GP Ultra AAA Review: High capacity

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Decent overall chapters shows that the GP Ultra AAA could be suitable for less enervating tasks, but fluctuating results in my loftier-bleed tests results in a low average capacity for more than demanding jobs. Cost-wise, they’re decent, just other batteries performed better in my tests.


  • Good value
  • High overall chapters


  • Depression high-drain outcome
  • Big variance in tested batteries


  • Britain
    RRP: £8.99

Key Features

  • Battery type
    These are AAA alkaline (not-rechargeable) batteries.


The GP Ultra AA batteries are some of the best I’ve tested, then I had high hopes for the GP Ultra AAA’s performance. Overall, total chapters in my tests was practiced, just the initial high-bleed test didn’t evangelize the results I’d hoped for.

These batteries are available in a wide range of pack sizes and compete well on price against both the large names and budget brands. To test these batteries, I bought a pack from Amazon and then ran them through my battery tester.


  • High-drain examination was a fiddling disappointing
  • Overall capacity is first-class

GP quotes the operation of the Ultra AAA as a service life of xviii.v hours, based on a twenty-ohm discharge resistance, quoting a starting voltage of one.6V down to an end-point of 0.9V. These figures are quoted within xxx days of manufacture, so with a shelf-life of ten years, await some variation in packs that you purchase.

I measured the starting voltage of the batteries that I bought at ane.52V, which is higher up the 1.5V threshold that I’d expect for alkali metal batteries.

To test capacity, I used an Ansmann Energy Ninety-3000 tester, which runs a battery drain at 600mA (+/- 20%), ending at a voltage of 0.94V. This is a relatively high drain. After the initial test, I found the batteries had an initial chapters of just 364mAh – that’s virtually 200mAh less than the Amazon Basics Element of group i AAA.

Looking at the results, there was a great bargain of fluctuation in each of the batteries tested, with the highest returning a capacity of 523mAh and the everyman 243mAh.

I then left the batteries for a few hours to cool downwards, thereafter re-running the examination to see if there was whatsoever current remaining. Hither, I recorded the GP Ultra AAA with 234mAh, giving a total chapters of 598mAh. That’due south actually the highest total chapters of whatever of the AAA batteries I’ve tested.

GP Ultra AAA performance graph

My results would suggest that these batteries are better for low-drain devices, such as remote controls, rather than higher-drain usage in such items as a torch.

Latest deals

You tin purchase the GP Ultra AAA in pack sizes of betwixt iv batteries (effectually 88p per battery) up to a 40-pack (effectually 35p per battery). I’ve listed the twenty-pack hither (around 45p per battery), since it’s a good balance betwixt the total number of batteries and price.

Should you lot purchase it?

If you want branded batteries for low-bleed use, such as remote controls, then these have a high-chapters in my tests.

If y’all want more flexible batteries, there are AAA batteries that have similar overall capacity but that performed ameliorate in our loftier-drain test.

Final Thoughts

Overall price and capacity are very good, just the GP Ultra AAA didn’t perform particularly well in my high-bleed tests. On balance, the Amazon Basics Alkali metal AAA are a better choice, with similar overall capacity simply much better high-drain results.

How nosotros test

Different other sites, we exam every alkaline battery nosotros review thoroughly over an extended period of time. We employ standard tests to compare features properly. Nosotros’ll e’er tell y’all what nosotros find. Nosotros never, ever, accept money to review a production.

Find out more virtually how we test in our ethics policy.

We use an Ansmann Energy XC 3000 to drain batteries, and then that we tin test capacity in mAh. After the outset run, nosotros let the batteries to cool and then retest to requite us a 2nd reading.

We measure the initial voltage of the batteries, checking that the starting voltage is at least ane.5V.

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