Google Pixel Pass Subscription: Everything You Need To Know

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Google’s new Pixel Pass service is an all-new way to acquire the brand-new Pixel phones – the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. It’s also going to be Google’southward respond to upgrading to a new Pixel telephone whenever a new model comes out. Allowing users to motility into a new device at a lower cost by continuing to subscribe.

Since Pixel Pass is launching today though, it’ll remain to be seen just how much it ends up being used past consumers. If you’re interested in the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and are because Pixel Pass, this guide volition serve as a ways for telling you everything y’all need to know nigh Google’southward new phone upgrade organisation. Which is essentially what this is.

What is Pixel Laissez passer?

Pixel Pass is Google’due south way of more or less locking you into a carrier phone financing program. It lets yous pay a set monthly amount for the Pixel phone, and it comes bundled with Google services. This is a plan that you subscribe to with a set toll for each telephone model. In this instance the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro.

Regardless of which telephone you choose, you get access to these services. And it’s also a manner for y’all to save money on your monthly payment for the telephone. You’ll then keep to pay for the phone every month over the bridge of a two-yr period.

How much does Pixel Pass cost?

Pixel Laissez passer has a cost that’s associated with the phone you pick. It’s $45 if yous go with the Pixel 6, and information technology’southward $55 if yous go with the Pixel 6 Pro. These are the prices you pay for the monthly payment for the new telephone. Which is college without Pixel Pass if you lot become through the Google Store’southward normal telephone financing. The Pixel 6 Pro for example is $71 a month if you lot aren’t doing the Pixel Pass.

Do I need to subscribe to Google Fi to get the Pixel Pass?

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No. You tin subscribe to Fi with the Pixel Pass if you want to. But it isn’t a requirement. Google will allow you to subscribe to the new service without having the phone locked to Google Fi. Pregnant you would get your monthly payments for a make-new Pixel phone, all of those premium Google services, and an unlocked device that works with whatever carrier. Whether that be AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile etc.

How much exercise I save if subscribe to Pixel Pass?

Quite a lot over the course of that two-year fourth dimension period. Though you will save a significantly larger amount if y’all subscribe to Pixel Laissez passer through Google Fi.

All told if you subscribe to the new service through Google Fi, you can save up to $414 over the two years you’re paying monthly for the phone. Which is quite a lot. And that’s not even factoring in the trade-in corporeality you’d become from a telephone trade-in. That is if you lot have 1 to merchandise-in. Since it has to be a uniform device that Google accepts, and in good working condition.

What services come with Pixel Laissez passer?

YouTube Music AH NS 02
YouTube Music AH NS 02

Aside from the telephone itself, Pixel Pass comes with a handful of Google’s premium services. Included is YouTube Premium, which comes with advertising-free viewing and groundwork playback. As well as YouTube Music with no ads so y’all can stream music non-stop.

Y’all likewise get 200GB of Google I storage, Preferred Care just in case yous damage your phone and need a repair or a replacement, and Google Play Laissez passer. Interestingly, it does not include Stadia Pro. Which could have been a perfect opportunity for Google to go more users for its deject gaming service.

Can I trade in my phone if I subscribe to Pixel Pass?

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Google does allow you to use telephone trade-ins if you set upwardly your Pixel vi or Pixel vi Pro purchase with the new pass. Though it is worth noting that y’all get more for the trade-in value if you practice the merchandise-in through the Google Shop financing without it.

For case, the trade-in value shows $285 for a Pixel 4a 5G without the service. But with it the merchandise-in shows merely $150. This could be because Pixel Pass volition already save y’all additional money on the phone over the two-yr menses that you lot’re paying for it.

While you withal might save more with Google’southward new service in the long run, it’southward worth knowing that the trade-in values are dissimilar.

Tin can anyone subscribe?

Technically, yes. Anyone can choose to subscribe to this new service if they want to option up the new Pixel half-dozen or Pixel Pro through this method. However, just like with regular Google Store financing, you take to be approved to exist able to make payments for the phone each month.

Google uses a credit service called Synchrony to cheque your credit. And in a thing of seconds yous should get a response dorsum that tells y’all whether or not you’ve been approved to make payments.

If not, then you have to pay for the phone outright and you volition not exist able to subscribe. Though you can still get the trade-in value for your telephone. In which instance you lot but do the trade-in through the Google Store and not through Pixel Pass.

Can I cancel the subscription earlier the ii years is up?

