as ‘visual hacking’ and everybody is susceptible to this course of intrusion and then long equally your screens are exposed.

In essence your Google Pixel 6 can undermine your confidentiality and personal information. If you were viewing piece of work related information, leaked data could atomic number 82 to data breaches which could accept detrimental consequences.

Such unforeseen scenarios can be avoided with the Google Pixel 6 mural
screen protector from ViaScreens.

Smartphone screen visible to others

ViaScreens Privacy Screen in Portrait Mode

2-Mode Landscape Privacy Screen Protection

The Google Pixel vi privacy screen protector is a 2-way black-out screen that blocks visibility of your display from the sides. It adheres to your screen offering you lot a crisp clear image when viewing the screen straight on but begins to black-out as you turn away. What this means for you is that the screen looks black to anybody beside yous, either side of the screen. When rotating the Google Pixel 6 to a portrait orientation you volition all the same get the same well-baked clear image but without a privacy consequence.

So, with this landscape version of the privacy screen you lot go the needful confidentiality when using your device in landscape orientation and when no privacy is required you tin flip back to portrait manner.

Looking for portrait but privacy for your Google Pixel 6? Check out our
Privacy screen protector.

Effective Privacy using Microlouver Engineering

This smart black-out engineering science is achieved using microlouvers that are embedded inside the Google Pixel 6 screen protector. These microlouvers restrict visibility of the screen to 30° either side of the lit display. Beyond the thirty° point the screen is blacked-out.

Moreover, because this screen protector features a glass-like glossy finish, onlookers will see mirror similar reflections from the surroundings rather than light being emitted from your screen.

Looking for a matte finish privacy screen protector for the Google Pixel 6? Cheque out our
Privacy Lite
screen protector.

Portrait Privacy Screen Protector

Smartphone screen only visible to user


  • Superb surface-level protection from contact with difficult metal objects such as coins and keys protecting the screen from impact, scratches, scuffs, and grease.
  • Excellent optical clarity with a crystal-articulate epitome that besides helps in reducing blue-light exposure.
  • Premium film-based screen protector adheres firmly to your screen without leaving whatever remainder when removed.
  • Advanced silicone agglutinative backing eases application and doesn’t trap any air bubbles.
  • Sleeky drinking glass-like surface end that is similar to the surface of the Google Pixel 6 screen.
  • Seamless touchscreen interaction when swiping and typing making your fingers glide smoothly.

Notice: This product will not piece of work with the in-display fingerprint reader.

Technical Data

  • Compatibility:
    Google Pixel vi; released October 2021
  • Material:
  • Surface Finish:
  • Surface Hardness:
  • Layer Thickness:
    0.42 mm
  • Transparency:
  • Smudge Resistance:
  • Privacy Angle:
  • Privacy Orientation:

Privacy Material Composition

Application Toolkit

What’s included in the pack?

The Google Pixel 6 screen protector is packed in a tamperproof package containing the privacy screen protector film and an Application Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to make installation quick, easy, and authentic. Yous will get:

  • i 10 Landscape Privacy Screen Protector
  • Mail-application dust removers
  • Pre-application dust removers
  • Alignment stickers
  • Squeegee

The pack also includes a link to awarding video instructions.

How to employ the Google Pixel 6 Screen protector?

Applying the Google Pixel six screen protector is made straightforward cheers to the step-past-pace video guide we’ve prepared. The video instructions demonstrate in particular how to achieve a perfectly practical screen protector without any trapped air bubbling or grit particles. It demonstrates how to align the screen protector properly and help troubleshoot any issue during awarding.

As this privacy screen protector is designed to last the lifetime of your Google Pixel 6, following the instructions carefully will non simply protect your screen, but will likewise enhance your usability.

Customer Satisfaction

Here to assistance

At ViaScreens we’re keen on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Not only accept we invested in manufacturing a quality product with a purpose, our aim is for yous to share your feel of this product and your interaction with us. That’southward why nosotros’re here to assistance when you lot demand usa!

Our aim is for y’all to have a seamless transaction and our Customer Back up Team are on hand to help. We offer our customers several means to accomplish u.s. including e-mail, chat, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

A dedicated B2B Team is likewise available for business organization, corporate and government clients.
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Google Pixel half-dozen Screen Protection

It is a fact that at least 45% of smartphone users will damage their screens at some point, in one way or another. Whilst accessorising and protecting your Google Pixel 6 with a case is trendy and important, screen protection is integral. After all, the screen is the essence of the device and any impairment to it hinders usability and interaction. Using a screen with scratches, a crack running forth the side or broken drinking glass is certainly unpleasant. Although smartphone screens are not as brittle equally they were once, keeping your Google Pixel 6 without a screen protector is non an option. Any type of screen protector would assist protect the screen and preserve the value of the Google Pixel vi as it would aid in eliminating signs of wear and tear on the screen.

Constant apply of your Google Pixel 6 will undoubtedly return signs of weariness. Without a screen protector your valuable smartphone will commencement showing scuffs and scratches. These scratches weaken the surface of the screen making information technology more susceptible to failing if subjected to direct impact like a driblet. Furthermore, as the Google Pixel vi is prone to skin oil from the confront and hands, a layer of grease formulates and sticks to the surface of the screen dimming its glim. Just applying a screen protector will not only protect the screen from the casual scratches and scuffs, it will likewise keep grease and oil off the screen preserving its shine.

Replacing a damaged screen is extremely expensive. If done past other than the manufacturer, it may void the warranty. A cleaved screen could besides pose a wellness risk if the user touches the broken fragments of glass. Hence, applying a screen protector will protect your Google Pixel vi screen from damage and preserve its value when you come to upgrade and desire to trade-in or sell your device.

