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First Impressions

The Samsung Odyssey Ark may catch all of the headlines for its eye-catching ability to be flipped into a vertical alignment for stacked multi-tasking, only it’s the impressive Breakthrough Mini LED screen technology, 4K resolution and the massive 55-inch curved panel that ensure this is i of the about exciting gaming monitors in 2022.

Key Features

  • 55-inch curved screen:
    The new Samsung gaming monitor has a massive 55-inch screen with a 1000R curvature

  • 4K resolution:
    Samsung has confirmed information technology features a 4K resolution with a pin-sharp film quality

  • Can be rotated 90 degrees:
    The Ark can by turned at a 90-degree angle to stack three different pictures for multi-taksing


During CES 2022, Samsung unveiled a new 55-inch curved widescreen gaming monitor called the Odyssey Ark. That’due south even larger than Samsung’s fantastic Odyssey Neo G9 monitor nosotros’ve previously reviewed.

But the size isn’t the but reason to get excited by the Ark. It also features a special stand that allows you to rotate it into a vertical position. Seeing this huge monitor standing upright is a sight to behold, peculiarly since the screen is curved.

I was able to see this remarkable gaming monitor in person at the CES 2022 evidence flooring, so here are my beginning impressions.


  • Can be rotated at 90-degree angle for Multi View
  • Features a massive 55-inch curved console
  • 16:9 aspect ratio ensures games won’t expect stretched

The Samsung Odyssey Ark has a lot of impressive features, just its power to be flipped up into a vertical position is definitely the virtually eye-catching of them all.

Seeing the massive 55-inch display standing tall is an absolute curiosity, with the panel curving (with a 1000R curvature) right over your head. Since I haven’t seen annihilation like this before, it feels very futuristic like something out of Star Trek. But then I started thinking, why would y’all want a vertical curved monitor similar this?

Samsung showed off a couple of demos, with the Odyssey Ark capable of stacking three different displays on top of each other. For the demo, the monitor displayed a game, a Twitch stream and a view of the four friends on video chat simultaneously. And since there’s plenty of screen space here, the paradigm quality of the display was not compromised or squashed down.

Samsung was unable to confirm how this Multi View feature works, whether it uses iii different input sources at once, or requires the likes of Windows 11 to snap each window in identify. I wasn’t able to play around with the monitor to find out either, so nosotros’ll have to wait until review samples arrive to determine how piece of cake it is to gear up.

I’m personally a little unconvinced by the usefulness of such a large widescreen gaming monitor with a vertical alignment. I can run into the benefits of multitasking to some extent, just I recall most people would prefer to take their game stretched out in the horizontal layout instead, so a view of their friends’ faces isn’t taking up precious screen space.

Many gamers like to be totally immersed in the feel, so to have multiple other screens popping upwards could end up becoming an unwelcome distraction. But it’s still nevertheless a great option to have.

Most gamers will likely apply the Samsung Odyssey Ark in the more traditional horizontal alignment, and I’m pleased to say it looks fantastic in this position. It’s not quite as wide as the Odyssey G9 monitor, but it’s taller and so ends upwardly having a larger diagonal 55-inch size compared to the G9’s 49 inches.

Since information technology has a traditional 16:nine aspect ratio, you probably won’t have to deal with any black bars when watching any films or games that don’t support the ultra-wide display of the G9. In fact, the Samsung Odyssey Ark arguably looks more like a Boob tube than a gaming monitor, providing a super-immersive experience on your desktop.

Flick quality

  • Breakthrough Mini LED ensures a top-notch moving picture quality
  • 4K resolution makes supported content wait pin abrupt
  • Touted 165Hz refresh rate may not sway competitive gamers

I wasn’t able to really utilise the Samsung Odyssey Ark and load up some games, as it was being presented on the CES 2022 show floor, but it certainly looked great when presenting all of the demoed footage.

The Ark features Quantum Mini LED, but like the recent Odyssey Neo G9 monitor. This screen engineering helps to heave the brightness and dissimilarity, probable resulting in one of the all-time picture quality yous can currently detect on a gaming monitor.

Samsung Odyssey Ark

It also features a 4K resolution and a 1ms response time. The monitor reportedly has a 165Hz refresh rate, although this spec could apparently alter earlier information technology goes on sale afterward this yr.

If the 165hz refresh rate is authentic, then the Samsung Odyssey Ark probably isn’t the best choice for eSport players who want the fastest performance possible, equally you’ll be able to find higher refresh rate on cheaper monitors.

But this gaming monitor is all about outstanding picture quality on a super-sized screen, with an outstanding spec sheet that should please the bulk of PC gamers. It could well exist an platonic option for PS5 and Xbox Series X owners too.

Initial Verdict

Information technology’south evidently far too early to evangelize whatever last verdicts on this gigantic gaming monitor, as I’ve simply seen information technology on the CES showfloor and so far and oasis’t been able to play any games on information technology. Nosotros don’t even know the price simply yet, which I’m expecting to exist pretty extravagant.

But I accept to say that I’thou very impressed with the Samsung Odyssey Ark so far. The adequacy to spin information technology ninety degrees for a vertical position may not exist for everyone, simply the curved 4K panel looks to accept all the specs to ensure i of the accented best movie quality you tin can currently discover on a gaming monitor. This will certainly be one of the standout gaming monitor releases of the yr.

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