HONOR MagicBook View 14 Review: Powerful Laptop With Touchscreen & Windows 11

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The HONOR MagicBook View xiv is the latest laptop from HONOR, and we’re hither to review it. I’ve been using this matter for the past couple of weeks, and it sure did perform as expected. This is a high-end laptop, basically, so I didn’t actually expect anything else. It comes with Windows xi out of the box.. I’ve reviewed the HONOR MagicBook 14 (2021) a while back, and truth be said, information technology’s not much different than the MagicBook View 14.

In that location are some differences between the 2 devices, sure. This one has a newer version of RAM, Windows xi instead of Windows 10, a considerably improve selfie camera, plus there are some other, smaller differences. For the almost part, though, you’ll get the same performance, and a very similar feeling all around. The easiest manner to differentiate the two is the placement of the HONOR branding on the device. Information technology is centered on this laptop, while it’south a bit to the side on the MagicBook 14 (2021). That existence said, let’southward talk more nigh the HONOR MagicBook View xiv, shall we.

Excellent design which both looks and feels extremely premium

I loved that feeling of pulling all-metal smartphones from the box for the start fourth dimension. That cold metallic feeling, information technology just felt so premium. Well, I had a similar experience with the HONOR MagicBook View 14. This laptop is fabricated mostly out of metal, its chassis is fabricated out of aluminum. The device feels quite premium in the mitt, even earlier yous open information technology. It’s too the ideal size for a laptop, at least in my opinion. It measures 310.28 (width) x 226.6 (peak) x 14.5mm (depth/thickness). Information technology also weighs 1.48, which means information technology’s not heavy at all.

The bezels are quite thin

Despite the fact it’s so meaty, HONOR managed to fit in a 14.ii-inch display here, which nosotros’ll talk more about in the next chapter. The bezels surrounding that display are quite thin, which is ever proficient to see when it comes to laptops. You’ll notice tiny Laurels branding below the brandish, and a larger one on the back of the display. In that location is a large touchpad placed below the keyboard, and the keyboard itself is quite expert besides. We’ll talk about that in a minute.

The camera is now in the right place

You lot will notice that a photographic camera is a part of the top bezel. The acme bezel is slightly thicker than the residuum of them, which is something you may or may not detect. Award opted to put that camera within the bezel, in the usual place, rather than including it inside a key on the keyboard, as it did on the MagicBook 14. Do notation that there is still a camera key on the keyboard, though, only it only acts as an on/off switch for the camera, nada else.

Its keyboard is well spaced out, and quite tactile

First and foremost, the global model of this laptop won’t have Russian letters on the keyboard. A regular keyboard is bachelor, but in addition to Russian alphabetic character, equally this variant is fabricated for the Russian market. Now that we got that out of the way, permit’s just say that the keyboard is first-class. I expected no less from this laptop afterward reviewing the MagicBook 14 a while back. I dear that keyboard, and I got the same feeling here too.

AH HONOR MagicBook View 14 7

These are chicklet keys, but even if you prefer mechanical ones, do annotation that these do have enough travel overall. They won’t feel like the keys on a mechanical keyboard, of course, simply they practice offering more travel than it seems. I dear chicklet keyboards, though, so I really did enjoy this one. It basically never fails to register a tap, and I was able to type in my regular speed, this keyboard didn’t obstruct me in whatever fashion.

A fingerprint scanner is included, and it’s actually accurate

AH HONOR MagicBook View 14 9

You will discover that in that location is a fingerprint scanner icon on 1 of the keys. Yep, that is a physical push button with a built-in fingerprint scanner for security, it doubles as a power button. It is actually a part of the keyboard this fourth dimension around, Award did things a bit differently on the MagicBook 14. Information technology works groovy, though, it registers my finger perfectly every time, after the initial setup, of class.

