Got a great TV? Here’s why a Denon Soundbar will make it even better

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SPONSORED: Got an awesome Television set but all the same not getting the true home movie house feel you always dreamed of?

Chances are it’s goose egg to practise with the actual picture. Instead, information technology’south likely to do with an equally important, just often ignored, aspect of the home cinema experience: audio.

Hither’s why.

Why you should invest in a Denon soundbar

Do yous want to know the one thing most TVs, from meridian-end HDR ready OLEDs, downwards to affordable 4K, 48-inch sets accept in common? They oftentimes don’t offer terribly good audio.

This isn’t the manufacturer’s fault to be fair. It’s largely because, no thing how clever the tech is, the thin form factor of virtually modernistic apartment screens simply doesn’t have enough room to accommodate all the parts you demand to offer brilliant sound.

Until someone finds a way to replicate Doctor Who’south Tardis tech, there’southward simply not plenty space to fit all the tweeters, drivers and subwoofer hardware you need to go a truly cinematic experience out of your TV’s in-congenital speakers.

Which is why, regardless of what type of Television receiver you have, our first chip of communication for any serious buyer is to invest in a soundbar. These are convenient bits of tech that can be neatly slotted beneath most TVs and used to utterly drag whatever domicile system’s sound quickly and easily.

Simply with so many different variants on offer, each with spec sheets that read like an old school VCR’s education transmission, knowing which to get can be tricky, especially as not all sound bars are created equal.

For case, not every sound bar actually sounds great. They come in varying degrees of quality. On top of that you need to consider your specific needs. Picking one that doesn’t support certain features, similar the Dolby Atmos, THX or DTS virtual surround audio standards means y’all won’t necessarily get the best results when playing compatible content on services like Netflix and Prime Video.

Which is why as a starting point we suggest starting your search with a well known, established audio brand similar Denon, which has over 110 years’ experience creating top audio products.

But which Denon soundbar should you go?

But even within Denon’due south stellar range of soundbars there are a lot to choose from. Here to help simplify your shopping experience we’ve whittled the company’south diverse range into 3 easy recommendations roofing various prices and types of user.

Denon DHT-S216: The best entry level option

Toll: £199
If you want a quick and piece of cake to use soundbar that ticks all the right boxes, just don’t want to spend lots so Denon’s DHT-S216 is the one to get.

The DHT-S216 is a plug and play unit that at 6cm tall can hands slot beneath near TVs without blocking the IR sensor. If infinite is an upshot information technology can as well be mounted to a wall. Featuring HDMI in and HDMI out (ARC), an optical input and Bluetooth back up for wirelessly streaming sound the device is also uniform with pretty much every mod Tv, making it blissfully easy to set up in a few minutes.

Despite its dinky dimension the DHT-S216 comes with all the hardware you need to evangelize truly immersive audio. Under its tiny frame you’ll find two 3-inch downward firing subwoofers, two mid-range drivers and two 1-inch tweeters which evangelize wonderfully powerful and detailed audio.

If that wasn’t plenty to tempt you it as well has a number of absurd add on features y’all don’t traditionally find on a soundbar at this price. The biggest is its DTS Virtual: Ten back up. This is a cool feature that lets the soundbar use advanced 3D algorithms to simulate a multi-channel soundtrack from a ane-box organisation. The stop result is a virtual environs sound that’s much more than nuanced and detailed than you’ll find on competing similarly priced sets.

Get the Denon DHT-S216 at Currys now

Denon S316 lifestyle

Denon DHT-S316: Perfect for serious movie and sports fans

Price: £199
If yous’re a sports fan that really wants to hear the oversupply roar during live games, who also appreciates a powerful low end when watching movies, then the Denon DHT-S316 is the soundbar for you.

The soundbar has all the features yous’d wait including an HDMI (Arc) connector that lets you lot apace and easily set information technology up with a single cabled connection to the TV, plus a few awesome extras.

The biggest is the inclusion of a free wireless subwoofer. The subwoofer lets the Denon DHT-S316 off significantly more than powerful low end than competing sets, and thanks to its wireless connectivity can exist easily gear up and positioned with zero hassle. This actually adds to its already astonishing audio.

Combine the package with its Dolby and DTS virtual surround sound support and the Denon DHT-S316 is an easy recommendation for any sports or movie fan looking to upgrade their habitation setup.

Get the Denon DHT-S316 at Currys now

Home Sound Bar 550 lifestyle

Denon Dwelling house Sound Bar 550: The smartest soundbar available

£499 (Save £100)
If you want a powerful, immersive soundbar that can neatly fit into near multi-room or smart dwelling house setups so you should cheque out the Denon Dwelling house Audio Bar 550.

The Denon Home Sound Bar 550 features a number of key upgrades on its more affordable siblings, despite having a similarly compact and detached pattern.

These include back up for Amazon’southward Alexa digital banana, which lets you interact with connected tech using phonation commands, and support for most mutual smart home and wireless standards, including AirPlay and HEOS Built-in. This makes it quick and easy to connect the bar to other smart home devices in but a few clicks.

The functionality also makes the soundbar very scalable. The advanced connectivity and commuter support makes information technology quick and easy to pair the 550 with a pair of Denon’s 350, 250 and 150 wireless speakers, or the DSW-1H wireless subwoofer to create true surround sound experiences with ultra deep bass, should you want to level upward your dwelling movie theater setup even more later down the line.

Even if y’all don’t, information technology’s audio chops are already very impressive. The 550 supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D immersive environment audio and has an improved eARC HDMI Out, which lets it send higher-quality sound from your Idiot box to the soundbar, letting you get better sound from high res sources.

The combination of features make it the best option for serious movie and music fans that plan to build or upgrade their multi-room and smart home setups over fourth dimension.

Get the Denon Home Soundbar 550 at Currys now


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