Guitar Tuner App For Apple Watch

The must-accept app that always

makes you audio ameliorate!

Ultra-accurate – Ultra-fast – Ultra-responsive

If you’re looking for the nearly accurate instrument and scale tuner for iOS, and so y’all’ve found it!
is the most precise digital tuner available for iOS, providing precision down to .01 (yes, that’due south 1/100th) of a cent. UltraTuner is 10x more precise than mechanical strobe tuners, which are by and large considered the “gold standard” of precision tuners, and they typically don’t fit into your shirt pocket. UltraTuner is a standalone app for your iPhone and iPod touch and is with you everywhere you go!



Patented Engine offers 10 times more than accuracy

UltraTuner’due south accurate pitch detection is achieved through a proprietary dual-assay processing engine that allows the tuner to go a much more accurate reading of the frequency from the incoming note. UltraTuner gives you accuracy downwards to +/- one/100th of a cent — 10 times more accurate than a mechanical strobe tuner. And then now, when you melody your instrument, you can rest assured that your notes are right on the money.

UltraTuner is the perfect guitar tech companion too for making sure instruments are intonated correctly and play in tune up and downwardly the cervix. With its ultra-precise notation detection engine, UltraTuner is also perfect for calibrating instruments like keyboards and vintage synths restoring their intonation to perfect playing pitch. UltraTuner gives y’all the confidence to know that you lot’re going to exist in tune, every time.

Super fast

One of the joys of owning a precision tuning app is how fast it responds with note detection. UltraTuner’s notation detection engine is one of the fastest and nigh responsive engines ever designed giving you precision pitch accuracy almost faster than your centre can pick upwardly the display and the notation transient attack has leveled. Now that’s fast!



Loftier visibility

UltraTuner is designed for use on stage or in the studio and features a full screen highly intuitive tuning GUI that is easy to meet and employ in depression light conditions, and highly visible in brilliant light conditions too. Strike a note and instantly know whether information technology is apartment, sharp or in tune.

Made for the stage. Made for the studio.

UltraTuner allows yous to switch betwixt two operational modes: Phase and Studio.

This gives you the highest level of precision everywhere you play, and the cool thing is that information technology’s always in your pocket.


Stage fashion
– high visibility


Studio mode
– pitch over time display


Studio mode
– waveform display

Stage mode

When in Phase mode, UltraTuner is a straightforward, ultra-accurate instrument tuner featuring a unique, simple interface that’s very easy to meet in low low-cal weather, and more than chiefly, in loftier-intensity lighting situations. It features a graduated apartment and sharp brandish to indicate degrees from pitch, and when the note is in melody, the display turns greenish. UltraTuner utilizes the entire device screen for tuning so information technology is easily visible from a distance on whatever stage.


Studio mode

What makes UltraTuner so versatile is the ability to switch from a standard familiar tuning environment to UltraTuner’s proprietary pitch-time tracking feature in Studio Mode. This style allows you to monitor and track the accuracy of pitch of a note over time, in existent fourth dimension. This is extremely useful for vocal and ear grooming and playing non-chromatic instruments similar violin, fretless bass, contumely instruments, etc.

Studio mode also offers two dissimilar visualizations of pitch: pitch over fourth dimension, and a proprietary oscilloscope waveform display.

The oscilloscope brandish indicates if a note is flat, on pitch or sharp by animative the waveform to the left if flat, completely still if on pitch, or animating to the correct if sharp. This visualization is also great for song training and not-chromatic instrument pitch monitoring.

Quick calibration

In the settings window, you can quickly and easily calibrate the “A” annotation so you can play with anyone. Yous can also change the temperament type (a professional feature not institute in most tuners), and adjust the audio input sensitivity. Temperament selection includes: Equal, Pythagorean, Just Major, 1/iv Comma Hateful Tone, Kimberger Iii, Werckmeister III, Young and Kellner.
UltraTuner works with the congenital-in mic input for audio-visual instruments, and works with all analog or digital audio interfaces for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch like IK’s iRig Hd, iRig Pro and the iRig MIC series of products.

Information technology’s all in the wrist

And, for fifty-fifty more convenience, UltraTuner is as well fully compatible with Apple Watch. At present you tin tune your favorite instruments straight from your wrist. When UltraTuner has been installed on your iPhone, information technology can be paired with your Apple Scout via the Watchkit extension app. This lets you see notation data via UltraTuner’s highly visible “Phase” mode.

In addition to this archetype display, with Apple Watch you tin also select an alternate visualization that only shows the musical note played, with arrows below that indicate whether the notation

is apartment or sharp.




  • Innovative patented tuning engine that provides the highest level of responsiveness and accuracy with 0.01 cent resolution
  • Dual mode: Stage and Studio
  • Big tuning indication visible from a altitude (Phase mode)
  • Tuning history to meet the tuning variations over time (Studio fashion)

  • Useful non merely for tuning, but also for non-chromatic instrument training
  • Available now as a standalone app for iPhone and iPod touch, or as an in-app purchase within AmpliTube for iPhone and AmpliTube for iPad Streamlined for utilize with Apple Watch

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