There are plenty of ports here, and all the right ones

This laptop is well-equipped when it comes to ports. In addition to the charging port, y’all will get a 3.5mm headset and microphone 2-in-one port. An HDMI port is too available, and the aforementioned goes for a USB-A 3.ii Gen1 port. There is also a USB-C iii.two Gen1 port, and a Thunderbolt 4 port. Everything you may demand is included here, basically, well, except an SD carte du jour reader, only that’s not something you’ll usually find on HONOR laptops. An actual SD card reader is quite affordable these days, so that’s not exactly a large trouble.

The display is excellent, much-improved in comparison to the MagicBook fourteen

The Honour MagicBook View 14 offers a 14.2-inch LTPS display. That display has a resolution of 2520 x 1680, and a 90Hz refresh rate. Do note that the default refresh rate is 60Hz, though, yous’ll need to hit the Fn+R keys to switch to a 90Hz mode. It is also TÜV Rheinland certified, for low blue low-cal emission. Yeah, this display is also touch-sensitive, as it supports upward to ten-point multi-touch points. That is one large deviation betwixt the MagicBook View 14 and MagicBook 14, the latter doesn’t take a touch-sensitive display.

It’south touch sensitive, and quite responsive

AH HONOR MagicBook View 14 25

Using the touch function feels proficient, though to be quite honest, I didn’t use information technology that much. I treated this laptop as… well, a laptop. Its brandish doesn’t exactly rotate all the way around, so I couldn’t use it every bit a tablet, nor would I want to. When I needed to apply the touchscreen, to become something done quicker, it worked actually well, as expected. So, that’due south a nice addition, regardless of whether you lot desire to use it or not.

It’s bright enough

The display brightness is 400 nits, which is more than enough, to be quite honest. It may be an issue to use information technology in direct sunlight, but other than that, it’due south much brighter than virtually other laptops I’ve used. The glossy surface doesn’t aid, and then proceed that in listen. It’south more than than usable outdoors, but it won’t exist ideal. Other than that, the display does offer really brilliant colors, and in full general, I don’t have that many complaints here. Information technology’s more than sharp, and it likewise offers a loftier refresh rate on top of that.

The HONOR MagicBook View 14 offers high-end hardware, and high-end performance

What virtually its performance, does it deliver? In short, well, yes. Do annotation that this is not a gaming laptop, though. I but wanted to get that out of the style. It does non have a specifically powerful graphics card (Intel Iris Xe), though yous tin play some not super enervating games on it without a problem. It does come with a really powerful GPU, though. The model we received for review sports the Intel Core i7 11390H processor. Needless to say, this is quite a powerful chip. Do notation that the Intel Core i5-11320H variant is too available.

Both SoC variants come with 16GB of RAM

Both of those SoC variants come with 16GB of LPDDR4x Dual-Channel RAM. All that, in combination, works great for this laptop. This can hands be your piece of work machine, regardless of whether yous’re doing some light typing and browsing, or y’all’re utilizing programming tools, etc. It can also exist a great tool for designers, thanks to its bear upon-sensitive, high-refresh rate brandish. It’southward quite a versatile device.

512GB of SSD storage is also included

I’ve used information technology mostly for typing, web browsing, image editing, and consuming multimedia. It did great in all those areas. I didn’t test games much, as this laptop is definitely non fabricated for gaming. Some light, arcade games that I’ve tried, ran bang-up, though. If you exercise program on installing enough of programs on this laptop, well, you tin can, equally it comes with 512GB of internal storage (PCIe NVMe SSD).

Windows 11 comes out of the box

Now, something that a laptop can’t do without is software, of course. This one comes with Windows 11 Home out of the box. That is Microsoft’s latest version of Windows, and it’s actually swell at all. I’ve had my off-white share of issues with Windows 10 on several devices, for years, and was pleasantly surprised with Windows 11. I didn’t have any issues since upgrading a while dorsum, and the same goes for my experience with the MagicBook View xiv.

Windows eleven is a stride in the right management for Microsoft

Windows eleven looks a lot improve than Windows 10 in my opinion. Microsoft finally tackled the issue of menus, which were horrible on Windows 10, in my humble opinion. At that place is too a useful strip with programs / apps at the bottom of the display, similar to what you get on Chrome OS and macOS. The UI has been improved in full general, and I didn’t really stumble upon any bugs during my 2-3 calendar week usage. I’grand talking specifically about the HONOR MagicBook View 14 here, of class.