You lot certainly tin. But, only similar with a phone financing plan at your traditional carriers, you lot’ll end upward needing to pay the telephone off right and then and there.

Say you pay for a Pixel 6 Pro via Pixel Pass and pay for the phone through 12 months of payments. You’ve paid off i whole year of the device toll. If you then decide to cancel right after your 12th payment and earlier your 13th payment, you’ll need to pay whatever the remaining amount is.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you preferred to pay for everything up front end simply couldn’t in the offset, this would be a skilful style to drib that one-time payment down to a more manageable amount after on.

So you can cancel. Merely exist aware that that doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay for the remainder of the telephone’s toll.

If I intermission the phone, can it exist replaced?

Pixel Pass Preferred Care

Under Google’southward terms for the Preferred Care, which comes with the Pixel Pass subscription, you lot tin get the phone replaced if y’all happen to damage it.

Still, you merely go and then many claims per yr. Up to ii at the maximum. So the obvious affair here is to effort and avert dissentious the phone more that. Ideally, though, y’all want to try and avoid damaging it all then you don’t accept to make a claim. But in the consequence that y’all do, because accidents happen, yous can become it replaced up to 2 times per twelvemonth.

If information technology’s a warranty issue that causes the device to lose functionality at no error of your ain, so that’s a different story and Google should replace the device without the claim cost. As long as it’south within the warranty period.

To utilise Pixel Pass, you lot will demand a Google Payments account

If you don’t already have a Google Payments account ready, you’ll need that in society to employ this new subscription service to go the telephone.

Thankfully doing then is pretty piece of cake. And only requires that you accept the Google Payments Terms.

If you already subscribe to Play Laissez passer and/or Google One, they will transfer over

Pixel Pass

Two of the big perks of Pixel Pass is that it comes with a Play Laissez passer subscription and a Google One subscription (200GB). But what if you already accept those subscriptions set up? Well, good news. It transfers over to the new service.

So you won’t be locked out of Pixel Laissez passer should you want to pick up a new telephone. The service won’t transfer over until your device ships. So if you’re buying today, your subscriptions for the 2 former services will remain as they are until Google sends out your device.

Manage everything in in one case place

Another do good of the pass, co-ordinate to Google, is convenience. The ability to manage everything in once central spot and then you don’t have to go traipsing through numerous apps to do the same thing.

Google doesn’t actually elaborate on this a whole lot, merely it’s obvious that the company is referring to managing everything the pass comes with. Which includes the monthly neb payment for the phone (and the service if you’re going through Google Fi), equally well every bit all your accounts similar YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, Google One, Preferred Intendance, and Play Pass.

Pixel Laissez passer will provide users with other special bonuses

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If you lot read through the terms and conditions for Google’s new subscription-based upgrade program, it notes that there are additional benefits to look out for. While Google doesn’t give out specifics at this fourth dimension, it does suggest that y’all become more than a new phone at a discount and access to some of its premium services.

The terms and conditions country that Pixel Laissez passer provides users with “Google services and support, special offers, and a identify to notice new products and features.” While that doesn’t really tell you much, it hints that downward the line Pixel Laissez passer subscribers will become alerts, probably through electronic mail, about exclusive promotions and other benefits. What those terminate upwardly being is anyone’south guess at this time.

You are not exempt from changes

Google doesn’t seem to exist allowing whatever sort of grandfathering when it comes to the Pixel Pass subscription. Another note within the terms and conditions states that Googlemaychange the service at any time. But that it volition as well notify subscribers prior to those changes so they’re enlightened of them.

Whatsoever changes that would come upwards would also non accept place until after the electric current pay period that customers are in. And so for instance if yous just paid your monthly Pixel Pass payment a week ago, and then changes happen a couple of days later, they won’t impact you until the next monthly payment.

Worth keeping in mind is that this doesn’t mean Google will change anything. At to the lowest degree not for a while. Google simply has to include these details in the terms and weather condition for legal reasons.

Cancelling ways y’all lose access to the included Google services

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Should you lot decide to abolish at any point, yous continue the phone. You but accept to pay for the balance of it in one payment every bit mentioned above. As for the included Google services like YouTube Premium and Google One, Google says these would be terminated.

Basically, you lot’d accept to become through and re-subscribe to annihilation yous had and want to keep. The loss of these services would happen at the end of the electric current billing cycle and you lot would not receive a refund for anything you paid for prior.

You can also re-subscribe in the future, but you would stop upwards having to pay whatever the current prices are. If they change in between the fourth dimension you cancel and want to re-subscribe.


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