GP Ultra AA Review: Lots of power and great value

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Fantabulous value and bachelor in a wide-range of pack sizes, the GP Ultra AA batteries proved to be high chapters in my tests, and are suitable for loftier- and depression-drain applications. There are some batteries that had higher capacities from my initial drain tests, but the overall flexibility and cost of the GP Ultra AA makes them the current best choice.


  • Depression price
  • High chapters
  • Bachelor in wide range of pack sizes


  • Higher drain batteries bachelor


  • U.k.
    RRP: £8.99

Key Features

  • Bombardment blazon
    AA element of group i batteries (non-rechargeable)


The GP Ultra AA series of batteries are designed for all types of use, from high power devices to lower-drain items. Bachelor in a wide range of pack sizes, these batteries tin oft be found online at very competitive prices. According to the visitor, batteries have a shelf life of upwards to 10 years.

To test these batteries, I bought a set from Amazon and then ran them through a battery testing device to mensurate total capacity.

GP Ultra AA one battery lying flat


  • High overall chapters
  • Proficient high-drain performance
  • High risdual capacity

Co-ordinate to GP, these batteries have a service life of 19.five-hours, based on a 10-Ohm discharge resistance. This makes the batteries designed for use in ability-hungry devices.

Starting voltage is quoted at 1.6V, although that’s inside 30 days of manufacture. I tested the batteries that I bought at a starting voltage of i.55V, which is above the one.5V minimum that you’d expect from element of group i batteries. Voltage continues to drib while the batteries are in use, with GP quoting an finish-point voltage of 0.9V.

To requite a off-white comparison betwixt batteries, I mensurate their capacity in mAh using the Ansmann Free energy 90-3000 bombardment tester to run a drain test on four batteries plucked randomly from the parcel that I bought. Draining at 600mA (+/- 20%) I institute that the initial drain resulted in an boilerplate of 1302.25mAh, ending with the batteries at 0.94V. This is the tertiary-highest initial chapters that I’ve seen in my tests.

After leaving the batteries to rest for a few hours and cool down, I re-ran the test to see if in that location was whatsoever charge left. Here, I got an average of 378.25mAh, giving a total capacity for these batteries of 1680.5mAh – the highest of all alkaline metal batteries that I tested.

What this shows is that the GP Ultra AA are very good for high-drain applications, such as remote command devices and torches, as the initial examination shows. The second drain test to go the full capacity is very high, so these AA batteries can power low-drain devices, such every bit remote controls for a long time.

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If y’all simply want high-drain performance, then there are AA batteries that will yield a higher initial capacity in my drain tests.

Last Thoughts

A combination of loftier chapters, plus a low price makes the GP Ultra a winning combination in my tests, and the best prepare of AA batteries that you tin currently buy. They’ll work well in both high- and low-discharge environments giving you flexibility.

How we examination

Unlike other sites, we examination every alkaline battery we review thoroughly over an extended menstruum of time. We utilize standard tests to compare features properly. We’ll always tell you what we find. Nosotros never, e’er, accept money to review a product.

Detect out more most how nosotros test in our ideals policy.

We utilize an Ansmann Energy XC 3000 to drain batteries, so that we can exam capacity in mAh. After the kickoff run, nosotros allow the batteries to cool and and then retest to give the states a second reading.

We measure the initial voltage of the batteries, checking that the starting voltage is at least one.5V.

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