Guided Access Triple Click Not Working

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My closest friend at work has kids, and she finds it challenging to keep them occupied with the apps they use equally role of their schoolwork.

They get bored and switch to the YouTube app a few minutes later.

Since her kids’ devices were on iOS, I tried turning on Guided Access on them, just for some reason information technology didn’t seem to work.

I volunteered to help her figure out why both her iPads were having this event, and I went online as soon every bit possible.

I decided to take a look at what Apple thinks I should practise and how other people dealt with the consequence in a few Apple user forums.

With the information that I was able to collect and a bit of trial and error from me, I could set up the issues my friend was having with Guided Access on both her iPads.

I made this guide thanks to the feel that I’ve built when I was troubleshooting the upshot.

This is intended to help you fix problems with Guided Access on your iOS device in seconds.

To fix the Guided Admission app that is not working, endeavor enabling Guided Access after you open the app, and plow on the Accessibility Shortcut besides. Afterward enabling it, come up back to the app and triple tap the home push button.

Read on to discover out how updating the software on your phone can aid you lot set up the outcome. I’ll also be talking about how Guided Admission tin be used as an anti-lark tool.

Plough on Guided Access After Opening The App

Guided Admission works on a per-app basis, and it might come across bug if you turned the characteristic on before you launched the app.

You can try launching the app first, and then going back to the Home screen.

From at that place, go to Accessibility settings and turn the characteristic on.

Go back to the app and see if the feature is on.

Y’all can too attempt switching to the Settings app immediately from the app you want Guided Access on and turn the feature on.

Re-enable Guided Access

Another style to fix issues with Guided Access is to attempt and re-enable the feature from the Accessibility settings.

Y’all should have Guided Access enabled before y’all try this, though.

To re-enable Guided Access:

  1. Open up the Settings app.
  2. Go to General > Accessibility.
  3. Scroll down to find Guided Access.
  4. Turn off Guided Access and turn it back on once again.

Open up the app you desire Guided Access on and triple tap the Dwelling button or the Side button if yours is an iPhone X or a later model.

Check if the session showtime button appears in the tiptop right of the screen, and tap Start to begin Guided Access.

Update Your Device

Bugs or similar problems with Guided Access when it encounters specific apps tin besides be why the feature isn’t working on your iOS device.

Fortunately, Apple tree continuously updates its software and all its components, including Guided Access.

Installing a new update can iron out the outcome causing the feature not to piece of work correctly.

To search and install updates on your iOS device:

  1. Plug your device into the charging adapter and connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Go toSettings >General.
  3. ChooseSoftware Update.
  4. SelectDownload and Install.
  5. After the update downloads, tapInstall to commencement installing it. You can schedule the install for afterwards if you wish by selecting Later.
  6. Enter your passcode if asked.
  7. Wait for the update to go installed.

Turn on Guided Access again and encounter if information technology works properly in the apps in which you need the feature.

Restart the iOS Device

If your iOS device is on the latest software and Guided Admission nevertheless doesn’t work for you, you lot can try restarting it to fix the event.

To restart your:

iPhone 10, 11, 12

  1. Press and agree whatsoever one of the volume buttons and the side button until the slider appears.
  2. Elevate the slider over and await for the device to turn off.
  3. To turn information technology dorsum on, press and hold the button on the telephone’south correct side until the Apple logo appears.

iPhone SE (2nd gen.), 8, 7, or 6

  1. Press and concur the button on the side of the phone until the slider appears.
  2. Elevate the slider over and look for the device to turn off.
  3. To turn it back on, press and hold the push button on the phone’s right side until the Apple logo appears.

iPhone SE (1st gen.), 5 and earlier

  1. Press and hold the button on the top of the phone until the slider appears.
  2. Drag the slider over and expect for the device to turn off.
  3. To turn it back on, press and concord the button on the top of the phone until the Apple tree logo appears.

iPad without Home push

  1. Press and hold whatsoever i of the volume buttons and the side push until the slider appears.
  2. Drag the slider over and await for the device to turn off.
  3. To plow information technology back on, printing and hold the button on the acme until the Apple logo appears.

iPad with Home push button

  1. Press and agree the meridian push button until the slider appears.
  2. Drag the slider over and wait for the device to turn off.
  3. To plough it back on, printing and hold the button on the top until the Apple logo appears.

After restarting the device, attempt activating Guided Access again by triple tapping the Domicile push button when yous’re in the app you want the feature to piece of work on.

Reset The iOS Device

If a restart doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to factory reset it.

Bug that are persistent like this might require you to wipe everything from your phone.

So recollect that after you reset your telephone, all of your information, settings, and accounts volition exist wiped.

To reset your iOS device that’s on iOS 15:

  1. Open theSettings app.
  2. Get toGeneral >Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  3. SelectErase All Content and Settings.

For iOS 14 or before:

  1. Open theSettings app.
  2. Go toGeneral >Reset.
  3. SelectErase All Content and Settings.

After the device resets, sign back into your Apple account and install the apps that you want.

Turn Guided Access on and open up the app y’all desire the feature on.

Triple tap the domicile button to beginning the Guided Access session.

If performing a reset didn’t become Guided Access to work correctly, y’all may need to contact Apple Support and make an appointment at the Genius bar.

They can take a look at your device later you tell them what’due south wrong with it and can come with a gear up for it.

Final Thoughts

Guided Access is an first-class parental control feature, merely it doubles up every bit something else also.

Information technology’s an excellent fashion to avert distractions from other apps if you lot are working on an iOS device.

Plough Guided Access on and actuate the mode while in the app yous are working with.

You can besides ready the time limit when you want Guided Access active and gear up the phone to ignore touch input, and turn off all notifications.

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Oft Asked Questions

Why is Guided Admission grayed out?

If Guided Access is grayed out, make sure the Accessibility Shortcut option is turned on in the Guided Access Settings.

After turning Accessibility Shortcut on, endeavor triple tapping the home button and seeing if the pick was grayed out.

Can you employ Guided Access with Facetime?

You tin use Guided Access with Facetime.

To exercise this, first, turn on Guided Access from the Accessibility settings, and turn on the Accessibility shortcut.

Open Facetime and triple tap the home button to first the session.

How exercise I get my iPhone XR out of Guided Access?

To terminate a Guided Admission session, triple-click the side button or the home button and enter the Guided Access passcode.