Besides, screen protection is non simply about protecting the screen; it’s a lot more than that. Screen protectors are a medium between you, the user, and the screen. They cleverly perform a function that your Google Pixel 6 lacks and help heighten interaction and experience. At ViaScreens we offer several types of screen protectors for the Google Pixel 6. Nosotros also offer an extensive range of compatible
Google screen protectors. All our screen protectors are fabricated of enhanced optical films that are durable and do not shatter.
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to run into all the options on offer.

Google Pixel 6 Privacy Screen Protectors

The Privacy screen protector for the Google Pixel half-dozen is non only a screen protector, information technology as well protects your identity and data. Your interaction with your device prompts the interest of pass-byers whom in turn unconsciously accept a peek at your screen. Your facial expressions whether you are grinning or have put on a serious face, ignites their curiosity and because it is a stranger y’all won’t be able to guarantee their intentions. Even if the onlooker were not intending to steal whatsoever information, they would have already learnt something about you by just having a quick await at the screen. This would possibly exist happening without you even noticing because your screen is fully exposed.

Installing a privacy screen protector provides the reassurance that using your Google Pixel 6 in public places like cafes, airports, trains, buses, or the office, sufficiently equips yous with the needful gear to confine data viewable on the screen to your eyes just. This data could be anything personal or work related. Information technology is a piece of information that tin tell something about you to a stranger. Whether it be an electronic mail you lot’re reading or writing, a photo on social media you lot are viewing and commenting on or annihilation personal, it’s all confidential! So why expose information technology to the public? Y’all may plow your device away from somebody that you notice is peeking and you may dare to tell them not to await at what you lot’re doing. But practise yous know how many people have already seen your screen today?

Privacy for Business

Every business and corporate establishment understands the importance of data security. Organisations implement numerous security measures to protect information including terminate-to-finish encryption, VPNs, 2FA, and other technologies. Such technologies safeguard organisations in the cyber space every bit admission to such information could lead to information breaches and could cost the organisation millions. Withal, what if a stranger got access to this information visually?

With the advent of synced data onto mobile devices and the ever-expanding remote working civilisation, organisation data is everywhere a member of the squad happens to be. When this data is viewed in a public infinite, every pass-byer possess a security threat and a risk of visual hacking. Whilst a visual hack onto a single person’s smartphone could touch that individual, a leak of corporate data could affect the entire organisation and even its clients.

At ViaScreens we help organisations mitigate the risks of visual hacking past offering diverse privacy solutions for all their IT equipment from smartphones and tablets, to laptops and monitors. Our privacy screens are used by multi-national organisations, government and armed services agencies and educational and healthcare establishments. For more information get in impact with our
Squad today.

What you need to know about ViaScreens

We’re all about screens and
screen protection. That’s why we offering you lot, the Google Pixel 6 user, a variety of screen protectors and mediums to choose from to protect and enhance your display. We do not offering tempered glass screen protectors for a couple of reasons. The most obvious being: why would you want to protect glass with glass? Nosotros source the best quality materials that complement the Google Pixel six. The science nosotros apply in applied science our optical films is the consequence of years of enquiry and development. As screens evolve, so practice our products.

Our catalogue of devices is expanding by the day with screen protectors made available to market alongside device launches. We take established partnerships with renowned manufacturers who test and abet our products to their cease users. We proudly accept products that are being used by government officials, healthcare personnel and international corporations. All our products are manufactured in Britain where we also fulfil your orders from.

Our store offers y’all a secure and seamless online transaction. In improver to the multiple payment options available, we too offer our customers multiple shipping options (depending on your location) ranging from standard to express delivery. At that place isn’t a spot on the planet where we tin’t deliver to (unless nosotros make up one’s mind non to). Whether you have any queries prior to your purchase or need to accomplish us postal service-buy, then again you tin do so in a multitude of ways. We offer our customers a chat option (available for desktop users), Twitter direct messaging, WhatsApp messages and email. Our Client Support Squad will respond back within 24-48 hours.

As a company we’re equally keen on your mail purchase feedback every bit we are on a transaction. Whether it is a product review or a company review, we desire happy customers. We sympathize the value of customer satisfaction and are committed to achieving it. We consider a transaction incomplete until our customers tell united states they’re satisfied. This can either be in the form of a review or past contacting u.s.a.. Inversely, if something has gone wrong for whatever reason, we’re here to listen and sort things out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this screen protector compatible with my device?

This screen protector is designed for the Google Pixel 6 that was released in October 2021. If this isn’t your device, yous tin find your compatible Privacy screen protector
here. Use the filtered navigation options to pinpoint your device. Still tin can’t find it?
Contact Support.

Is this privacy screen protector made of tempered drinking glass?

No, this privacy screen protector is made of PET material, short for Polyethylene Terephthalate.

Does the Google Pixel 6 privacy screen protector shatter?

Unlike tempered drinking glass this Google Pixel 6 screen protector does non shatter and considering it is made from PET material information technology does non fail or break.

Tin I get a landscape fashion privacy screen protector with a matte finish rather than a glossy surface?

Aye, nosotros besides offering a matte terminate privacy screen protector for the Google Pixel 6 called
Privacy Calorie-free.

I messed upwards the installation, what should I exercise?

This rarely happens especially if you’ve watched the application video thoroughly, only don’t worry. Contact our Back up Team and provide as much detail most what went incorrect, and they volition be able to advise you on how to troubleshoot the issue.

Can I re-apply this screen protector after I remove information technology from my device?

This screen protector is not designed to be re-used after it’due south removed. Nonetheless, there’s zilch that will stop you trying. And so long as the adhesive side has not accumulated too much grit, you may still exist able to re-apply.

What is the lifetime of this privacy screen protector?

Information technology will last every bit long as you own your device unless yous decide to remove it.