Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera Review: Bright light and offline recording

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A wired camera with a security calorie-free, the Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera gives you additional security while recording what’s going on exterior your business firm. Offline recording via a Micro SD bill of fare is expert to meet, removing the need for a cloud subscription. Video quality is a little hit and miss, and the app is a impact fiddly to utilize compared to the all-time competition, though.


  • Good price
  • Offline recording
  • Bright floodlight


  • Fiddly-to-use app
  • So-so epitome quality

Primal Features

  • Type
    This is an outside camera that combines a floodlight with a security photographic camera

  • Light
    This camera has a 2000-lumen floodlight activated by the PIR move sensor


Combining a security light with a camera makes loads of sense, equally it increases security, adds the convenience of an outside light and lets y’all shoot full-colour video at nighttime.

A lot of the options are quite expensive, and so information technology’s good to see the Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera: a cheaper choice that can tape to SD card.

It’s a touch fiddly to install and the app is rather basic, but the photographic camera and lights go the nuts correct and this is a decent lower-cost alternative to the bigger names in security.

Design and installation

  • Fiddly mount
  • Easy to adjust
  • Needs to be wired into identify

As with nearly floodlight cameras, the Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera has dual LED lights mounted on either side of the master photographic camera. You can’t position the lights individually, and can but motility the entire unit. That’s a little less flexible than the competition, such as the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, where you tin point each calorie-free where you desire it to go. That said, given that the light here is nice and bright (2000 lumens), it will still illuminate the expanse you have it pointed at.

This photographic camera has a Micro SD carte du jour slot, and then y’all can install a card and tape locally without having to pay for a cloud subscription.

Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera Micro SD

This is a wired floodlight photographic camera, which is designed to replace an existing security light. If yous don’t have 1, then y’all’ll need to have the electrics installed or opt for a bombardment-powered option, such as the Arlo Floodlight Photographic camera.

You go i power cablevision pre-attached to the photographic camera, but this has to be fed through the adaptable mount. The installation video makes this look a lot easier than I constitute it; the bare wires kept getting caught around the screw in the middle, making information technology difficult to feed the cable through.

Still, once done, you lot can attach the wall mountain and feed the mains electrical cablevision through the wall. If y’all put the cable through the middle of the mount, the final installation will expect neater, every bit no cables will be on bear witness. If this isn’t possible, the mountain has a cut-out, then y’all can run the power cable externally, likewise.

Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera stand

To join the camera’due south power cablevision to the mains, Hey! provides a waterproof connector in the box. This is pretty straightforward to apply, but every bit yous tin can run into from the prototype below, the pre-stripped wires aren’t covered. I found cutting these cables shorter made for a neater connection.

Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera power connector


  • Basic motion detection controls
  • Hard to download clips
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support

Control of the camera is through the Hey! app, which is based on the Smart Life platform. Indeed, the camera is compatible with that app if you lot adopt. It’s straightforward to connect the photographic camera to your Wi-Fi.

Once washed, you lot get the same basic level of control that y’all’d look from a camera. Tap the Hey! Smart Floodlight Photographic camera and you’re taken to the live view. From here, y’all can grab a screenshot, tape a video or utilise the handy two-way talk feature to chat with anyone that you can come across.

Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera app

Out of the box, the camera isn’t set to notify y’all nigh any motion automatically. To exercise this, yous can utilise the unproblematic controls on the live view screen to toggle motion detection on or off. From this part of the screen, you can also toggle the light on and off.

Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera app controls

You have to dive into the settings to get more control. For motion detection, y’all can adjust the photographic camera’s sensitivity and create a unmarried action zone. This helps reduce the number of notifications you lot get, but Hey! doesn’t have advanced options, such as people detection. Motion detection can also be scheduled, letting yous pick when you desire to get notifications and when you want the app to be silent.

Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera motion detection

By default, the app records 24/7 to the retentiveness menu, looping around when it’s full. That means that yous’re less likely to miss an event simply it makes it harder to observe specific footage. Instead, you lot can set the camera to tape merely when motion is detected.

Footage is saved to the app’s library, which gives you a very basic timeline to ringlet through in social club to find an issue. Information technology’south fiddly and tedious to get to an verbal point. When you practice find the prune you desire, yous can’t just download it, as y’all accept to utilise the app to start and cease a transmission recording. This saves a clip to the app’s library and your phone’southward photograph gallery.

Cloud storage is available, with the app displaying prices in dollars simply. It’s $4.49 for 14 days of issue history and $9.99 for 30-days. Given that yous don’t get any additional features, if you want deject storage, I’d go for i of the bigger companies, such as Nest or Ring. Both give y’all more features, a better app and are ameliorate priced, particularly if y’all want to cover multiple cameras.

Hey! Has both Amazon Alexa and Google Banana support, which lets you alive stream the camera to a smart display. With Alexa, you can use an Echo Show to activate two-mode talk, which is bully.

Hey! presets lite so that its motion sensor will only activate information technology when information technology’due south night enough exterior. You can set how long the lite stays on.


  • Skilful plenty video during the day
  • Video gets quite soft at night
  • Shoots in full color with the light on

The Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera has a 1080p video resolution and has a 140-caste lens that captures a off-white amount of the area y’all’re focussing on. Testing the camera during the solar day, the sample video that I got was good enough.

Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera day sample

That is, I could clearly see faces, although a lot of detail was blurred out, and the prototype lacks sharpness compared to the best cameras in the business concern.

At dark, the photographic camera uses IR to light up the nighttime, shooting in black and white. Range is adept, merely the picture gets noticeably softer and you lose more particular.

Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera night sample

If the PIR sensor is triggered to turn the lights on, the Hey! Smart Floodlight Photographic camera can shoot in full color. However, at night, the footage isn’t equally good as during the day, and I struggled to notice a frame where I could conspicuously encounter faces. I could always come across what was going on, but the detail wasn’t always equally proficient as with the competition.

Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera night sample with floodlight turned on

Latest deals

Should you purchase it?

If you lot want a cheaper floodlight camera with offline recording, then this model gets the basics right.

If you want ameliorate quality video, more command over move detection and a neater app, then y’all’re better off looking elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Cheaper than much of the contest, the Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera is a nifty tool combining a security light with a camera. Offline video recording is proficient to see for those that don’t desire to pay for a subscription. Features are basic, video quality is quite variable and the app makes it fiddly to detect and download video clips.

If y’all want better features, then wait at the Band Floodlight Cam instead, or pick a different model from my guide to the best outdoor security cameras.

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Does the Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera have to exist mains powered?

Aye it does.

Where is video saved to on the Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera?

It can be saved to a Micro SD card or to cloud storage.

Full specs



Size (Dimensions)


Release Date

Start Reviewed Date

Model Number


Voice Banana

Battery Length

Smart assistants

App Control

Camera Type

Mounting option

View Field

Recording option

2-mode audio

Dark vision


Motion detection

Activity zones

Object detection

Sound detection

Power source

Hey! Smart Floodlight Photographic camera



260 ten 132 x 151 MM

230 Chiliad



Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera

1920 x 1080

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant




Floodlight camera


140 degrees

Micro SD, cloud


Yes (IR and full colour)

2000 lumens floodlight






Jargon buster


Amazon’s smart vocalization assistant

Google Assistant

A voice banana which is Google’s take on Amazon’southward Alexa.

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