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Master Chief standing next to the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition Console


Celebrate Halo’s 20th anniversary and confront the most ruthless foe the Primary Chief has ever faced with Xbox Series X Halo Space Limited Edition Bundle. Includes a custom console design imprinted with stars as seen from the surface of Zeta Halo – extending onto the fan behind a blue vent inspired by Cortana.

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Xbox Serial 10 Halo Infinite Express Edition console

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Xbox Wireless Controller – Halo Space Limited Edition

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Ultra High Speed HDMI cable

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Top of the Xbox Series X Halo infinite console fan

The Master Chief returns

Enjoy up to 4K gaming and sixty frames per 2d, with Multiplayer Arena that supports up to 120 frames per second, advanced 3D Spatial Sound, and more.

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Xbox Velocity Compages

Experience Halo Infinite with side by side-gen speed and performance of Xbox Velocity Architecture, powered by a custom SSD and integrated software

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Quick Resume

Seamlessly movement between Halo games in a wink with Quick Resume

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Expanding game library

All your favourite Halo games and thousands of games from four generations of Xbox go a next-gen heave with Xbox Serial 10 Backward Compatibility, including optimised titles at launch

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Complete Control

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  • Custom grip
  • Textured triggers

You win

Evidence off. Tap the share push to eternalise your epic adventure with humanity’s greatest hero

Master Chief looking into the distance
Halo Infinite logo

We’ve always believed in heroes. Now, information technology’s time to become one.

When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the residuum, the Main Chief is prepare to face the near ruthless foe he’due south always faced. Begin anew and step inside the armour of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and finally explore the scale of the Halo ring itself.

A valley with a large base on the edge of a cliff

A Ring to Explore

Explore the epic area of a Halo ring for the first fourth dimension in the most ambitious Halo game always made.

4 Spartans stand back to back with weapons drawn on a battlefield

Halo Infinite multiplayer

Halo’s celebrated multiplayer returns, reimagined and free-to-play.

Two Spartans holding weapons with Covenant in the background

20th Anniversary of Halo

Celebrate Halo’southward 20th anniversary and confront the most ruthless foe Master Chief has ever faced

Additional information

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  • Online interactions Not Rated by the ESRB Visit ESRB.org for rating information

  • Publisher
  • Xbox Game Studios
  • Developer
  • 343 Industries

  • Genre
  • Shooter
  • Platforms
  • Xbox Series 10|S
  • Xbox One
  • Windows 10 PCs

How to redeem

Your digital content volition be delivered directly to your console during set up-up; no codes required. All included digital content volition be attached to the showtime Microsoft Business relationship that redeems it.


Master chief with Halo 5, Halo Master chief collection, Halo Wars DE and Halo Wars 2
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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Download and play over 100 high-quality games, including all new Xbox Game Studios titles like Halo: The Master Master Collection, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (membership sold separately).*

XBOX Series 10

Halo Space Limited Edition

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XBOX Series X

Halo Space Express Edition


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Additional accessories

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