Home And Lock Screen Draining Battery

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Hey guys and gals, new guy hither. New to forum, not iPhone and iPad.

My questions is most sudden bombardment drain. Information technology was happening on my iPhone 6 Plus at present and so too, so I thought my battery was on its way out, and then I bought an iPhone 7 plus 128G telephone. Now all of the sudden this phone did it today.

Concluding night I charged my phone to 100%. Now, simply a couple hours into my day, I’g down to 37%. HOW?! Tin the cold affect the battery life? If information technology’s cold exterior, it’s common cold where I work. No heaters in here.

I Googled some things, that brought me to this forum, so I checked my battery usage. It shows in last 13 hours (8 of them I was sleeping), my phone used 70% of information technology’s ability on the home and lock screen? How is that fifty-fifty possible?

Anyways, I’m at a total loss. I have no idea how I’m losing well-nigh of my phones juice while I am asleep.

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Thank you, only to be sure, I checked those settings. Nope, it’s prepare to five minutes. Thanks for the reply though.

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Yeah, I found that on this forum, simply couldn’t find anything directly to my Home/Lock screen draining my battery. According to Settings>Battery, my home/lock screen used 70% of my battery since final dark.

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I do get notifications on my homescreen, but when I woke up this morning there weren’t any. I’thousand hoping information technology was a freak thing and maybe the screen got left on all night or something. I place my phone screen down so midnight messages don’t wake me up.

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I practice get notifications on my homescreen, but when I woke up this morning there weren’t any. I’g hoping it was a freak thing and maybe the screen got left on all nighttime or something. I identify my phone screen downwardly then midnight messages don’t wake me upwards.

Turn on Do No Disturb volition continue messages from coming in. Bank check your Facebook settings, they are notorious and a reason I don’t utilize the app on my iPhone but employ the website instead.

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Check each individual app for notifications type and whatsoever you don’t need or want turn them off.

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Have you by whatever adventure got Siri enabled when in locked screen mode? This tin can utilize upwards battery power.

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No, I don’t use Siri.

It wasn’t any apps that tuckered my battery. According to usage, my home/lock screen tuckered information technology.

I’m starting to think it was the common cold though. Yesterday was really cold at work, and my iPhone 6 plus used to of a sudden lose it’south charge in the common cold too.

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That’southward why you get,into the specific apps

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It might if it is fix for Enhance to Wake. If then and then equally you behave it around in your pocket, mitt or purse it may exist lighting up the lock screen all day long.

Check in settings display & brightness

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