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We’ve been working difficult lately on another big improvement to your HubSpot application, and we’re finally ready to share a special peek at it as we get closer to unrolling it to all customers.

We’ve redesigned the navigation inside the product to make it easier for you to move around betwixt the interconnected apps you use every mean solar day. The product navigation menu is changing, and will focus more than on the core groupings of applications within the HubSpot production, bringing all of your Content, Contacts, and Reporting applications together in i easy-to-use interface.

Equally of today, nosotros volition begin rolling the new navigation to Beta testers of the new Email and Contacts apps, and will release to all customers in the coming weeks.

What’s changing?

The biggest change is we’re moving abroad from the onetime organization of apps based on the entering methodology (Get Found, Optimize, Catechumen, Promote, etc.) to more of an object-based system. “Object-based” navigation simply means we’ve organized things co-ordinate to the “affair” it is yous’re trying to work on. And so the main categories in the new navigation are “Content,” “Contacts,” and “Reports,” because these are the three main “objects” you tend to piece of work with when yous’re in the HubSpot product.

The lesser line is that the new arrangement will arrive much easier for you to do what you need to do in your HubSpot. We’re arranging things and then that they’re linked up more than intuitively, and and then that the connections between all of your marketing puzzle pieces are much easier to meet.


We’re likewise bringing all of your user and account data into one centralized location in the application. By clicking on user proper name in the top menu bar, you’ll reveal a drop-down card that will requite you quick access to your business relationship settings, and will allow you to easily toggle between unlike HubSpot accounts and logins. If you manage several unlike domains within your portal, yous’ll observe those links hither.


Why make this change?

Let’s go back in time a flake. Back in the not-then-distant past, HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah developed the basic structure of the inbound marketing methodolody. And since they were building the software that would deliver on the promise of entering marketing as a philosophy and exercise, it fabricated sense to organize the software effectually those basic principles.

So we arranged the HubSpot product around the five core ideas behind inbound marketing: Get Found, Optimize, Create, Promote, Convert, and Clarify. And for a long fourth dimension, this worked pretty well. I of the about exciting things this did was it helped teach the basic principles of entering marketing to a whole generation of marketers.

But now marketing has evolved, and so take we. These days, near marketers understand the basics of what they accept to do to succeed in entering marketing. And the HubSpot software itself has grown and expanded to the point where information technology no longer makes sense to categorize the various components under those five headings. Quite only, the HubSpot product is so integrated and interconnected, it’south become nigh impossible to decide which one cavalcade to place things in.

It’south kind of a expert problem to have.

Basically, this means that nosotros’re standing to deliver on the promise of an integrated, all-in-1 solution for all of your inbound marketing operations. The more integrated our applications go, the harder information technology is to silo them out into separate functions.

So the new navigation is designed to reflect that. Now you’ll exist able to motion seamlessly and swiftly through creating content, deploying it, promoting it to your contacts, and analyzing its effectiveness, all without having to think virtually where yous can do this, or how you tin can do that.

And the new pattern is based straight on your feedback. The HubSpot User Feel squad asked our customers how they used our production, how they wanted to use our product, and discovered how the product could be better designed to suit their needs. We redesigned your navigation carte du jour specifically in response to this information.

Let’south get downwards to contumely tacks

And so when will you see the new navigation? Well, for the next two weeks nosotros will be rolling this new navigation out to a sizeable Beta grouping for feedback. Customers in the Beta group will exist able to use the new nav to their center’south content, and volition give us their honest feedback as they go along. Desire to bring together the Beta? Apply here.

We’ll exist watching this feedback extremely closely while we make the finishing touches to the new nav, confirm that it’s designed in a way that volition thrill and delight yous, and that it’s truly making life easier for you lot. Once
satisfied that
going to be satisfied, we’ll roll it out to all customers. The whole process should take most two or iii weeks, barring whatsoever major upsets or obstacles.

So what do yous say? Are you as excited about the new nav as we are? Ready to give information technology a whirl? Permit usa know what you lot think in the comments.


Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/customers/bid/138713/New-Navigation-Bar-Now-In-Beta