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  • No-growth Britain is poorer than nosotros remember, just it’s not also tardily to change

    We must larn from our mistakes if we desire to plow our state of affairs effectually: prosperity has to be earnt

  • This Government is too weak to set up Uk’s chronic growth problem

    Jeremy Hunt has offered u.s. enough of blood, toil, tears and sweat, simply no hope of victory

    jeremy hunt rishi sunak

  • There’s nothing nice about being woke, Meghan

    Information technology’s non about existence a good person. It is a term for an authoritarian, dangerous ideology

    Meghan Markle

  • Why banning booze is non the reply

  • Abolishing the Lords would make politics even more than dysfunctional

  • How I finally learned to stop worrying and honey the list

  • The Tories take thrown away a chance to reverse the New Labour era of social democratic decline

Our columnists

Charles Moore

  • Vladimir Putin’s just promise at present is to terrify the West into negotiating away Ukraine’s victories

    Russian president Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting with members of the Security Council at the Kremlin in Moscow

  • Later 100 years, the BBC is an ancien regime

Allison Pearson

  • Princess Anne deserves to be closer to throne

    Princess Anne

  • Just Stop Oil are entitled Sloanes with none of the fun

Fraser Nelson

  • This could turn out to be the calendar week that the Tories lost the adjacent election

    The Prime Minister congratulates the Chancellor on today's Autumn Statement

  • With millions on benefits, we don’t need mass migration to boost Gdp

Sherelle Jacobs

  • The Tories don’t just risk a catastrophic defeat, just their permanent destruction

    Giorgia Meloni

  • The W has declared total victory over a humiliated Putin far also shortly

Allister Heath

  • There is no betoken to the Tories if all they do is surrender to the Left

    Jeremy Hunt

  • Trump is finished. The futurity of the Republican Party belongs to DeSantis

Juliet Samuel

  • In that location’s zippo new in Matt Hancock’s ritual public humiliation

    Matt Hancock speaks to the media at BBC Broadcasting House

  • The Tories are doubling down on a failed economic model that is condemning workers to penury

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

  • The fatal fault of austerity

    Sunak Hunt

  • If Cop27 becomes a forum for anti-western racketeering, information technology deserves to die

Janet Daley

  • Lockdown turned Britain into a nation of neurotics who still cling to their homes

    Empty Leicester Square

  • There’s a glaring contradiction at the heart of the Tories’ plans

Nick Timothy

  • No-growth Britain is poorer than we recollect, but it’south not too tardily to change

  • This Fall Statement will hurt. The alternative would exist far worse

Madeline Grant

  • Undertaker Jeremy Chase breaks the bad news on the economy – with Sir Humphrey-ish euphemisms

    video: Undertaker Jeremy Hunt breaks the bad news on the economy - with Sir Humphrey-ish euphemisms

  • Dominic Raab triumphs in the boxing of the deputies, but the war is non still won

Philip Johnston

  • ID cards still aren’t a solution to the scourge of illegal immigration

    A large group of migrants enter the water at Gravelines beach before heading out to cross the English Channel

  • The Tories will regret joining the assault on Center England’due south wealth

Tim Stanley

  • CBI briefing is less Peppa Sus scrofa and more Eeyore equally Boris is replaced by the nation’south CEO

    Boris Johnson at last year’s CBI conference where he lost his place in his speech and riffed on Peppa Pig

  • Fifa president Infantino tells home truths about woke capitalism

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  • Telegraph cartoons – November 2022

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  • The Iran team’s courageous stand

    They represent a country where real oppression is taking place and where making a political statement is dangerous

    DOHA, QATAR - NOVEMBER 21: Iran players line up for the national anthem prior to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group B match between England and IR Iran at Khalifa International Stadium on November 21, 2022 in Doha, Qatar. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

  • Starmer’s plan for the Lords would solve nothing

  • Cop27 was a lot of hot air – over again

  • The Tories have thrown abroad a chance to reverse the New Labour era of social democratic reject

Letters to the Editor

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  • Letters: Malfunctioning full general practice is causing chaos throughout the NHS

    A stethoscope on a desk in a GP surgery

  • Messages: Bye to the Conservatives – the party of pessimism and profligacy

  • Letters: This haphazard Tory Government clobbers immature professionals and pays the well-off

  • Letters: Even the beneficiaries of the Chancellor’s program recognise that it penalises aspiration


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published every Friday at 7pm – reveals what’south really going on in Westminster and beyond

  • All the same toiling at lxxx: Nanny Rees-Mogg going strong later on 57 years in service

    The Telegraph’s weekly Peterborough diary cavalcade offers an unparalleled insight into what’s really going on at Westminster and beyond

    Veronica Crook

Queen Elizabeth 2

  • Glorious tradition and pageantry have lost none of their power to motility us

  • Monarchy brings dazzler and meaning to a world otherwise dominated by ‘rationality’ and zealotry

  • Our affable King Charles III has much to teach politicians about egalitarianism

  • Young or old, all of u.s.a. are Elizabethans in our own particular way

Way of the Globe

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‘Way of the World’ is a twice-weekly satirical expect at the headlines while aiming to mock the absurdities of the modern world.
It is published at 7am every Tuesday and Saturday

  • Meghan thinks ‘woke’ just means caring and kind. Here’s why she’due south wrong

    The Duchess of Sussex claims that the woke are only ‘alert to injustice in society’. Just that’south non true

    Way of the World logo


  • How woke won

    Democracy is the best disinfectant confronting the woke mob

  • The West must remove Putin from power

    Without regime change in Russia Europe will never be prophylactic from Putin’s warmongering

  • Macron is incorrect. The Eu has been proved to be brain-dead, not Nato

    Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has shown Brussels to exist slow and ineffective

Latest Opinion

  • The Tories don’t only risk a catastrophic defeat, but their permanent devastation

    Giorgia Meloni

  • Harry and Meghan’s so-called ‘moral courage’ is an barb to truthful heroism

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

  • Taking the knee at the Globe Cup is the ultimate empty gesture

    Soccer Football - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Group B - England v Iran - Khalifa International Stadium, Doha, Qatar - November 21, 2022 England's Jude Bellingham and Declan Rice take the knee before the match REUTERS/Hannah Mckay

  • The Tories are nonetheless doing nothing about inflation

    Jeremy Hunt

  • Scotland not qualifying is allowing Nicola Sturgeon to do what she does all-time: being sanctimonious

    Nicola Sturgeon reacts during Scotland football game

  • Fifa president Infantino tells home truths about woke capitalism

    TOPSHOT - FIFA President Gianni Infantino attends a press conference at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) in Doha on November 19, 2022, ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup football tournament. - Infantino hit back at Western critics of Qatar's human rights record at his opening press conference of the World Cup on November 19, blasting their "hypocrisy". (Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP) (Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images)

  • Don’t blame Brexit for our economic woes

    LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 22: Demonstrators attend the National Rejoin March in Parliament Square on October 22, 2022 in London, United Kingdom. Protesters implore the government to make EU membership U-turn and rejoin stating Brexit has been a failiure. (Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

  • No-growth Uk is poorer than nosotros think, but it’s not too belatedly to change