There’s not much more to talk about here. Those of you who used Windows know what to await. If you oasis’t used Windows 11, but you used previous versions of Windows, well, this is a step in the right direction, for the most part.

Good battery life and 65W fast charging

HONOR included a 60Wh battery inside of this laptop, which is a practiced size for the hardware you’re getting here. It turns out that the battery life is quite good. HONOR did share some of its projections for the battery life, just you’re probably more interested in real-life use. I was able to go around 12 hours of usage out of this laptop, with mixed usage. I typed upwards some articles on it, sent plenty of emails, watched YouTube, a scrap of Netflix, browsed a lot, edited some pictures, and so on.

AH HONOR MagicBook View 14 12

One matter worth noting is that the vast majority of my usage played out indoors. It’s winter here, and then I’m non actually keen on using a laptop outdoors for prolonged periods of time, not at all. The transmission effulgence was set to around 40-percent nigh of the time. That should give you some idea equally to what to expect. Do note that gaming, video editing, and other graphically-demanding tasks volition deplete this bombardment quicker, of course.

65W charging can furnish the bombardment rather apace

What about charging? Well, this laptop offers the same 65W charging equally the Honour MagicBook 14. It comes with a 65W charger, really, and that charger can recharge this thing fairly quickly. I was able to striking a full accuse (from a completely dead country) later on around an hour and 20 minutes. Information technology took it effectually an hr to accomplish fourscore-percentage, which is great. Whenever you’re running depression on battery, this charger can do the trick quickly.

It includes a much-improved wide-angle camera

The HONOR MagicBook View xiv brings another major improvement over the MagicBook 14, nosotros’re talking well-nigh its photographic camera. This thing comes with a v-megapixel wide-angle photographic camera with a 90-caste view. Honor also included an Internet access provider chip inside. Truth exist said, this camera is much better than what y’all’d usually get on laptops, at least most laptops. Those cameras will seem really bad after y’all endeavor this out.

This camera did great for me during meetings

The broad-angle lens on its own does the play tricks, simply this photographic camera does seem sharper overall. I don’t utilize cameras on my laptops for much, to be quite honest, only for Google Meet conference calls, and sometimes I chat over Facebook Messenger. In both of those regards, though, this camera did the trick. I too appreciated that the angle of it is right this fourth dimension around, I wasn’t a fan of the photographic camera on the MagicBook 14 which was built into the key. The viewing angle wasn’t the best, to say the least.

The speakers are good, and up-firing

AH HONOR MagicBook View 14 10

What near the audio? The Laurels MagicBook View fourteen comes with a built-in iii.5mm headphone jack. You can easily hook upwards your headphones that way, or apply Bluetooth, whatsoever suits you best. Speaking of which, the MagicBook View fourteen comes with Bluetooth 5.1. In improver to that, the device also has a set up of speakers which are upward-firing. They’re located on the left and right sides of the keyboard, and they’re quite skillful. These are non the best speakers I’ve stumbled upon on a laptop, but they’re quite good. The sound is rather precipitous, and they even provide some bass. I’m simply happy they’re not bottom-firing.

The HONOR MagicBook View 14 is an excellent ultrabook, plain and simple

AH HONOR MagicBook View 14 5

Then, is the Honor MagicBook View xiv worth it? Well, if you’re looking for a laptop of this caliber, and then aye, very much and then. HONOR really did an excellent job with the blueprint hither, while the brandish is expert plenty. It is also touch-sensitive, not to mention that it supports a 90Hz refresh rate. The camera has been much-improved, and it’due south great for meetings, while the fingerprint scanner works great. The sound is proficient enough, while this is a powerful laptop, with powerful internals. On superlative of everything, even the keyboard is quite good, and so on. The Honor MagicBook View 14 is an excellent Windows xi laptop, which steers articulate of major flaws. HONOR basically fixed all of the complaints I had for the MagicBook 14. I highly recommend it.

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