Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars Review: Makes films more entertaining

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Building on the success of the company’s previous Tv backlight, this excellent-value kit adds in light bars for extra width. It’due south a little fiddly to set up properly, and balancing the photographic camera and calibrating it can be hard. Persevere and the results are excellent, with excellent colour matching pushing your amusement outside the frame of your Television receiver.


  • Splendid value
  • Low-cal confined add width
  • First-class colour matching


  • Lots of cables
  • Fiddly to configure


  • Uk
    RRP: £138.99
  • United states of america
    RRP: $138.99

Primal Features

  • Idiot box compatibility
    This kit is designed for 55-to-65-inch TVs.

  • Light type
    Segmented calorie-free strips and LED light bars tin shine multiple colours at once, more closely replicating what’s happening on your TV.


Lights that change colour and alloy in with your TV aid make for more atmospheric viewing, whether you’re watching Boob tube or playing a game. With the Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Low-cal Bars you get a packet that includes a light strip that fits to the dorsum of your Tv, plus two immersive light bars.

There’south no doubting the quality of the lights, working out much cheaper than the alternative Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box and Slope light strip. Installation is quite fiddly, and you end up with a lot of cables.

Every bit the kit uses a camera to watch your Television receiver screen, the primary do good of this kit is that information technology volition work with all content at any frame rate.

Pattern and installation

  • Lots of cables
  • Fiddly calibration
  • Simply for 55-inch to 65-inch TVs

I’ve reviewed the similar Govee Immersion Wi-Fi Television Backlight before, but this kit has more lights, adding two light bars to the LED TV Backlight strip. Given the kit on offer, this packet is excellent value.

Installation is quite fiddly. Core to everything is the control box/ability unit. Govee suggests sticking this in the eye of your Tv set, although that’s no expert on my wall-mounted Boob tube, and then I needed to shift it over.

This small box provides all of the connections y’all need, with power in, ii ability outputs for the TV Backlight and LED light bars, plus a USB connection for the camera. It also has a power push and basic controls, so you lot tin can manage your lights without reaching for the app.

Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars control box

One time this box is in place, it’s a matter of connecting upwards the other units. The TV Backlight is designed for 55-inch to 65-inch TVs and nothing else. It needs to exist stuck to the back of your TV, covering all four sides. Depending on the size of your screen and the layout, this can be tricky to get right, particularly if you don’t want the corner connector wires on brandish.

On my 55-inch LG OLED, the way the dorsum sticks out around the ports fabricated information technology a little fiddly to go the lights in the right places. Lining up the lights first, before removing the cover for the pasty fixings made life easier.

Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars light strip

Still, the Telly Backlight is slimmer and easier to deal with than the mesomorphic Philips Hue Gradient calorie-free.

Next, come up the LED light bars. These are connected by a power cable that plugs into the main control box. You tin can either wall mount them to the sides of your TV or stick them in the provided stands.

Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars light bar

As the lights are very light, moving the power cables tin can cause the confined to rotate or slide out of position. And, getting a great cable run is difficult because of the way that they’re joined. My communication is to make certain that you untangle the cable before installation and use cable ties if necessary to go along everything neat.

Finally, comes the camera. This must be installed in the middle of your Television, either stuck to the top or bottom. How your TV is designed will bear upon what’due south possible: with my TV, the heart of the lesser holds the LED power indicator it a stick-out cake, so I couldn’t fit it at that place. As information technology’s an OLED Television, the height of the screen is so thin, that I establish it fiddly to get the camera to sit pointing down.

Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars camera from the side

Be prepared to spend a expert corporeality of time setting everything upward, and you’ll get good results; still, no matter how much time you spend, it’s hard to get abroad from the fact that you’ll have a lot of cables behind your TV.

With the hardware installed, you need to use the app to connect the lights to your Wi-Fi network and to run through the calibration process. Showtime, Govee needs to empathise which way round you attached the lights and calorie-free bar.

The lights plough on to a colour pattern, then y’all tap the matching option in the app to requite Govee the orientation information technology needs.

For the lights to match the color of the on-screen action, the camera needs to be calibrated so that it’southward just looking at the screen.

To do this, you accept to draw a bounding box around the prototype, selecting where the edges are. Given the super fisheye lens, spotting the edge of your TV tin be hard; to assist, Govee provides some stick-on orangish squares that y’all put on the corners of your screen. Notwithstanding, getting everything correct tin can be hard; information technology’south worth testing and recalibrating if y’all’re not happy with the results.

Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars app setup

I can’t stress enough how of import getting the calibration right is, so spend the time getting this right or y’all may non be happy with the results.


  • Works equally standard lighting
  • Music manner
  • Elementary Telly control

Much was with Govee’south other products, such as the Lyra Flooring Lamp, the Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi Boob tube Backlight + Light Confined tin be controlled and used much similar any other lamp. Y’all tin can adjust the confined and light strip individually, and set different parts of the calorie-free strip to different colours.

There’s a huge range of scenes to choose from, including motion scenes, where the lights shift through dissimilar colours. It’s useful having these tools, as the Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars tin can act similar a regular smart calorie-free when you’re non watching TV.

For entertainment, yous merely plow on the Video mode, which uses the photographic camera to pick out the on-screen colours, matching the light bars and backlight to match. It’due south worth playing with the Saturation control to get the colours as shut as possible to those on your Idiot box.

There’south no way to automatically kickoff the video sync; the Hue system can do this, detecting when there’south a video signal.

If you lot don’t want to use the app, the control box at the button has three buttons: on/off, music style (the lights react to audio), and colour. Plus, yous tin long-press the buttons to accommodate brightness.

Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars app

In that location are also Amazon Alexa and Google Home skills so that you can plough the lights on and off with your vox. You can accommodate brightness and choice a colour, although I couldn’t get scenes to work.


  • Reacts well to all on-screen content
  • Bright lights can confuse the camera

Using a camera rather than picking up the HDMI betoken, the Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars don’t go far the way of the standard signal. That means that things like HDMI-CEC and HDMI ARC aren’t affected by this system.

Bandwidth isn’t a problem, either. While the Hue Play HDMI Sync box had to be updated to back up Dolby Vision, the Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars doesn’t intendance what format is being used; information technology merely looks at the low-cal.

Likewise, the Hue box only supports 120Hz at Total HD, not 4K; the Govee system will work with anything that displays a moving-picture show.

When it works at its best, the Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi Telly Backlight + Light Bars is astounding. Thanks to its RGBIC lighting, the colour matching is excellent, bringing content alive and pushing it outside of the screen.

Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars in action

Those lite bars help, besides, giving extra width to the testify; yous do actually demand a wide enough Television receiver stand up to become the right level of separation, though.

Withal, I stress the need to both accommodate the saturation and calibration to get the best results. Even when ready properly, there tin can exist a tiny bit of lag in the lights, peculiarly when changing from one scene to another; it’s non a large plenty trouble to become a major issue.

Yous practise demand to be a little conscientious with the camera. Brilliant ambience light can confuse it, throwing off colour accurateness. This is a organisation that’s better used in a dimmed room.

The Philips Hue Play Sync HDMI box arguably does a slightly improve job out of the box, as information technology analyses the actual picture, and can gear up lights to the same colour all without caring almost the ambient light levels.

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Should yous buy it?

If you want clever colour changing lights to match your on-screen action, this kit is excellent value and capable of delivering some impressive results

You need quite a lot of room for this set, and in that location are a lot of cables to deal with. If yous desire the hassle and ataxia of this, the more expensive Hue option may suit you lot amend.

Last Thoughts

In some ways, the Philips Hue Play Sync HDMI arrangement is a slightly more elegant pick. Analysing the actual HDMI signal, information technology’s easier to set upwardly, can work automatically and has slightly better color matching from the start.

Yet, for its qualities, there are issues: its frame rate and resolution are more express, and sticking yet some other HDMI box in the concatenation tin cause some issues for video devices. The system is also a lot more expensive.

With the Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi Tv Backlight + Light Bars, you go a cheaper solution and one that uses a light strip that covers all 4 sides of your Television. It is a niggling fiddly to set up, specially getting the camera configured. When yous get everything right, the colour matching is splendid, while the low-cal bars add yet some other dimension.

How much infinite yous accept is likely to be a bigger outcome, with the light confined really needing to go broad of the Television set. If you lot have less space, and then the standard Govee Immersion Wi-Fi Television Backlight might exist a better option. For those that do have the space and the patience to set this up, the Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Low-cal Bars is first-class value and impressive in total flow.

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Is the Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars compatible with HDR content?

Every bit it uses a camera to notice what’s on screen, this kit will work with all content.

What size TVs is the Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi Goggle box Backlight + Calorie-free Bars suitable for?

Due to the calorie-free strip length, this kit is compatible with all 55-inch to 65-inch TVs.

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